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    Herbs Helping Health

    in Self Help

    Herbs are plants used as natural health foods or as alternative medicine. They are used for cleansing, for nutrition and support for certain organs and systems and as natural medicine. 

    Herbs can be consumed raw, with foods, dehydrated and made into tea or powdered in capsules, or made into an herbal extract or an essential oil, individually or as part of an herbal formula. 

    The phytonutrients in herbs have special benefits for improving health. Many of today's nutraceuticals contain herbs, and several common pharmaceuticals were derived initially from herbs. 

    Certain plants provide powerful compounds that can assist the body in correcting imbalances. Cordyceps tones organs and improves stamina. Turmeric has highly beneficial antioxidants, especially curcumin, to counter inflammation by free radicals. Aloe vera is soothing and healing to the skin as well as internal lining tissues such as the digestive tract. St. Johnswort calms the nerves and supports emotional well-being. Larrea tridentata interrupts the action of viruses and other invaders.

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    Total Dudes episode 55

    in Sports

    Total Dudes is back for the 55th time. They'll cover tea, the new light rail system, and Beast Barnett's new glasses. If they have time to get to Total Divas they'll discuss Mark Carrano, being a tag team, and if Baby Jordan should hope to get adopted.

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    Party Drinks - don't forget the herbs!

    in Food

    It's springime in my hemisphere and the herb garden is starting to fill in. Today we'll be talking about some of my favorite drinks - grown-up and otherwise - that get a zing from fresh herbs. 

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    Household herbs.

    in Spirituality

    Household herbs. It's late at night and things are going bump. Whatcha gonna do? Run out to the all night occult supplier for protection herbs? Well that would be great if we had them but chances are the plants you need are all around you or in your kitchen. Tonight we discuss common plants and household herbs that can be used in all forms of magic. We welcome your calls and ideas and as always there will be much helpful info in the chat room.


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    Total Dudes Episode 56

    in Sports

    Rex and Sign Guy are winding down with the final episode of this season of Total Divas. We'll be talking post office shenanigans, green tea, and track and field events. We'll also get into neck injuries not spontaneously healing themselves through other people's rehab, the pros and cons of moving to Pittsburgh, and why people allow Natalya to apply their makeup.

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    Total Dudes Episode 50

    in Sports

    It's the huge 50th episode of Total Dudes. In celebration of such Rex has contracted a disease common to cows. Filling in for Rex is Dave "The Beast" Barnett. He's sure to have all kinds of opinions on what is going on between Kermit and Miss Piggy as well as a favorite episode of Mr. Belvedere that he'd like to share with us. Sign Guy has a huge tea update for the world as well. Then on the Total Divas side there's topics such as Brie Bella's sudden medical expertise, the proper time to take a selfie, and why six month pregnant women are on the road.

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    Total Dudes episode 55

    in Sports

    We're coming down to the final episodes of this season of Total Divas. We're going out with a bang as Sign Guy and Rex will be joined by Beast Barnett's girlfriend Brittany. She's given us cameo appearances, but this time she's a full fledged guest of the show. She's given her opinion on whom the show is for, but what kind of tea does she drink? Whom does she consider the greatest power forward in NBA history? Does Beast ever disqualify her? Also, we'll touch on the first part of the two part season finale of Total Divas... maybe.

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    Total Dudes Episode 48

    in Sports

    Total Dudes is back to review the third episode of season 4. Beast Barnett is joining us on this arduous journey of a nightmare. There's lots to cover including a couple of Beast related contest winners to announce, tea, and a whole mess of Muppet talk. There's also Total Divas where we get a brand new cast member for Rex to hate. Will Beast bring the racism? Will Rex show any more caring than last week? Will Mini Beast call in to give a detailed report on some green tea he enjoys? Find out in this episode.

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    Homegrown Herbs A Complete Guide To Growing Using & Enjoying More Than 100 Herbs

    in Environment

    Whether you are a chef or just someone who appreciates the flavor of fresh, organic herbs, having an herb garden is becoming an essential part of every home environment. In addition to culinary uses, herbs are also grown for a myriad of reasons such as natural remedies, fragrance, beauty, to dye textiles, for attracting pollinators and even to repel other insects. Some herbs are even grown for spiritual ceremonies and rituals. While there are many uses for herbs, growing your own herbs is something that everyone should incorporate into their home environment. It is economic, good for the environment and good for your health! Tammi Hartung, author of Homegrown Herbs- A Complete Guide To Growing, Using and Enjoying More than 100 Herbs, will share her stories and inspirational guidelines for growing and using herbs as a part of ones daily lifestyle. She will discuss ways to garden on the windowsill during cold seasons and outdoors in the garden the rest of the year. She will describe ways to cook with herbs, how to prepare them for a proper cup of tea and how to use them in the bath. Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Herbal Goddess, Tammi Hartung.

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    Are Your Standards Too High/Dudes Night Out

    in Entertainment

    Are your standards the reason you cannot find a man in this day and age? We will discuss this topic. 


    Is dudes night out a trustworthy night out or a pass to run with a pack of dogs? 

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    Total Dudes episode 53

    in Sports

    Sign Guy and Rex are back, but they are not alone this week. This week Mike Bessler of Pro Wrestling Illustrated will be taking this arduous journey of a nightmare with them. Will he have a rationale explanation of whom this show is for? Will he writing a scathing article on how he hates Sign Guy and Rex? Will he speak of his love for Oolong tea? We'll help him cover such things as grilled cheese pizza pie, lingeri for needy women, and massage therepy.