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  • 01:03

    Life After Dusk Live - Sydney Cavalli

    in Entertainment

    Sydney Cavalli checks in with Ceddy J on how she got into the modeling industry while sharing some of the ups and downs you will have to deal with in the industry, as well as dispelling some of the myths about the Atlanta entertainment scene.

    Ceddy J even gets her thoughts on this week's hot news and hot topics. Be sure to follow Sydney Cavalli on her Instagram @Sydney_Cavalli

  • 01:01

    Life After Dusk Live - Season 7 Premiere

    in Entertainment

    You waited TWO WEEKS with no new shows. Well "Life After Dusk Live" returns with it's 7th Season to make up for that. For all of our longtime listeners be prepared for some of great elements you love most about the show along with new segments introduced throughout the season. If this is your first time listening to the show, we are grateful you chose to stop by! We look forward to making experience incredible catered to you by our host, Ceddy J! We will also announce The Top 5 STARS of The DuskSpot for 2015 live, as well as recap you of #6 - #10.

  • 01:39

    Life After Dusk Live - Genesis Kazhmiere

    in Entertainment

    Genesis Kazhmiere, who was born in Puerto Rico, but then raised in Central Florida started modeling over a year ago, but is now a deep passion for her.

    Genesis shares with Ceddy J on what was the turning point that let her know modeling was something she wanted to take serious, as well as some of her favorite projects she has done to date.

    Ceddy J even gets her thoughts on this week's hot news and hot topics. Be sure to follow Genesis on her Instagram and Twitter @_iamgenesis_ 

  • 00:58

    Life After Dusk Live - Model And Radio Personality Anisela Reyes Ortega

    in Entertainment

    Ceddy J chops it up with radio personality and published model, Anisela Reyes Ortega. They talk about her cross country promotion of her brand, including her modeling and radio career that she has flourished with in a short amount of time. Ceddy J also talks about some of this week's hot news and hot mess. Feel free to call-in live via 347-202-0389. You can book Anisela Reyes Ortega for any hair or makeup work by way of her website http://www.facebook.com/aniselareyesortega/

  • 00:59

    Life After Dusk Live - DJ Chose

    in Entertainment

    Norman Payne aka DJ Chose, began his production career working with artist like the Brook Gang. Working with Brook Gang gave him his first billboard hit—“Pop That”—which peaked at the 89th position.

    DJ Chose later began working with artist such as: Uncle Luke, Kirko Bangz, Brian Angel, Miss Mykie, Beatking, Trae The Truth, and Dorrough Music.  Payne later ventured into Djing which lead to working with djs like OgRonC, DJ Mr. Rogers, DJ Scream, Merk, DJ Ebonix, and DJ Micheal Watts. Those ventures opened the door to a greater level of his success for dj chose as a artist and dj.

    As of 2015 landed a deal with Artist Publishing Group which has lead to him doing works for Akon, Kevin Gates, Trey Songz and Many More. Also DJ Chose Landed a Deal with Think its A Game Records for his Single Everywhere i Go which that Peaked at #32 on the Urban Billboard Charts. 

    Dj Chose continues today focusing on the artist side of his career, expanding his production craft, and song writing. He never misses a day thanking God for blessing him with the opportunities he has experienced. Anyone who wants to know him should know that he is an ambitious and motivated individual whom is only satisfied with excellence and perfection. All of these ventures are just the beginning of his career.

  • 00:37

    Life After Dusk Live - Holiday Hoedown

    in Entertainment

    It's Hump Day After Dusk, which means it's time for another middle of the week full of surprises. Tonight we are gonna have ourselves a Holiday Hoedown! So hop off your saddles Guys and Gals!

    Some of the topics covered today include:

    Holiday Cooking Shows: Rev Run and Patti LaBelle
    And So Much More!

    Ceddy J pilots you this entire flight with his totally unapolegtic, straight-in-your-face commentary.

    Feel free to call-in live via 347-202-0389

  • 00:59

    Life After Dusk Live - Comedian CWhyte

    in Entertainment

    CWhyte, who is a on rise comedian in the stand up world, chops it up about what lead him to pursue the comedy industry, how he plans to position his brand to be world renowned, and the inspiration behind his "Hell GoingOn" movement.

    CWhyte, has got the nod from comedian royalty such as Rickey Smiley due to his "in ya face" comedic style. Not only is he a comedian, but he talented musician as well.

    Ceddy J gets CWhyte's take on some of this week's current events, hot news, and hot mess.

  • 00:51

    Life After Dusk Live - Razi, Founder of PhotoBlush.com

    in Photography

    Razi, who is the Founder of the critically acclaimed photo retouching service "PhotoBlush.com", discusses the importance of photo retouching in the photography/modeling business.

    Razi, who has 15 years of experience in the industry and is certified by Adobe. Photoblush Retouching Services are tailored for Beauty, Glamour and Fashion Photography.

    Ceddy J also gets the scoop of what Razi feels are the routes to why photo retouching has a bad rep, and prove why many of the arguments can be dispelled.

  • 01:15

    Life After Dusk Live - Guest Cohost DJ Ric

    in Entertainment

    DJ Ric, who is the Community Manager for DuskSpot.com and Director of Photography for Human Canvas Magazine, checks in as cohost for the day on here on "Life After Dusk Live"

    DJ Ric, is an accomplished photographer and music producer based out South Bend, Indiana who focuses more on quality than quanity with his work!

    Ceddy J and DJ Ric will talk about what hot news and hot mess have happened leading into this week, as well as talk about good and bad that happened in modeling this year.

  • 01:01

    Author Spotlight with Author of Til Death Do Us Part Nicole Milner

    in Books

    The Beautiful Butterfly Show Welcomes Author of " Til Death Do Us Part" Nicole Milner. 

    Nicole Milner Milner is a native of Richmond, Virginia and is a proud graduate of Hampton University and published her first book,Til Death Do Us Part, in 2012. She says it's actually funny hearing her name and the word “author” in the same sentence and context. She may have written two or three poems when she was a love struck teenager and a few research papers for school, but that’s about it. Milner never had any desire to be a writer or to produce a play for that matter. By profession she’s human resources, not writer, not producer. Well, at least not until now!

    Publishing her first book and now anticipating the play based on the book has been both an exciting and humbling experience. Some reader comments have included “I wanted to tell you great book. It was very inspirational and I have encouraged others to read it. You are truly a blessing and you have touched my heart;" “I cried when I read your book because it felt like you were telling my story;” and “Your book has the makings of a movie. Although Milner’s books are fiction, she crafts her story lines based on some actual events which makes the story more relatable to the reader. 

  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

    in Books

    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.