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    Queens Talk Radio Episode 20

    in Entertainment

    Why is it that once you've gotten into a relationship with a new person that the mother or father of the child attempts to cause drama in the relationship? Do they hate that you've moved on? What's your suggestion on resolving this? Should the BF/GF step in and talk it out with the other?

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    Queens Talk Radio Episode 19

    in Entertainment

    Are you informed on the top ten college degrees that pay? Join us as we discuss this hop topic. We all know people that are convince to obtain certain degrees that are unable to put them to use.


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    Queens Talk Radio Episode 18

    in Entertainment

    Job vs Career. Is there a difference?

  • 01:04

    Queens Talk Radio Episode 17

    in Entertainment

    Why are women of color often percieved as defensive or having a bad attitude? Is a result of adaptation to their environment or a defense mechanism?

  • 01:16

    Queens Talk Radio Episode 16

    in Entertainment

    How do you settle down without settling?

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    Beauty in the QUEENS

    in Radio

    QUEENS TIMES TWO on the show Tiffany Christina and Susan Miceli.   Tiffany Christina is a longtime resident of Aurora, Illinois. Her pageant career started in 1999 at the Miss Illinois USA pageant. She has since competed in the Miss. and Mrs. Illinois United States, Mrs. Illinois International, US Sophisticate, International Sophisticate, Petite Illinois, Tiara Magazine Humanitarian Model, and American Elegance system. She has choreographed national opening number for the United States All World Beauties were she is also the lifetime ambassador awarded in 2003. Tiffany’s most recent national title was Ms. American Elegance Woman 2013-14 then crowned Ms. Elegance International 2015 Tiffany is also the current reigning Mrs. Kane County Illinois Royalty International and is competing at the Miss Royalty International pageant in August of 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin vying for the title of Mrs. Royalty International. She has won numerous awards for her community service on a corporate and personal level.  One of Tiffany’s favorite quotes is Winston Churchill “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.  Susan Miceli is a resident of Danville Illinois. Her pageant career started back in 2001 at the local county fair. She since has competed in the Miss Illinois America Preliminaries, Miss Illinois USA, Miss and Mrs. Illinois International and the American Elegance system. She is a director and pageant producer as well. She currently serves as the Executive Director for the Miss Springfest Pageant. Susan also is the current reigning Ms. Elegance International Woman 2016. She has won numerous awards for her community service endeavors. Her platform C.A.R.E to Serve: Putting Passion into Action.

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    Queens Talk Radio Episode 15

    in Entertainment

    As minority women what do we feel our men can do to help encourage the building of our family units back? How can we work towards gaining respect from our men again?

  • 01:19

    Queens Talk Radio Episode 14

    in Entertainment

    As minority women do we feel we can do more to encourage our men to come back to the side of being the head of household and the men they were in the 60's? What can we do?

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    Queen of Queens Life-Time 2

    in Radio

    Breast Cancer Awareness month on the Purple Bubble studios has turned PINK all month long in the month of October.  Please remember that you take care of yourself and stay on top of your doctor appointments.  If someone you know hasn't had their mammograms please encourage them to do so.  My guest to close out Breast Cancer Awareness month is someone I hold near and dear to my heart.  She is my very best friend Jackie Walters.  She is a survivor of Breast Cancer and she is also a beauty Queen; but just any beauty Queen she is QUEEN OF QUEENS LIFE-TIME 2 with All World Beautes.


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    Queens Talk Radio Episode 12

    in Entertainment

    White privilege (or white skin privilege): is a term for societal privileges that benefit white people in Western countries beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances.

    Does it exist?

  • 01:32

    Queens Talk Radio Episode 11

    in Entertainment

    On this show, we will be talking about anything and answering your questions.