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    Bases are full: DHS, Immigration, Keystone Pipeline. Will GOP Forfeit the game?

    in Politics Conservative

    In what may prove to be a late Valentine's Day gift, the liberals in Washington, DC may have the game going their way. What a minute! I thought the Republicans were now in charge?

    After "THE MANDATE" elections this past Novenber, I shouted it loud and clear, "Okay! GOP, you now have the numbers in both the House and Senate. You said things will be different, We are now in control. You need to put up or shut up. Show us what you've got!"

    Well, it's time to play ball! 

    Join me 'In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM-10AM EST this morning as we take a look at the conservative(?) "GOP held Congress plsybook.

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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable with Mike Barnes

    in Sports

    Executive Director of The Barkann Family Healing Hearts Foundation and die hard Eagles season ticket holder Mike Barnes joins Jim "Chet" Chesko and Bill Furman on this weeks Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable. The guys will get Mike's fans prospective of the Eagles 2014 season, the upcoming draft and free agent period and his view on 2015. Spring Training is open so we'll be talking Phillies, the red hot Flyers making a playoff run and the crazy trade deadline trades by the 76er's. We'll have our Philly sports trivia question courtesy of Carl's Cards and Collectibles as well. We will cover all of the bases!! 

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    More Channeling Wisdom from Gregory

    in Spirituality

    Come enjoy more information on how to open to your own spiritual gifts.  Ask questions to clarify any awarnesses you have gathered from utilizing the message and suggestions from last show.  Touch bases with the energy that grows you and your abilities as we connect.

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    Janine Hamner and Angelica Dulce, WM Green Program

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is Janine Hammer of Waste Management.

    Janine brings over 20 years of experience in government affairs, community relations, environmental sustainability, and customer focused service to Waste Management. 

    After attending NYU, Janine got her start working for non-profit organizations including Neighbor to Neighbor and Global Green where she served as the Development Director and the Coalition for Clean Air where she served as Chief Operating Officer.

    Since joining Waste Management in 2008, Janine has worked closely with a number of WM’s franchise Cities, developing new recycling programs, creating public education tools, and creating community partnerships.

    Janine has also used her extensive fundraising skills to help several WM franchise Cities win and manage new grants. 

    Today it’s all about reusing, recycling, reclaiming, repurposing and environmental responsibility and this morning we’re going to hear about Waste Management’s brand new green program.


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    In Faith Network Radio Presents: Chad Robichaux

    in Books

    Join me on Thursday, February 19th at 6pm EST on In Faith Network Radio Show. My guest will be Bestselling Author, Chad Robichaux. Along with Brian Fleming, Chad co-authored the Amazon Bestselling novel, Redeployed: How Combat Veterans Can Fight The Battle Within and Win the War at Home.

    Book Blurb:

    For the first time EVER, a Combat-Infantry Sergeant and a Special Operations Force Recon Marine have joined forces to equip and educate other returning combat-veterans on how to FIGHT and WIN the most common battles they face after returning home from war (PTSD, TBI, Depression, Anxiety, Isolation, Suicide, Divorce, etc). Fleming and Robichaux's roles as Resiliency Trainers for the U.S. Military have taken them to bases and installations across the globe. Throughout the pages of history, America's warriors have fought several wars abroad, but after coming home many of these warriors REDEPLOYED to a new war: A War Within. The lessons learned through war can change a person's life forever. These lessons may even change yours...

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    Dr. Jeff Donahue & Liz Dawn, The Three Dimensions of Health

    in Self Help

    Do you ever feel like you are not as healthy as you could be? Is the aging process getting you down?

    Change your life now by understanding the three dimensions of health that Dr. Jeff Donahue bases his treatments and perfect health programs around. These three dynamic intertwined dimensions that govern your body are physical, emotional and energetic. Understand how to feel young and live life to the fullest!

    Change your life by truly understanding your body and what it needs with Dr. Jeff Donahue!

    Liz Dawn is the co-founder/co-creator of Mishka Productions and Celebrate Your Life events that brings to the world powerful life changing events that inspire, heal and transform your life! celebrateyourlife.org

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    TOPIC #2


    We are CLOUD9TV. We bring it all to you. From music to fashion to news. All with a street edge. We represent all those who have or aspire to one day touch the sky. Through hard work and determination we will bring you our own brand of motivation and inspiration. We report what's going on in hiphop with our own unique view. We are unfiltered and promise to bring you the realness behind the facade that is called entertainment. 

    On our NEWS tab you will find all news articles, current and old. All news from music to what's going on in the streets will be posted there. On the CLOUD9TV tab you will find all current and back episodes of The CLOUD9TV show which airs on Channel 1997 on TimeWarner and Channel 37 on Verizon Fios. The show airs on Tuesdays at 6PM and Saturdays at 1PM. On our Moetivation blog you will find one of the realest blogs that can be found on the internet. Touching on all topics from love to loyalty. Moetivation's own brand of street wisdom flows through his words and usually touches bases on subject that we all can relate to. Our gallery is where you will find pics of our weekly Cloud9TV events.

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    Almost time to report

    in Sports

    With pitchers and catchers getting ready to report to spring training and the rest of the players not far behind it's time for you to get ready for fantasy baseball. Mr. Fantasy and the Big Jack cover all the bases when it comes to fantasy sports. Craig Melissas from www.FantasyBaseballCrackerjacks.com will join us to talk about his fantasy rankings. Where does he have Jose Altuve? Are you an auction or a snake league player; maybe you do both. Remember that any sports at any time = Sports Time Radio. Follow us on Twitter @SportsTimeRadio @Danzeeeman @Mrfanofsports @Burketime and check out www.SportsTimeRadio.com

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    SFATH Contact, Billy’s Previous lives, Plejaren Depart the Earth, Bases On Earth

    in Spirituality

    SFATH Contact

    Billy’s Previous lives
    Plejaren Depart the Earth
    Bases On Earth
    Third Millennium

    Impulses from Storage Banks
    Billy’s Contact With ASKET

    Billy’s Trip into the old cubical constructions
    Read GIZA Intelligences “And Still They Fly” Page 229 Who are the Giza Intelligences
    Discuss the Lineage of the Giza Intelligences
    God Delusion Insanity

    Teaching of the Spirit

    Human Spirit

    Contact Report 10

    What the Truth Knows to Say (Goblet of Truth)
    Controlling our Thoughts

    The Mind as Garden

    Personal Responsibility

    Atlantis and Lemuria
    Use of Pyramid during the Great Flood
    ETS on Earth Hyperboreans
    King Arthur and Meier Contacts (Goblet of Truth)

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Tonight Gil Broussard astronomer and indepentant researcher will explain his theory of "Planet 7X" or Planet X or Nubiru or a Dwarft Star. Broussard who traveled to China, Israel, England, Ireland and scotland to research ancient records to compare sightings in the heavens and how they match major biblical events and is Planet X coming this year March 26, 2015? Also 37 earthquakes have hit around the world in the last 24 hours. Also a "Fire Volcano" erupted in Guatemala and closed airports and forced evacuations. Also in Washington State a "Milky Rain" has fallen causing an unusual milky rain over a 200 miles radius. Also North Korea issues new threat to USA military bases. Also Sec. of State John F. Kerry says USA is "on the road" to defeating Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terror group. Also another dead banker number 56 Michael Tabacchi 27 and 41 year old Denise Iran Pars Tabacchi were found dead by his parents, but the Police say the couple were both stabbed to death, but they are ruling it a murder-suicide. Also Boko Haram kills another 100 people by cuting the throats of the people in a village in Cameroon. These and much more along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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    Being a Public Christian in Your Business

    in Christianity

    While out shopping for chocolate and furniture, you meet Jesus Christ. What? You should expect to meet Jesus in church, a Christian bookstore or gift shop. Then there are businesses whose products and services draw various customers through its doors, and serve as an opportunity for the lost to encounter Jesus Christ through a Christian business owner who's dispersing salt, light, love and truth. How does this mesh in a politically correct, secular, "anything goes society"? Meet Father Stan Smith, a former quality assurance engineer turned founder of Mar Toma Enterprises, offering overtly Christian products such as Holy Chocolate and Burnt Sacrifice BBQ sauces and spices. Also meet Ana Martinez, our beloved Voices Against the Grain devotional writer, who's a chef for celebrity athletes and co-owner of full-service interior design studio, Dulce Designs. Father Stan and Ana are public Christians in their respective businesses. Hear their amazing stories of how Christ is working through them in their businesses to reach the lost. Their experiences may encourage you to be more of a public Christian in your business. 

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