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    Do Tha Knowledge Radio Episode 51:Aseer The Duke Tiers The Big Debt Global Reset

    in Motivation

    Do Tha Knowledge Radio Episode 51:Aseer The Duke Tiers The Big Debt Global Reset

    Peace and Black Power Family,

    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. This our Revolutionary SU day episode. We are honored to present to you a long awaited presentation and fireside chat with a Moorish redeemer educator motivator and scholastic warrior who brings a welth of knowledge wisdom and understanding in the realm of Moorish history restorative realignment. Aseer has been in the trenches for years and has a proven track record of solution based information and verifiable evidence. Join us as we Do Tha Knowledge with Aseer The Duke of Tiers Sunday 1-31-16 at 3pm PST 5pm CST 6pm EST. Call in live to phone number 713-955-0707 and press 1 with your qustions or comments for the host or our special guest. here is the link to listen remotely:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/01/31/do-tha-knowledge-radio-episode-51aseer-the-duke-tiers-the-big-debt-global-reset

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    Guest Rep. Bill Flores - #Omnibus, #PowerofthePurse, #ISIS, #Campaign

    in Politics Conservative

    Rep. Bill Flores from CD-17 in Texas will join the program tonight to discuss the recent passing of the Omnibus Appropriations Bill.  We've been told for many years how the House of Representatives controls the "Power of the Purse."  From setting up budgets for school lunch programs to the funding of the military and VA services, the Omnibus bill essentially approves money to be spent on government programs.  Conservatives have been counting on this Constitutional requirement in order to stop some of the assaults on our taxpayers.  From funding Planned Parenthood, to funding President Obama's nightmare healthcare program, Congress, more specifically the House of Representatives has the final say in whether or not programs get the funding to survive another year.  This recent funding bill has upset many Conservatives / Republicans who felt let down by the passing of this bill.  We will talk with Congressman Flores and get his take on why he voted for the bill.  Also, we'll get some insight into other important issues like ISIS and the conflict in the Middle East.  Maybe we can even getr a few thoughts on the Presidential race.  Tune in !

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    In this episode its me and my right hand man "DUKE THE FOOL" side kickin it with me as we talk about how people take kindness for a weakness and I end the episode with DUKE'S wife EBONY'S favorite song "YOU DONT WANA BE ALONE"

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    Guest, Dr. David Oualaalou - #Poverty in America

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me tonight as my guest, Dr. David Oualaalou discusses Poverty in America.  We've seen poverty on the rise, and with a still slowed economy, regular working families are feeling the pinch more now than in the past few decades.  But being poor doesn't just mean you can't buy new clothes, or new cars / homes, in many cases, it means more.  It's a fact, people of means tend to teach their children successful principles that help them acheive more in life.   Children born and raised in poverty simply do not receive the same advantages as those with means.  But, what does this all mean?  Is it possible to break the cycle of poverty?  I think it is...I'm a living example of breaking that cycle.  Dr. Oualaalou will shed some light on this subject and provide fact-based insight on this growing epidemic.  Tune in or call in...

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    Drum Royalty, Dave Weckl & Duke Gadd

    in Music

    Join me as i interview, 2 drummers, one who has made his legacy, and another who is striving to do that!

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    BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio February 8

    in Sports

    While we look to shake off the Super Bowl 50 hangover, we begin a new week of BangTheBook Radio. This week begins with a tremendous surprise for our listeners, a live appearance from Cole Ryan to recap some Super Bowl 50 thoughts and to provide a real-time Betting the Buckets for listeners. Austin Peters of Upside and Motor and the Hardwood Paroxysm Network will join us for some NBA insight into the Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics. Austin will also chat about tonight's Louisville vs. Duke matchup. Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily will join us to chat about tonight's Magic vs. Hawks matchup and a whole lot more from the NBA. Kyle Hunter of HunterSportsPicks.com will wrap up today's show with some college hoops chatter and some games to watch this week.

    0:00-3:00 - Host intro, Super Bowl 50 recap

    3:00-28:40 - Cole Ryan, Super Bowl 50 and a special live Betting the Buckets segment

    28:40-32:25 - Burke's NHL thoughts for February 8

    32:25-59:45 - Austin Peters, Upside & Motor; Kings, Celtics, Thunder, Fisher, Knicks, etc.

    59:45-1:32:20 - Philip Rossman-Reich, Orlando Magic Daily; Magic, coaching, All-Star Break, NBA betting tips

    1:32:20-2:02:00 - Kyle Hunter, HunterSportsPicks.com; college basketball betting tips

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    Hurricanes at Duke

    in Sports

    Pre-game preview of the Miami Hurricanes and Duke Blue Devils college football game.

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    Jazz Ubiquity with/Djb-1

    in Entertainment

    Happy Monday gorgeous ones!.. Welcome to another editon of Jazz Ubiquity with Djb-1. If you've experienced a case of those Monday blues, and are in search of some relaxing music to take it all away, then this show is for you. Djb-1 specializes in bringing you some of the best jazz music around. With artists like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Kenny G, Al Jarreau, Gerorge Benson, Grover Washington and many more of these legendary intrumental artists, How could you pass up this opportunity to hear these greats. Now if this sounds like your kind of spot, then the doors to the Red Carpet Room are open.. Will you come inside?.. You'll love the experience of Jazz Ubiquity in your ears!. Presented by Diversity Of The Minds. If you'd like to interact with the host, dial 516-531-9334.



    Thanks for your continued support!

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    Tom Bird on Expert Insights Radio!

    in Self Help

    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Tom Bird!

    Tom Bird, the Book Whisperer, is the author of 27 books, including #1 Amazon Best Seller You Can Write Your Book in a Weekend. He is also the inspiration and guidance behind over 20 of his authors landing places as Amazon Best Sellers in just the last year. According to The New York Times, Tom is an author's oracle, a crystal clear, heartfelt voice crying out to the 81% of us who feel we have books stuck inside.

    Tom's books and lectures are direct to the point and always entertaining, offering us exactly what we need to overcome the obstacles of writing and publishing in the easiest, most successful and effective ways possible. Over the last three decades, Tom has shared his Tom Bird Method with over 80,000 aspiring authors at more than 120 of the finest colleges and universities in the US, including The College of William and Mary, Duke University and The University of Arizona. His ‘Write Your Best Seller in a Weekend’ Retreats are attended by authors worldwide.


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    Super Bowl 50 Preview: Carolina Panthers

    in Sports

    Today's show we're previewing the Carolina Panthers with Derek Tang from the AOSN.com - he's been a fan of the Panthers since they began and he is pumped for Super Bowl 50. We also talk about his beloved Duke Blue Devils and why less than a year after their championship run are they having so many problems. 

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