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    Exclusive Interview With OJ Da Juiceman

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    DJ Duce brings you a exclusive interview with OJ Da Juiceman

  • Exclusive Interview With DJ Supahstar

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    DJ Duce Brings You And Exclusive Interview From DJ Supahstar, A DJ Hailing From East Cambridge, Boston. Make Sure To Follow DJ Supahstar On Twitter @Supahstar_

  • Exclusive Interview With Jilly Anais

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    Rising Urban Pop artist Jilly Anais Moor, going by the name of Jilly Anais is determined to be an artist to watch. The Houston, Texas native, hung up her cowgirl boots and stepped out on faith to launch her career as a musician.

    No stranger to the spotlight, Jilly has landed lead roles in school plays and musicals. As a winner of the prestigious Miss Teen Houston 2011, she was invited to perform in a number of recitals and noted public events. Her commitment to her artistry has been celebrated by colleagues and multifaceted audiences. Through music, Jilly has showcased her sound armed with infectious hooks and lyrics that are upbeat and edgy. The 19-year-old is carving her own path by bringing a unique sound to the music industry through Urban Pop. The versatility in Jilly Anais’ voice has all the right ingredients to become a successful entertainer.
    In 2014, Jilly moved to Los Angeles, California which led to a collaboration of work with Directors, Blair Caldwell and Tim Milgram. In summer 2014, she released her debut single “The Juice” while working with production team, The Invaders, followed by the release of her debut EP “The Juice” in February 2015 which has commanded the attention of producers throughout the U.S.

    Following the release of her debut EP, the ultra- talented Urban Pop artist has been making sure that the music industry knows she is on the move. With a growing fan base, Jilly Anais continues to gain momentum with favorable reviews and interviews from media outlets such as Limerence Magazine, Nineteen 45 Media, Stereo Noise Magazine and Symphonatic Magazine. Collaboratively they note, Jilly as an innovator and a budding star who will go far in the industry. Nineteen 45 Media, refers to her music as artful tracks, with a voice that is almost hypnotizing with incredible aptitude.

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     #drugabuse, #goofyboneistalented, #morning, #onelasttime, #seasonh8, #smoking, #smokingweed

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    Millions of Americans started their Thanksgiving getaway Wednesday by taking to the roads and airport security lines, undaunted by terrorism fears as officials continue to stress there are no “credible” threats in the wake of the Paris terror attacks earlier this month.

    President Obama said at the White House there is no "specific and credible" intelligence indicating a plot against the U.S., while assuring anxious Americans, "While the threat of terrorism is a troubling reality of our age, we are both equipped to prevent attacks and we are resilient in the face of those who would try to do us harm."

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson echoed Obama's statement that there are no specific, credible treats to the homeland ahead of the 2015 holiday season.

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    tHa #DangerZONE

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    THA #DANGERzone is an area in which there is a high risk of harm, especially where this risk has been officially identified.

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    #SundayNiteMassacre is the name given to the 2015 murder of A mobster boss radio associate and tha #Blogtalkradio gang led by @goofybone is watching this little bitch melt like a Snowman all this during the last months SeasonH8 Era

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    Wedding Crasher Caught The Garter, Then Received A Beatdown By Groom

    Pregnant mom fatally stabbed by woman who cut child out of her womb

    Man Accused Of Beating Up Girlfriend For Refusing To Smell His Armpit

    Female babysitter, 21, charged with abducting two-year-old girl from her bed

    Teenager, 18, brutally murdered her cousin, 17, with a kitchen knife during a sleepover

    Accused Flasher Says He Was Trying To Remove Bug

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    ON ALERT: New York City's top cop says 'be aware', but not afraid after ISIS video shows Times Square+

    KFC debuts home delivery service

    The unclaimed veteran': More than 1,000 attend funeral for Marine Corps vet with no known family

    Martin Sheen on son Charlie Sheen's HIV announcement: 'We were behind him'

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    CHANGING TACTICS: Signs Pentagon moving to loosen 'rules' of ISIS war

    Baby starved alone for a week after grandmother’s death

    Mother of four died after a fight over a pair of high-heeled shoes

    Turkish Fans Chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ After Booing Moment Of Silence For France

    Real estate broker steals taxi, drives away drunk