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    Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Jody Iorns!

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    Join Garrett for tons of fun as he welcomes Jody Iorns, Executive Director of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for the San Francisco Bay Area.  Jody will be sharing a great message and helping you talk with your teens about the benefits of staying sober!  Call in with your questions or comments @ 323 657-1493.  It all happens LIVE on Thursday starting 10est/7pst.  LISTEN!  SHARE!  

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    On The Radio with a Survivor of Drunk Driving

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    This Sunday, attorney Jeff Weinstein will be speaking with Kimberly Berrier, a survivor of a horrific drunk driving accident. When Kimberly was 18 months old, she, her Mother and a family friend were hit head on by a drunk driver - The driver had just left a bar.

    Seconds before the impact, Kimberly's mom, Andrea flung her entire body around her child, saving Kimberly's life. Andrea took the full force of the impact and broke almost every bone in her body. She had multiple injuries, surgeries and lost large amounts of blood. She survived for three weeks but ultimately lost her life as a result of the injuries she sustained. She was 26 years old.

    "I don't think people realize how their actions can affect generations of people, not just the people involved in the incident itself."

    Kimberly will discuss the tragedy that was caused by a drunk driver and the impact it had on her life and others.

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    Q&A: Egoism, Drunk Driving, Curbing Dogs, and More

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    Philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh answered questions on one thought too many in egoism, drunk driving in a free society, dogs versus private property, and more in this episode of Philosophy in Action Radio. 

    Question 1: Does egoism suffer from 'one thought too many'? 

    Question 2: Should driving drunk be illegal in a free society? 

    Question 3: Do dog owners violate rights by allowing their dogs to poop on others' lawns? 

    To download or feed a high-quality version of this episode, plus show notes and other details, visit its archive page. 

    For more from Dr. Diana Hsieh on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

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    Drunk Driving-Making Drinkers Responsible

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    WTF Radio will explore the pitfalls of how drunk drivers are the #1 killer of under 18 year old youth and how the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) system is designed so that nearly all responsible drinkers break the law despite responsible consumption.  The way the BAC system is set up is much like ticketing bicyclers for exceeding a posted 15 mph speed limit on a beach boardwalk in California.  One should ask: "How are cyclists to abide by a system which measures speed when bikes have no speedometers which to measure speed by?"
    Enforced public BAC levels are as an ineffective measuring tool to those in need, though conveniently abscent from  public access,  as is the ability of drinkers to accurately predict their own BAC levels under .08 without any device or instrumentation.  And those law makers overseeing DUI's  almost assume drinkers are somehow suppose to "know" that their BAC levels exceed as little as a 10th of a percent above the legal limit  so as to avert driving under the influence and breaking the law when exiting a bar. 
    And how is knowing ones BAC's done without any measuring device? By way of reciting the alphabet without missing a letter, walking a self-imposed foot-to-toe 20 step sobriety line test or "feeling" that one can handle an automobile responsibly? 
    I'm not sure these methods would be considered fail safe under the eyes of the law.  The current nation wide technology most law enforcement agencies reliably and accurately utilize is the fuel cell breathalyzer test. 
    So the question then becomes why doesn't every single on premise drinking establishment provide such a measuring device so that cusomers can account for their legal limit of blood alcohol consumption prior to getting behind the wheel of an automobile?  This is the question we will challenge and try to get to the root of.

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    A Mother's Story About Drunk Driving | Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

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    This Sunday, attorney Jeff Weinstein will be speaking with Tammi Branch. Tammi's 18 year old son was tragically killed last year by a drunk driver. She will share her story with listeners and will also discuss how she became involved with the organization, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

    "Eric's death is what brought me to do what I am doing. I don't want another parent to get the phone call that I received, or to ever show up at a crash scene like I did, and go home empty-handed and broken-hearted. Because of that, I want change." - Tammi Branch

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    Do you think there is a need to stop drunk driving? What is your defense? What are you doing to stop drunk driving? We honor your presence by offering our bracelets for this show only for just .50cents . We call them "Night Lights"

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    Drunk Driving a UFO

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    Mike and The Liberty Men sit down to discuss current events, including their personal lives. Dave is paid a visit by a cop, Mike does standup with his dead grandpa, and Tim talks to Aliens.

    Follow @iammikecannon @yourrabbitshole @standupny @standupnylabs Visit www.StandUpNY.com to see when Mike is performing live at Stand Up NY and go to www.StandUpNYLabs.com to listen to all our other great podcasts.

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    Do you think there is a need to stop drunk driving? What is your defense? What are you doing to stop drunk driving? We honor your presence by offering our bracelets for this show only for just .50cents . We call them "Night Lights"

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    BEST OF: MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving

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    Garrett replays a BEST OF featuring Jody Iorns, Executive Director, with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).  Jody's POPULAR segment from last week was requested by listeners to hear again - and Jody's statistics on Teenage Alcohol and Drug use will open your eyes.  David Brehmer and Jeannine Chappell also share their story their loss due to a Drunk Driver in 2011.  In the face of a tragic loss, they have come together to write "THIS HAS HAPPENED."  

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    RMDR presents Drowsy Driving=Drunk Driving!

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    Rapp MD Radio with Dr. Kadisha Rapp airs on the TCR Network at 5:30pm CST every other Tuesday. Call in 760-587-4082.
    Less than 2 weeks ago, former Today Show movie critic Gene Shalit drove his Honda Element into the side of a house.  Five years ago this month, I ran into the back of moving truck.   What did Mr. Shalit and this doctor have in common?
    Did you know that driving after being awake for 18 hours is equal to driving with a blood concentration of 0.1?   A concentration of 0.08 is considered legally drunk.  Do you or someone you know drive drowsy?    At least half of Americans do. 
    November 12-18th is Drowsy Driving Prevention week. Let's discuss!

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    Former Pastor Randy White arrested for Drunk Driving

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    Former husband of Paula White and former Pastor of Without Walls in Tampa, Florida was arrested for drunk driving in Tampa last month.
    What led to this downfall?? And can God restore him. We hope so!

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