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    Dual Eligibles: Richard Popper

    in Finance

    DST Health Solutions has a broad experience in providing enrollment, administrative and care management services for dual eligibles in compliance with CMS and state requirements. Learn what areas health plans need to focus on to effectively serve dual eligibles. 

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    Pastor Harry Walther

    in Spirituality


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    Teri Mullaney, Industry Trends

    in Finance

    Teri Mullaney has served as Chief Strategy Officer for DST Health Solutions for the past 2 years and is now assuming the role of President and CEO of DST Health Solutions, LLC.  In this episode she discusses the critical functions necessary to succeed in a government sponsored healthcare world.

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    Health and Wellness: What Does Wellness Really Mean?

    in Motivation

    Health and Wellness is one of those popular terms being thrown around but its meaning is really vague. This week, Chapman takes the time to break down and explain what wellness is. Being well is not just physically being strong and well fit but it encompasses the mind, the body, and the soul. It is something we must work at and strive for "every" day. Have you ever awakened on top of the world, feeling like nothing can stop you only to awaken the next feeling like you can't get out of bed, let alone venture out of your front door. Grab a friend and join her live 9:00 A.M. Pacific ... 12 Noon Eastern DST. Stream live here or listen in at 1-424-675-8318.

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    Amy Salls: Participating in Marketplaces?

    in Finance

    The Affordable Care Act establishes quality-related requirements for Qualified Health Plan (QHP) issuers and Marketplaces including a system to rate QHP's on the basis of quality and price and an enrollee satisfaction survey system to assess enrollee experience with each QHP.  To provide our listeners with the answers to their most pressing questions, Amy Salls addresses the important topics on this matter. 

    Amy Salls serves as Director of Population Health Strategy for DST Health Solutions.  

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    Letting Go: The Final MIRACLE Step #12

    in Motivation

    Chapman has walked her listeners through the twelve steps in her workbook: "MIRACLE Zone -- Making It Reality Against Circumstance, Logic and Economics." Today, she tackles what she personally believes to be the hardest step in, not just the book, but life. People who are in the business of helping others will always tell you to "Let Go" but is there a secret in doing it successfully? Join her live Tuesday, June 16: 9:00 A.M. Pacific and 12 Noon Eastern DST.

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    The 3 R's of Risk Management

    in Finance

    Amy Salls serves as Director of Population Health Strategy for DST Health Solutions.  In this episode, Amy draws on more than 20 years of experience in datat analysis and healtcare informatics to unpack the three R's of risk.  Reinsurance, Risk Corridors, and Risk Adjustment.

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    Master of Life Basics

    in Spirituality

    Join Dick & Roberta Sutphen who will be discussing “MASTER OF LIFE BASICS.” Man’s isolation and problems result from his means of resisting life.  There’s a Universal Law of Resistance that says: ‘WHAT YOU RESIST YOU DRAW TO YOURSELF. As long as you resist something, you are locked into it and you perpetuate its influence in your life.” JUNE 10, 10 AM (Mountain time, which is California time during DST)

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    Medicare Advantage HCC Revenue Management

    in Finance

    Susan Chaffin is the Director, Medicare Advantage Revenue Management for DST Health Solutions.  In this episode, Susan explains how andwhy HCC's are so important and how the new law impacts health plans and payers.  Also, given the change in payment methodology, she explains how health plans need to adjust.

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    The I AM Theory - MIRACLE Step #11

    in Motivation

    After two-weeks off, by no means a respite, Chapman picks up sharing a theory that was personally learned years ago. It was an uncomfortable time when she was betwixed. That is, she was stuck right smack dab in the middle of a shift. Have you ever been there? Preparing for this show, she realized the very lesson she learned back in 2008, could be applied to her life today. Today, she is not "feeling" stuck, but clearly realizes and understands the transition and what it takes and what it feels like in the shift. If it seems you are betwixed, let her walk through to the other side where joy, purpose and passion are waiting. Let the I AM Theory take you to the next level. Join her Tuesday, July 9: 9:00 Pacific...12 Noon Eastern DST.

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    KFFSC & AllPurposeRoto - Fantasy Show - High Stakes Strategy

    in Sports

    Join Bob and Ferrell for the AllPurposeRoto and KFFSC Fantasy Football Show

    Get the lay down on Fantasy Tactics for your current drafts and upcoming season.

    Tonights episode features Fantasy Winners;

    Justin McCord, Robbie Fetcher and Nathan Vetter


    We look again at those Zero RB targets, and get the value from this panel; Bell and Riddick in Detroit, Simms and Martin in Tampa, Freeman and Coleman in Atlanta, Sankey and Cobb in Tenn., Jennings,Vereen and Williams in NY

    DST's what is the panel strategy and view, stream, draft,

    Strength of Schedule thoughts

    What do you do at a break in a draft, when live in person . . Ferrell works the room . . . Bob ??

    1 Thing to do in preparation of partcipating in a High Stakes League

    1 Thing not to do in preparation in a High Stakes League

    Come on to the KFFSC at the Horseshoe - Draft with Bob , against Bob or get on the air anbd talk abouot your team.  APR will be covering all three days live.  Also join us the previous week in Cincy.

    August 28 thru Sunday August 30 at the Horshoe Casino - THE Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship.  Join us at the second largest draft in the country ouitside of Vegas!   Get in touch with Ferrell at www.KFFSC.com or call/text him at 502-523-5057.  The show email is working - - bob@allpurposeroto.com

    August 22 we will be in Cincy !!!!  Give me a call and lets do some drafting!