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    Produce Your Own Life! Getting "Reel" with Dr. Nancy Mramor

    in Lifestyle

    Nancy Mramor Ph.D. is a licensed clinical, media and health psychologist, specializing in radio, TV, technology and print as they impact you and your health. She has been featured on over 350 television, print and radio placements including CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, Fox, MSN Reader’s Digest, Woman’s World, Prevention, NBC Website and many others.

    Her work in the media, five universities, businesses, hospitals, private practice and in schools for the past 30 years has been recognized by the American Psychological Association and the Pennsylvania School Counselors’ Association, and selected as one of Western PA’s Most Successful Women.

    GET REEL: Produce Your Own Life is Dr. Nancy’s newest book that satisfies your desire to be truly and unbelievably happy, authentic and fulfilled. Get Entertaining and educational, you’ll be amazed to discover how many of your beliefs, self-judgments and expectations come from TV, movies, The Internet, and even from billboards and magazines. To get reel, you’ll keep the media messages that support who you truly are, and leave all of the other expectations behind

    Visit:  http://drnancyonline.com/get-reel-produce-your-own-life/

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.DebScott.com

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    Dr Nancy Mramor

    in Women

    Nancy Mramor Ph.D. is a licensed clinical, media and health psychologist, specializing in radio, TV, technology and print as they impact the consumer and health issues. She has been featured on over 350 television, print and radio outlets including CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, Fox, Reader's Digest, Woman's World, NBC Website and many others.
    As a media resource and psychologist, Dr. Nancy has been asked to comment on issues such as the impact of the arrival of the Haitian Orphans, the effects of the David Letterman romance, and the death of the Pope.
    She is an award winning author and psychotherapist, who offers media expertise to radio, TV, print and the internet as well as lectures and training.
    Her award winning book, Spiritiual Fitness, and transformational CDs/DVDs offer ground-breaking hypnosis and relaxation techniques to assist with creating the authentic life that you want by breaKing old programs that keep you from happiness.

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    Real Conscious Living With Dr Nancy Mramor

    in Self Help

    Special guest Nancy Mramor, Ph.D., psychologist, award-winning author, media expert, and international speaker will be here to talk about living consciously in a world where media messages strongly influence our beliefs, self-judgments and expectations. 

    Dr. Mramor's book, Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life is about learning to view media consciously - to keep the media messages that support who we truly are and leave all of the other expectations behind so we can be truly happy, authentic and fulfilled. 

    Save the date and tune in to listen to this dynamic guest. It will be an eye-opening show!

    To learn more about Nancy Mramor, Ph.D. and her books, please visit http://www.realconsciousliving.com

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    Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt: Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Poulston

    in Health

    Ready to live your best life ever? Britt is here to help!

    On Saturday, October 10 at 10 a.m. Eastern she welcomes Dr. Kevin Poulston, BS, DC to discuss the healing benefits of chiropractic care. As Dr. Kevin notes on his website Dockside Chiropractic.com:

    One of my missions here on Earth is to help make Brevard County one of the healthiest, happiest communities in all of Florida through Chiropractic.  

    I truly believe in my heart that located within each and every one of us is a special gift. A special God given skill and purpose that was meant specifically for you and I.  Oftentimes things happen around us which tend to distract us from finding the purpose driven life that is in store for us.  Things like accidents, loss of a loved one, addiction, depression, illness and a multitude of other things.

    Let’s face it if we are expecting to go through life without any “hiccups” then we aren’t really being real with ourselves and consequently not really getting the most out of life. So what is the answer? You don’t wait for the engine in your car to blow up then get an oil change.  You don’t start saving for your child’s college fund once they turn 21, so don’t wait to be proactive with your health!!

    During the live show, call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246 and be sure to press 1 so we know you'd like to get on the air.


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    IT IS FINISHED! The chidren of light therefore the children of God has been commanded to take a leave from feeling hopelessness and despair. God has said MY WORD WILL NOT RETURN TO ME VOID, VOIDED AND COUNTED OUT BY MEN WHO WALK ON TWO FEET, made of flesh in blood and whose life is in his nostrils. GOD HAS DECLARED A NEW DAY, WORLDWIDE EDICT against any who are on a hell bent course to make him look like a fool on earth and who have not the power to STOP CANCER, BRAIN DISEASE ON THE THE RISE, THE FALL OF THE NATIONS AND THE DECLARATIONS OF THE PEACEMAKERS.

    Hear how you can avoid falling into their trap of lies and receive all that God has promised to those who lov whis name and who honor his words.

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    Focus Change with Dr Ed

    in Lifestyle

    This is a show designed to get you on your road to a potent and successful life. We have assisted scores of people and organizations world wide. The show is usually co-hosted by my good friend and a marvelous coach; Larkin Sell of  http://mypowerfulchoices.com

    My sites are;  http://attractingabetterlife.com and  http://1294476.talkfusion.com and  http://chgyourentirelife.com


    If you cannot reach Larkin or me -contact one of my coaches at:  http://www.yourtrulyamazinglife.com

    any of us can help you!

  • Man Rise Up Radio w. Ed Womack

    in Self Help

    We are delighted to welcome Leroy McKenzie Jr. Mr. Mckenzie is the author of six books entitled: The Inner Soul V1 & V2,The Customer Is Not Always Right, A Common Sense Guide To Establishing A Strong and Flourishing Business, Young & Gifted, The New Generation of Entrepreneurship, The Art of Leadership… Success Strategies for the 21st Century Leader and The Power of A Man…Faith, Family, Finance and Future.

  • “GYIT!” Presents 4 The 1st Time, Totukani Amen II, Prolific Author & Inventor

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome for the first time on "Get Your, It Together!” Priest Totukani Amen II, aka Tony, Saturday, October 10, 2015 @ 10:am est. He as moderator, along with Dr. Delbert Blair host "Metaphysics Speaks," a weekly tele-conference show that spreads a message of awakening to the masses. He is a good friend, student, confidant and assistant to the prolific elder for at least 7 years. However, don't get it twisted, Tony is a prolific author in his own right and has several books in the works that he's now developing. His latest installment, "Lesson's (Book I)" is a book of practicality, not superstition, a book of lessons to increase the natural ability internally and more importantly, how to process better divine inspiration. We will discuss "An Alchemist Journey in Scent" and "Sacrament of The Forest, The Path of A Forest Mage," two of his prior works. We will also touch on the metaphysics of what is of this time dimension and how Beings can raise the internal vibration. Tony maintains and manages http://metacenterchicago.com/ and you may reach him for counsel at 888-969-6465. Be sure to join us in this empowering and transforming energy exchange for motivating and heightening the sense of conscious awareness of the indwelling Spirit to LOVE! Call 773-897-6555 & press 1 to share, or chat at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit

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    Open Forum - The Zambian budget between the lines.

    in News

    The Zambian budget between the lines. 
    Should President Lungu continure appointing opposition Mps?
    Burundi in flames
    Racism in Brazil. 
    These are many more stories. 

  • Dr. Michael's Soul Dialogue-Guest Adrianne Roberts and Angel Formato Bradeen

    in Spirituality

    Adrianne Roberts recounts her story of schizophrenia and society's stigmas around mental illness. Also, Guest Angel Formato Bradeen answers callers questions psychically on today's show. Visit Angel's site here: http://www.enerchihealingcenter.com/ Call her for a reading: 1-229-326-0757

    Transcend this physical illusionary world and start to live a happier, soul-based life. Discover your True Self and gifts that you can't even begin to imagine. Dr. Michael and his guests encourage your soul's eternal oneness with the mind and the spirit of God, thus transcending your personal ego will. Knowing that all is already perfect and that love is the key, this is Dr. Michael's Soul Dialogue.

    Learn more about Dr. Michael here: https://drlikey.wordpress.com/about/

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    Food Addictions and Disease

    in Health

    Today, Dr. Jean Wright, a devoted community Public Health Practitioner discusses the state of our health as it relates to food addictions.  Tried and true, hands on support for those addicted to food is offered, as well as information on how the body can overcome and recover from disease caused by addictions by using nutrient rich foods and supplements.