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    When it Comes to Royalty Are You A Drama King or a Drama Queen?

    in Christianity

     Proverbs 11:29 says, “He that troubles his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.” Simply put, it asks the basic question, “Are you grown or are you a 4 year old masquerading as an adult? Today, Dr. Williams, through the Word of God, asks a basic question when it comes to maturity—are your friends, colleagues, but more importantly family members glad to see you TWICE? That is to say, GLAD to see you arrive, but more than over joyed to see you LEAVE? You may be living a life that goes from one disaster to another. Is that what you want???????? If you recognize your lack of wisdom, listen in today as Dr. Williams carefully shares the Word of God in an easy to understand manner that will help you grow out of your drama based life, which is really suicide on the installment plan!!!!!!!!



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    Where the Drama Queen Happens

    in Sports

    The guys preview the first round of the NBA playoffs, the Rangers' series against the Yankees and hand out the always much-desired Drama Queen Award.

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    Real Wives, No Drama

    in Women

    "He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord." ~ Proverbs 18:22 NKJV

    Real Housewives... of Altlanta, New Jersey, Orange County, you name it. 

    Reality TV has plastered our television screens with every version of a wife you can imagine. It's rare when you can find a group of women who are not trashing one another and/or the men they are (or were) married to.

    If you consider yourself a good wife and you're tired of the high-octane drama-queen image that the entertainment world upholds as the new norm, join us. Today, we're celebrating all you smart, beautiful, faithful, loving women whose husbands consider marrying them one of the best decisions they ever made! Let's give our daughters a future they can look forward to when it comes to love and marriage.

    Tune in as we chat with guest, Zandra Rutledge, a certified lay counselor who has been happily married for 27 years to her husband, Rev. Michael Rutledge. She's here to set the record straight about what it means to be a REAL wife in the 21st century.

    Call in with your questions and comments: 646-716-6910 or log in to our Javammunity chat room during the LIVE chat room.

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    in Current Events

    Listen to Mr F the N word and Ms Drama candidly discuss events from around the globe. To send your topics for discussion please email smoothdrama@smoothdrama.com. Stay up to date with F the N word and Ms Drama at www.smoothdrama.com

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    The Luck of the Irish Film Critic

    in Hobbies

    Tune in and chat with the movers and shakers in the promotional industry including contestors, promoters, marketers and sponsors. My guest is: James McDonald, originally from Dublin, Ireland but currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a Film Reviewer and Interviewer who has over thirty years experience in the film industry hosting movie giveaways on his site. http://irishfilmcritic.com/category/contests/.

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    Queen Love Thy Self

    in Radio

    Tune In with the host Syvonia McCoy and Special Guest of Loving Myself Enterprises, Renee' Huewitt-Hall of Gainsville Florida, as they present the importance of women loving and knowing themselves. 

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    sIgNoThEtImEs w Queen Tahiyrah TUESDAY'S w Dr. James Jones

    in Motivation




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    FAWC (For Anyone Who Care)

    in Lifestyle

    Life drama, children, blended families, culture issues, community concerns, creative people, social concerns, relationships, spirituality, cooking, traveling, dreaming out loud, entrepreneurship, baby mama drama, baby daddy drama, self-esteem, self-worth, teen drama, self-respect, character building, racism, sports, interactive, stinking thinking, mindsets, role models, mentors, bullying, peer pressure, neighborhoods, creative thinking, mental illness, impaired thinking, poor impulses, profiling, social conscience , sense of right and wrong, family dynamics, environments, social justice, moving forward, positive people, integrity, honor, home associations, economy, education, we the consumers, child development, stages of life, liberty, empowerment, embracing life challenges, keep life moving, self-evaluations, assessments, political red tape, it's who you know not what you know

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    Life's Short Adventures

    in Entertainment

    The point of these simple tales is to stress that common, intimate romance can dominate a story  and an adventure from beginning to end. Just imagine yourself in a new and torrid love affair, burning with passion and desire. We know the prospect won't be too terribly hard for many of you women. Just let yourself go at breaking those traditional bounds and enjoy a full loving tale presented in episodes. Remember, amour is still the main factor that makes the modern story of Theatre of the Mind acted out through Audio Drama. (You'll be among the first witnessing audio art reformation.)

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    The SSS Music Box

    in Music

    The SSS Music Box launches its first airtime special of a  nice blend of soul, funk and the grooviest sounds your royal hears can enjoy in one soulful sesion in the Sandcastle with your very own DJs Queen Mary Jane, King DC and Sir John Walter on the tail end of the show with his immaculate rhythm and blues selection.  You don't want to miss this.  Come and get your majestic funk on and on and on and on...

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    Mid Day Sexy Show

    in Romance

    Come enjoy your favorite mid day sexy show with the Queen of Wetness.  This Weeks Topic: Women: How to Build Your Roster via BGAE :) Enjoy

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