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    Handling Stress With Drugs and Alcohol - Is It Genetic or Learned Behavior?

    in Women

    Chronic stress creates a chemical imbalance in the brain that prompts some to turn to drugs and alcohol to provide the endorphins necessary to create inner calm and tranquility. Unfortunately, drug addiction and alcoholism has been criminalized rather than treated as a health issue. The question is, can this reliance on other substances to correct the chemical imbalance created by stress be a hereditary tendancy? What if chronic stress has been a way of life for so many generations in your family that you are now born without the capacity to produce the necessary endorphins to enable you to cope with stress without a mental breakdown? Dr. Kenneth Nave, author of A Season of Afflictions, shares his research and discovery about how the stress of injustice, racial inequality, and daily threats to ones well being can, over time, have an effect on ones genes. What are we producing in our children? Is there a reason why the violence among youth has escalated? Is it hereditary or learned behavior? How do we reverse this trend? Dr. Nave shares his findings and introduces his upcoming book which exposes some shocking developments

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    Does God Seek Us When We Are Lost? - Interview with Pr. David Amstutz Part. 1

    in Christianity

    Pr. David has a wonderful story of how God pursued him when he was running away.  It is a story about the love of God that never gives up on us, even when we have lost all hope.  From growing up in a family that produced generations of Methodist ministers, David ran away from the faith and got lost in the pleasures of drugs and alcohol.  When his life was in shambles, he contemplated suicide, but there in his hopelessness, God’s love broke in. 

    David’s story is a wonderful testimony of how God loves us and He is faithful to pursue us even when we run from him.  It will encourage you no matter where you are in life, whether you running away from God or serving him faithfully, you will be inspired, encouraged and most importantly, you will get a glimpse of the love of God who loves us with a love which is stronger than death.

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    From Suicide to Self Love - Transformation of a Young Man with Michael Reilly

    in Youth

    My guest today is Michael Reilly, a 24 year old Spiritual Warrior. He began to wake up spiritually when he was twenty years old. Prior to his awakening his whole life even as a young child he always felt lost, confused, sad, angry and had a sense he was alone or left behind, even though he was surrounded by a loving family. He always struggled with school and as early as grade two had thoughts of suicide. As he got older the feelings intensified and he began using drugs and alcohol and attempted suicide several times. His last attempt was a few weeks before his nineteenth birthday. After that things began to slowly come to light. He began to awaken to what was truly happening in his life, and he began healing through meditation and Self Love.

    Tune in Monday February, 16th at 2:00 pm EST to hear his story and how he transformed his life from suicide to Self Love.

    If you are inspired to reach out to Michael, please contact him through his email mike.reilly1991@gmail.com, Facebook or younglionbeing on instagram.

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    The Power Alley with Steve Silver and Bo Reed

    in Baseball

    Welcome everyone to a brand new episode of The Power Alley with Steve Silver from 1090 The Fan in Seattle, Wa and Bo Reed from LetsTalkRangers.com. On today's show, we'll leadoff  with conversation on the front runners in American League. According to multiple publications, the Seattle Mariners are strong favorite to win the American League west. But the conversation isn't about can they win the west, but can they win the World Series? 

    We'll also cover the latest news surrounding Josh Hamilton's likely suspension from a relapse of drugs and alcohol. We'll also discuss a few injuries that took place in White Sox, Blue Jays, and Cardinals camps. 

    If you have any questions regarding today's show, any fantasy baseball questions you need answered, or you just want to stop by and say hi, hit us up on Twitter @InsiderSteve and @LTRReed. We're excited to have you with us this morning, now grab your bat, see the fastball, and drive that sucker into The Power Alley!

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    Part 1: Drugs & Sports

    in Sports

    We're starting a three part series tonight!  Drugs, the media and kids and their impact in the world of sports.  Part one is tonight and we're discussing drugs in the world of sports!  Feel free to call in and discuss with us!

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    When Fat is no Longer Beautiful: Body Diversification New Names, Old Problem

    in Culture

    Why Are we accepting people for the way they look regardless of their size? Would we accept them if instead of people being obese they were drug addicted or severe alcoholics?  Probably not. Then why do we accept obesity? As a species humans do not have to engage in drugs or alcohol but we do have to eat. However, because of the recent  wide spread acceptance to food, over eating is now okay, right? Wrong. This new body image acceptance has gone way too far and is sending a message that it's okay to be fat when actually it is not. If humans were made to be fat, we would be born that way and the fact is we aren't created that way, we become that way.

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    The Road to Recovery - Hosted by Dan Czuba - What are "YOUR" Academy winning...

    in Business

    Addictions oftentimes creates Drama Kings / Queens of the Addicts, and possibly those surrounding us. This show focuses on Recovery from just about any addiction and attempts to eliminate the Stigmas often surrounding Recovery and Abstinance while attempting to help get us (Me Too!) on the best path in our lives...

    It is said that "WE" don't have a drinking disease but a thinking disease, so that once we face the fact we have a problem - quitting our addictions - while good - may not be enough to enjoy Life to it's fullest. Our show demonstrates with actual live people and situations how those in recovery (OR NOT) face the day to day challenges without using drugs / alcohol or anything substituted as our "Drug of Choice"

    Join us as we candidly discuss these issues as we also welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and particpation - helping ourselves while helping others navigate, and understand the many challenges, pitfalls, of facing recovery , and living SOBER in our daily lives. One Day at a Time. Our call-in number is 323-580-5755, and our show runs LIVE from 7 PM to 9PM CST every Sunday evening regardless of the SUPERBOWL - Tthe OSCARS, anything! You might be surprized at what you might hear , learn, or understand, and the simplicity of Getting and staying Sober from ANY ADDICTION. I won't say that it is easy - however I will tell you IT IS WORTH IT! As of today I have been Sober 19 years, 5 months, and 23 days and who is counting? ME OF COURSE! And I AM GRATEFUL!! Join Us this coming Sunday.... Need help during the week? I will do my best to lend a hand or an ear - call me tollfree at 800-427-5968 (1-800 I ASK YOU) or email me at daniel@daare.com . I welcome comments, thoughts, prayers, jokes, anything you wish to share with me and our listeners. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    God's Favorites Ministry

    in Family

    Have you lost a loved one?

    Son or daughter to drugs or to the prison walls.

    Maybe slain by the bullet, etc.

    God's Favorites are reaching out to help your hurts.


    Jesus said in Matt. 11:28, Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and i will give you rest.

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    'Freedom From Addiction! or The Fantastic 4 High On Life. IC4TS Edited

    in Spirituality

    This version has been edited (the first version had a minute or two of interference)

    This week Mark chats with 3 guys who have all struggled with addiction issues in the past, with substances such as Alcohol, Cocaine, Crystal Meth and Sour Cream Pringles. Join Mark as he speaks with Joe Gonzales, Clifford Edwards and Michael Looney. They talk honestly and openly about their struggles and about their newfound understanding of  addiction and the mind which as led to  them now living relaxed and enjoyable lives.

    I just realised that one of the fantastic 4 was female... I'm comfortable enough to say that can be me, it makes sense cos I'm also the prettiest of the 4 of us :-) and my addiction was only to sour cream pringles . :-)

    Joe Gonzales contact detail email halflifejoe@yahoo.com

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    DJ Damo interviews several artists on tonights show.

    in Music


    Joshua "E.L.I.A.S the Profhit" is an Hip Hop Artist hailing from the Ohio Valley. Now residing in Weirton, WV this inspiring artist burst into the scene competing and winning non-hip hop competitions at the age of 14, forcing the judges to open a new category

    In the summer of 2014 the up and coming American artist released his highly praised first single "HEADSTRONG", and hasn't stopped since. He is now prepping his highly anticipated first mixtape "#ProfhitPropaganda: Hip Hops Savior" using the mixtape to demonstrate what he stands for and vows to not rap about the usual topics commonly bragged in the rap world: money, violence, sex, drugs. With his incomparable style of inspiring lyrism mixed with authentic truth, E.L.I.A.S has racked up an outstanding worldwide following on all major social media websites including You tube and Facebook and stacked up over 10,000 song plays globally in record breaking time. He is the first ever West Virginia hip hop artist to perform at major church competition "Winter Fest" and has won countless awards for his poetry, including "Young Writers for The Future"


    Raised in Northern Kentucky and started writing rap music and poetry at a young age. He developed his writing skill and decided to take his music career more seriously. He refers to himself as "Red Spade" and even went as far as having his logo designed to have a Red Spade instead of the traditional "Black" Spade.The Red Spade symbolizes his ability to stand out from the rest of those who he has been categorized with.  As a person and as an artist, ACE represents those who have been through similar struggles that he speaks about in his music. The idea of "Red Spade Music" is Music for those who go through struggle and find the strength to get through it without falling to it

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