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    Due Process: A Remedy and Liberty Part Two

    in Education

    The Chief and Minister of Law Keng El Bey continue the remedies of due process.  We will discuss how to use due process in differrent senerios and all new discoveries Minister Keng El Bey has about due process.  


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    IRS Collection Due Process Hearings

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    One of the most important rights available to taxpayers with past-due tax liabilities is the right to request a hearing within the IRS (called a collection due process, or CDP, hearing) to prevent collection action and to propose alternative methods of resolution. To protect their interests, it is important that taxpayers understand how and when to request these hearings. They also must understand what rights they have to request CDP hearings, how the CDP hearing process works, and what their options are at the conclusion of a CDP hearing.

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    U.S. Due Process, Muslim Brotherhood, MK Ultra

    in Politics

    09/10/2013 - Today's host Karece talks about due process, Obama's outward support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and MK Ultra involvement in Hollywood.
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    DNA info Abuse, Attacks on Journalism, No Due Process

    in Politics

    08/20/2013 - Today's show will be on The attack on whistle blowing journalism, the abuse of DNA information, and the beginnings of killing American citizens without due process.
    Hosts Karece and Kimberly
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    Hot Cannon Monday!! Due Process; Fact or Fiction?

    in Culture

    Monday: Due Process, what is it? And is it a fact or fiction?
    Are you outraged about the Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict? What are solutions when faced with an unjust justice system?
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    Randy Kelton: How To Utilize Due Process To Your Advantage

    in Legal

    On the February 12, 2014 edition of Nature of Reality Radio I welcome Randy Kelton who is a co-host on the Rule of Law Radio show on the Logos Radio Network. Randy is an expert on due process and the foreclosure issue and we will take this time to discuss the many flaws in the legal system and how to properly navigate through the system which is designed to ignore your rights. We will also take calls.

    Randy's sites: http://www.logosradionetwork.com and http://www.ruleoflawradio.com

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    Guilty America's Accusation Culture

    in Politics Conservative

    All that matters is an accusation. America where innocent until proven guilty used to be the way we did things. But not any more.  In today's America once you are accused you are a guilty bastard that should lose  your citizenship.  We continue to see it more and more.  No proof required the more serious the accusation the less need for due process.  

    Let's talk about America's Accusation Culture today on the Willie Lawson Show.

    Follow the Willie Lawson Show on IHEARTRADIO - http://www.iheart.com/show/27097529/

    Follow the Willie Lawson Show on IHEARTRADIO - http://www.iheart.com/show/27097529/

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    IRS Defies Due Process, Guns at the Fair, and Common Sense (10.30.14)

    in Politics Conservative

    Shane Krauser, the host of Liberty Storm, talks about how freedom is easy. It's tyranny that's difficult. Shane takes on the following issues:

    1. The government seized the assets and bank account of a small restaurant owner because her bank deposits because her bank accounts were less than $10,000. What about the presumption of innocence? Does this resemble some of the grievances outlined in the Declaration of Independence?

    2. Two people leaving the North Carolina State Fair were robbed at gunpoint, after a legal battle had enabled the the fair to be declared a “gun-free” zone. 

    3. Anti-Second Amendment zealots suspect students for a ridiculous reason. 

    Facebook: Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser
    Twitter: Shane Krauser

    Find out more about how to get involved by going to Freedom Fires or Shane Krauser Enterprises.  

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    YOU, Due Process of Law & Diversity-Taj Tarik Bey & Anaid El

    in Legal

    TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT TONIGHT as we welcome Taj Tarik Bey & Anaid El to discuss Due Process of Law & Diversity and how it pertains to you and the situations that occur between the people and public servants.
    Points to address: 
    Your Legal Standing/Status. Does it matter? What is Due Process of Law? What is Diversity? Where is it referenced in the Constitution? Who does it pertain to?  Is Due Process of Law voidable? Does one waive the right of due process of law if they skip the reinforcement of the Constitution and argue subject matter? This and your pertinent questions to be addressed. Have your pen, paper and a copy of the Constitution ready. 
    This show is a must for anyone that has been unlawfully  violated by public servants and for those that have family or friends that have been violated. It is also a must for:
    Law Students Community Activists Neighborhood Association Organizers Civil Rights Organizations, Organizations, Cultural Groups and Human Rights Organizations Truthful writers, journalists and public relations specialists.   Public Servants who wish to start obeying the law.  Civil Alert Rising Radio Informative, Engaging & 3rd Eye Opening 858.357.8450 Option 1 to Ask or Speak

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    Succeeding at a Due Process/ Fair Hearing

    in Parents

    The IEP is over and you’re unhappy with one or more of the provisions in your child’s IEP.  Maybe it’s the placement, or services, or accommodations, or goals.  All you know is that you want more for your child and you want to know what to do next!  The phase after the IEP is daunting to most of us (me too!).  Dr. Kari interviews Jeff Gottlieb, special needs attorney, who provides you with tips and strategies for success at a due process/ fair hearing.  Mr. Gottlieb will describe the resolution, mediation, and due process procedures so you know what to expect and discuss how to prepare for each type of meeting. This show will prepare you to be a more successful advocate for your child, even if you never have to file for due process.  Mr. Gottlieb will take questions so be sure to phone in.  Mr. Gottlieb’s website: www.specialeducationattorneyatlaw.com.
    Get all 40 episodes of Special Kid School Talk on my website for *FREE*.

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    Planet Green Trees Episode 160-Due Process, Ex Post Facto

    in Legal

    August 8, 2013 Tonight 8-10pm or call 347-326-9626Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion. Tonight- The Michigan Court of Appeals heard arguments in medical marijuana dispensary cases on Tuesday August 6th and the newly formed medical conditions panel holds a meeting in Lansing to consider adding additional conditions to the qualifying list.
    Attorney Stuart Friedman, who along with attorney Thomas Loeb, offered oral arguments on behalf of the defendants in the Clinical Relief case, will join us. Dr. David Crocker, member of the qualifying conditions panel and board member of Michigan NORML will comment on the latest hearing and his thoughts on the process.
    Court report from Steve Green of the Michigan Chapter of The Human Solution. Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center.
    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!Sponsored By:Your host: Attorney Michael Komorn of Komorn Law, PLLC-18006563557 Regular guests: Chad from the Birmingham Compassion Club, Jamie Lowell of Third Coast Compassion Center, Rick Thompson-Editor and Chief of the Compassion Chronicles- reporting on news events,The MMMA: michiganmedicalmarijuana.org Thanks to all the moderatorsKomorn Law - Atty Michael Komorn (800) 656-3557- The Med Joint Community Compassion Center - Oshtemo, MI Kevin SpitlerAlso The Marijuana Ranch Call 313 422 5281Dr. Kumar Singh GreenLite Clinic 248-390-0574 www.greenlitetroy.com

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