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    Incremental & Cyclic Weight Loss Programs: Build Metabolism-Dr. Carol Francis

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    Dieting and weight loss typically mean deprivation especially when food and social meals also satisfy emotional desires and entertainment purposes.  However, once an individual has attained a healthy metabolism, healthy muscle to fat ratio (BMI-Body Mass Index), quality sleeping, regular activities, and an easy as well as conscious food selection, then social eating, eating for entertainment or delight or even the periodic emotional eating does not typically cause weight gain problems.  So, lets configure weight loss programs which actually promote a good metabolism along side periodic emotional eating moments.  Dr. Carol Francis, author of over 10 books with "If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry:  Reset Your Cravings" and "Evolving Women's Consciousness: Dialogues with 21st Century Women" are two books most related to weight loss and conscious living related to eating.    Dr. Carol Francis can be contacted at drcarolfrancis.com or at 310-543-1824 as a Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist and Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, practicing in Los Angeles Beach Cities communities.   

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    Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis Addressing Empty-Nest Syndrome

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    Empty Nest Syndrome on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio, August 30. Mothers and fathers who dedicated the last 18 plus years of moneys, marital bliss, prodding, laughing and sweating through parenting confusions launch their college students out of the house. Relief and parenting pride intermix with loss, depression and sense of “now what.” Dr. Carol Francis as a Clinical Psychologist has helped teens and parents successfully move to this day. Empty-Nesting is for real and Dr. Carol Francis for over 37 years has helped parents regroup after their household becomes quiet and their time is once again their own. Program is available on podcast and archived at this link as well on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio.

    The primary caretaker, still typically mothers, are the ones most suffering from this sense of loss. Empty Nesters feel depressed, frequently crying. Beyond the loss and this type of bereavement, Empty Nesters experience a type of existential crisis. This “now what” reflects a type of meaninglessness. “Effectively, raising children is all-consuming. Every minute become consumed raising the child by either doing, planning, thinking, worrying, helping, struggling, and losing sleep. Now, suddenly, those children are not dependent and not needing the daily demands, at least in the western world,” explains Dr. Carol Francis.

    “Unless the Empty Nester create sdynamically enjoyable and meaningful activities which replace the importance and time-consuming nature of parent, the Empty Nester is doomed to confusion, feeling impotent, unimportant, devalued; bottom line the parent feels completely empty,” describes Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis in Los Angeles South Bay area at 310-543-1824.

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    Fat to Fearless (R) Weight Loss System w/ Creator Asher Fox - Dr. Carol Francis

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     Fat to Fearless® system  created by Asher Fox is far from a quick fix-change-your-diet, journal-what-you-eat, get-some-more-exercise, or fad weight-loss book. This 400-page manual and guide book is a full-on assault on the subconscious that requires from 8 to 12 weeks to do, if followed as directed. Every chapter is filled with illuminating information about how our subconscious minds can sabotage us and the very specific methods to transform it into an ally.

    You will discover the three ways the subconscious subverts every effort to change - The Critical Gateway, the Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.) and the Inner Critic

    How to lure these systems into supporting you in your campaign to regain control over your life 

    How the Inner Critic and the Inner Child are locked in a shouting match for your attention

    How the pain-pleasure balance is critical to getting to and sustaining a healthy weight

    How the hidden belief systems from childhood affect your relationship with food and your body today, in ways you can't imagine!

    How there is one question that moves you to action: Have You Suffered Enough?

    How to search out and identify those hidden, mostly subconscious programs that have you trapped in the weight gain/weight loss cycle-and you just don't know why.

    Dr. Carol Francis, Clinical Psychologist and Marriage, Family & Child Therapist for over 38 years has helped individuals with complex issues which individuals, couples, parents and children face.  She can be contacted at drcarolfrancis.com.


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    Manipulators, Abusers, and You as Savvy Strategist w Dr. Carol Francis

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    What powers do manipulatos and abusers have over you? How do you regain your power to steer your path positively.

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    Healing Light of Angels by Reiki Master Raven Keyes on Dr. Carol Francis Talk

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    Raven Keyes, author of The Healing Light of Angels joins Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio to help you discover the profound power of angels and how they can support your personal journey toward healing and wholeness. Reiki master Raven Keyes guides you into angelic connections for your own inspiration and happiness. From physical pain and disease to emotional and spiritual trauma, the angels can help you let go of the past and start a new future that is built on love and blessings.

    The Healing Light of Angels presents personal accounts of how angels lovingly assist Raven’s work with her clients and the spirits of the deceased. From the operating room of Dr. Sheldon M. Feldman, chief of breast surgery at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, to the pit of Ground Zero, Raven shares stories from her years of Reiki and angelic practice, as well as meditations and exercises that illustrate firsthand what angels can do. Live a life of fulfillment with help from the divine light of angels. 

    "The Healing Light of Angels is a wonderful telling of Raven’s inspiring angelic journey . . . combined with techniques and exercises designed to expand your direct experience of your angels.”—Stevan J. Thayer, author of Interview with an Angel

    The Healing Light of Angels can be purchased on Amazon at this link:  http://www.amazon.com/The-Healing-Light-Angels-Transforming/dp/073874154X

    Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, Family Therapist, Marriage Counselor, Child Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master can be reached in the South Bay beach cities area of Los Angeles, Ca at drcarolfrancis.com or 310-543-1824.  

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    Food Cravings, Binges, Weight, Hunger-Help Dr. Carol Francis

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    “If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry: Reset Your Cravings,” by Psychologist and Nutrition Counselor Dr. Carol Francis, provides multi-layered approach to over-eating, bulimia, binges, and the dilemmas of weight loss programs. “Your body is a chemical laboratory, so weight management is more about adjusting chemical formulas associated to foods, exercises, laughter, crying, love, attitudes, and sleep, all of which affect fat storage, metabolism, and energy which is detailed in this book,” explains Dr. Carol Francis.   
    “If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry: Reset Your Cravings,” authored by Dr. Carol Francis “Turns readers and listeners into being the master of their eating choices instead of slaves.” One excerpt from this book is available today on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show and can be accessed through podcasts at this link. The book, ““If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry: Reset Your Cravings,” is available though Amazon, drcarolfrancis.com, or ebook.  
    Dr. Carol Francis is a Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, Medical Hypnotherapist and Certified Fitness Coach and Nutrition Counselor in the Los Angeles South Bay Area including Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes. She has authored 8 other books pertaining to couples, soldiers returning home, stop smoking, women's modern evolution, study and learning skills, anxiety, children of divorce, trauma recovery, and elevation of consciousness or mindfulness training.

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    Magic and Manifesting Your Desires - Tess Whitehurst w/ Dr. Carol Francis

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    Learn to work magic and manifest your desires anytime, anywhere. Interweaving New Age techniques with Pagan sensibilities, Tess Whitehurst incorporates diverse modalities such as color energy, symbol interpretation, and visualization. Use the power of your own mind, body, and spirit as well as crystals, herbs, and flowers to achieve positive conditions.

    Organized into two sections, "Holistic Energy Magic" provides magical foundations and a spellbook of charms and invocations for success, love, health, and happiness. Enhance your spiritual path by fostering a strong relationship with the five elements. Develop relationships with magical allies, including angels, ancestors, and even animals. From cleansing your home to aligning with the divine, this accessible guide helps you create the magical life you want.

    Tess Whitehurst (Columbia, MO) is an intuitive counselor, energy worker, feng shui consultant, and speaker, and the author of "Magical Housekeeping" and "The Magic of Flowers." She has appeared on the Bravo TV show Flipping Out, and her writing has been featured in Writer’s Digest, Whole Life Times Magazine, and online at AOL, The Huffington Post, and Lemondrop.com.


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    Wives of Returning Soldiers with Dr. Carol Francis

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    If you or someone you care about is a woman married to a returning soldier, be sure to listen to these tips on preparing for the re-integration process.  Dr. Carol Francis, author of "Re-Uniting Soldiers with Family" has been working with families in the military since post Viet Nam era and noted that some attitudes, exercises and preparation help reduce the traumatic impact of a soldier's return upon a family, a romantic relationship and a wife or girlfriend.  You can reach Dr. Carol Francis at DrCarolFrancis.com or read more about soldiers and spouses at RelationshipSuccessNow.com.  Dr. Carol Francis would like to ebook or on-line send you a copy of the book for $1.00 or you can purchase such at the following link.  "Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families" by Dr. Carol Francis.

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    Corruption or Justice - Lawyer Lori St. John Biographical Thriller-Dr. C Francis

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    The Corruption of Innocence, A Journey for Justice startles readers with the true story of adeath sentence for an innocent man whose story and life author Lori St. John followed with powerful results.   Soon to be a movie, The Corruption of Innocence intrigues, shocks, and puzzles readers and listeners who join this interview with a dynamic writer and lawyer Lori St. John.  Lori St. John can also be reached at loristjohn.com and has published another book helping authors become best sellers in How to Successfully Self-Publish, A 9-Step Guide to Cashing in on a Best Seller, the first in a new 9-Steps to Success Book Series available at www.howtosuccessfullyselfpublish.com or at www.facebook.com/loristjohnauthor.

    Author and psychologist Dr. Carol Francis, practicing in Los Angeles Beach Cities area interviews  individuals who embrace the wonders of life and the energy to passionately live.   Dr. Carol Francis can be reached at drcarolfrancis.com and more radio shows are available at drcarolfrancistalkradio.com.  


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    Re-Uniting Soldiers with Their Family with Dr. Carol Francis

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    Part I:  "Re-uniting Soldier with Family" by Dr. Carol Francis addresses many issues families and soldiers have to deal with during the comings and goings of a soldier's life.  Today will be an introduction to the various dimensions that Soldiers and Family members have to tackle. We will discuss how to anticipate deployment, stay in touch emotionally and spiritually with each other, deal with the visits home that can be awkward, dealing with depressions, anxieties, loss and loneliness as a family member left behind, dealing with culture shock, horrific events and memories, re-creating a romantic and close relationship with you return home, helping children cope with their loss etc.  The materials are based on Dr. Carol Francis doing therapy with soldiers, family members and community groups during USA military involvements since 1979, including Viet Nam survivors.  In future programs we will become more detailed.  Each person is encourage to get the ebook or paperback, "Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families" by Dr. Carol Francis.  I thank you for your service to our country as soldier and as a soldier's family member.  I hope this will be of help to you.  You can call the number above during the show time or call or text 310-543-1824 with questions or Facebook/DrCarolFrancisShow, Twitter/DrCarolFrancis, drcarolfrancis.com, DoctorCarolFrancis.com, RelationshipSuccessNow.com.  drcarolfrancis@gmail.com.  Cheers!!

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    Weight Loss & Spiritual Consciousness with Dr. Carol Francis

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    Weight Loss, Weight Control, Weight Management is a dance that each western society adult (and many children) spend daily moments contemplating. Tools, so many tools, are available to harness your will-power, motivation, tenacity, sustainability, commitment, eagerness, calmness (etc.).  Tools are also available in the world of supplemental nutrition, exercise and foods.  Tools also are available within the many schools of spiritual awareness.  We will combine perspectives from my books "Spiritual Gurus, Spiritual Paths: Your Choice" and "If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungrey:  Reset Your Cravings" with research from Buddhism, Christian Mystical Schools, "New Age," Judaism-Old Testament, Mariam Williams from Course in Miracles, Meditation practices, Yoga, Geneen Roth's book, "Women, Food and God." and Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.  Join us, call in at the number above, text, call ahead, Facebook your questions and comments and make a difference for you and others.  drcarolfrancis.com, 310-543-1824, Facebook: Dr Carol Francis Show.  Best to You. Look up MindBodySculpting.com too.  Cheers