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    1 Year Anniversary Show! - From Lunch Time To Drive Time

    in Relationships

    It has been a fun and exciting year with the Dr. Kim Show. We have covered much ground and along the way we hope to have provided our listeners with helpful advice and information that has made a positive impact. 

    From dating and marriage to cancer talk to cancer walks and just about everything in between; we have covered a variety of topics!! Which one was your favorite?

    Help us recap the year and let's talk about your favorite episodes!! 

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    Ex-Offender Files - Second Chance programs that need a second chance!!!

    in Culture

    All across the country in every state there are programs that are designed to help ex-offenders get there lives back on track. They call them re-entry programs and second chance programs but are they?

    They are supposed to help yet ex-offenders are still being discriminated against.

    We can't get jobs because of our convictions and we will always be considered second class citizens of the mistakes we made.

    Employment services say that there are felon friendly employers who provide lists of companies and that wil hire ex-offenders and through my research I have not found an updated list to date..

    Ex Files panalist Eric Mayo provides information needed to help ex-offenders with the tools needed to overcome the obsticles we face in his book http://www.jailtojob.com 

    and his blog   http://howfelonscangetjobs.com

    Re-Entry Programs are available and some are productive but the majority of themhave the same structured inviornment, One-Step Job Search , Resume Writting , Tips on how to dress and how to present yourself to an employer. 

    There has to be more that can be done to help the so-called unhelpable.

    We can reduce the recidivism rate with an opportunity and we can have an opportunity with the knowledge that people are willing to give us a chance.... 

    We need help and we need to be helped which means banning the box and removing the mindset that once a felon always a felon... 


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    The Dr. Kim Show - Update Paterson

    in Current Events

    Paterson N.J. is on the verge of making a statement with the Mayoral Race like no other, there are more candidates in this race than there are starters for the Eastside High School Basketball Team.

    The City Council Race is hot and getting hotter with old and new faces, old ideas and new ideas.

    Andre Sayegh is still trying to buy this election and Joey Torres is planning his next big city funded payday and Jeff Jones is still confused about what a Mayor is supposed to do in office.

    Donna Nelson-Ivy is putting up a hell of a campaign and Dave Gilmore is standing his ground..

    Aslon Goow Sr. is making good on his word, being visible in the community and it is plain to see that his written plan has given some imitators an idea...

    Passaic County Civic League is rising to the top and Mr. Charles Primus with The Pulse is beating a little slower without Lynda Gallashaw. 

    Tonight we will bring you all the goings on and share somethings you may not know about.

    Our special guest tonight will be City Council Candidate Bernard M. Jones.

    Mr. Brent Nation will give us the skinny on the P-Town sound-off.

    With the passing of Ruben "Hurricane" Carter, WOL Radio Network sends prayers and condolences to the family. 

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    WOL Radio "Presents" ObamaCare and you with Dr. Kim

    in Health

    Today on the Dr. Kim Show

    The new health care law builds on what works in our health care system. And it fixes what’s broken by making improvements in several key areas. It protects you from the worst insurance company abuses. It makes health care more affordable. It gives you better access to care.

    For too long, too many hard working Americans paid the price for policies that handed free rein to insurance companies. President Obama’s health reform law gives hard-working families the security they deserve. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 3.1 million more young adults have health insurance on their parent’s plan, three million seniors have received a 50 percent discount on their prescription drugs, and millions of Americans now have access to no-cost preventive services to help them stay healthy. Abusive insurance practices are becoming a thing of the past. Additionally, the Affordable Care Act helps small businesses with the cost of providing health insurance for their employees and helps doctors and other health providers care for their patients more effectively.

    If you don't have health insurance, time is running out. The Deadline to sign-up for insurance as required by the Affordable Health Care Act is Mar. 31, 2014. Anyone who does have insurance through their employer, the government or on their own will face a penalty.


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    The Ex-Offender Files w/ I.B.Wise and Dr. Kim

    in Current Events

    WOL Radio has had some very informative shows on some very informative issues from ex-offender re-entry to abolishment of the death penalty to requesting that DNA testing being done in McLean Co. Illinois.

    We have talked to a lot of people who are suffering from the ill effects of being incarcerated for multiple tens of years in most cases taking away their childhood, we have talked about sex-offenders and their plight.

    Tonight we want to reach outside the box and speak with those who are suffering from the hardship of having a loved one serving life.

    I know how hard this can be on families, spouses and children. Come share with people who care..

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    Whisper Out Loud Radio w/ Dr. Kim on KFNX 1100 AM

    in Lifestyle

    Today Dr. Kim will discuss female criminality - the war on crime against women.

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    The Ex-Offender Files - The Death Penalty 2014 / Will Banning the Box work?

    in Culture

    Tonight we are doing two segments

    1) The effects of the Death Penalty in Society

    2) Will Banning the Box make a difference?

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    Dr Kim Bloomer and the Wisdom of Success

    in Pets

    Dr. Kim Bloomer is Certified Animal Naturopath and published author who co-hosts her own weekly internet radio show with her colleague Dr. Jeannie Thomason and they are the founders of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy.  She has been published in many magazines including Animal Wellness, Natural Horse, Dogs Naturally, NM Breeze, Raw Instincts and the Pet Connections.  Dr. Kim co-authored the book Whole Health for Happy Dogs and authored the book Animals Taught Me That.Visit her site @ www.AspenbloomPetCare.com Dr. Kim is a proficient blogger and LOVES hearing from people everywhere about their pets and pet concerns.  Dr.Kim's passion and mission are "to help our animal companions live longer, healthier lives naturally." We also direct you to www.animaltalknaturally.net Thank you for visiting the website of my friend award-winning artist David Martinka, who provided the music for this program . www.redbellymusic.com and www.sunshadows.net We also thank YOU for FOLLOWING this program @ www.blogtalkradio.com/perspectivepower and the Facebook page for this program www.facebook.com/perspectivepower and of course you can CONNECT with Annette Rochelle Aben on YOU Tube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pintrest


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    The Ex-Offender Files

    in Culture

    The Ex Files is designed by Dr.Kim and I.B. Wise to provide information and resources that are needed to give Offenders hope and security...Join I.B. Wise, Dr Kim, Eric Mayo and Mark A. Clements as we try to help you help yourself...

    There are many reasons the death penalty should be abolished. It is a complex issue and it is difficult to point to any single fact or argument as the most important. 

    Since 1976, when the death penalty was reinstated by the U.S. Supreme Court, 1,352 people have been executed. (as of October 2013)

     Please respect other peoples opinion if it is different from yours

    and remember this is a discussion not a debate............

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    Thriveolgy - 10 Tips to an Active Thriving Life

    in Health

    These days people are talking more and more about the quality of life. We are talking about how to establish a good balance and get more joy in our lives.  Wouldn't it be great if we had a check list of things we could do to enhance our lives; things to do that will help us to thrive and have joy in our lives.
    Join us as Dr. Kim D'Eramo shares exactly that!  Tips that will help us thrive and have vitality in our every day lives.  Dr.Kim D'Eramo and her husband Dr. Mario Torres-Leon have created a wonderful philosophy of life, Thirveology , that helps their patients to health, get well and stay well.
    Tune in and learn how you too can thrive an live a vital life!
    DeStress The Mess Coaching Program
    Green Organics Essential Oils

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    RadioPets show with KeriDavis and Frank Ferrante Animal Natu

    in Pets

    Today we are going to speak with Dr Kim Bloomer.Dr.Kim , C.V.N.D., N.D. is a certified animal naturopathy and published author, as well as being certified in small animal nutrition, with years of experience in animal health. Having worked in veterinary medicine as a veterinary assistant for years, she later went on to earn her doctorate in veterinary naturopathy. Dr. Kim is Co-Founder and President of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy.Dr. Kim is the host and creator of Animal Talk Naturally Radio show. Dr. Kim is trained and knowledgeable in the preventive, holistic health care of dogs and cats through proper species appropriate nutrition and other natural modalities. She is available for consultations on natural nutrition and holistic health care for dogs & cats via phone or email: Write Post Add Photo / Video Ask Question  

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