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    Obama wanted Dr. Ben Carson to apologize for offending him

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    Obama wanted Dr. Ben Carson to apologize to him for offending him.

    We also discuss Harry Reid's real role in the Bundy Ranch issue.

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    Civil Chat with Lee looks at What's Trending and Dr. Ben Carson

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    Civil Chat with Lee looks at What's Trending as well as a full segment on "Getting to Know You" Iowa Free Summit GOP presidential candidates. Today's featured politician is Ben Carson. Tune in and get informed. 

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    Our ExtraOrdinary Black Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson

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    Our ExtraOrdinary Black Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson
    Benjamin Solomon "Ben" Carson, Sr. (born September 18, 1951) is an American neurosurgeon and the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital who now intends to begin a career in politics. Among other surgical innovations, Carson did pioneering work on the successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the head. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States, by President George W. Bush in 2008. Since delivering a widely publicized speech at the February 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, he has become a popular figure in conservative media for his views on social issues and the government's role in the health care industry.Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan, and was raised by his single mother, Sonya Carson.[1] He struggled academically throughout elementary school and emotionally with his temper. But after his mother reduced his television time and required him to read two books a week and produce written reviews for her, he started to excel in middle school and throughout high school. After graduating with honors from Southwestern High School, he attended Yale University, where he earned a degree in psychology. He chose to go to Yale because in College Bowl, an old knowledge competition television program, he saw Yale compete against and defeat many other colleges, including Harvard. Carson wanted to participate in College Bowl, but the program was discontinued. From Yale, he attended University of Michigan Medical School, where he attained his M.D.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Carson

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    Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/Dr Ben Carson

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    Dr. Ben Carson CPAC 2013 Speech Dr. Carson was  also featured speaker at President Obama's Prayer Breakfast Club

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    Interview With Dr. Ben Carson and Anita MonCrief

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    Dr. Ben Carson is professor emeritus of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and the former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the co-founder of the Carson Scholarship Fund, and a likely candidate for the presidency in 2016. He is the author of numerous bestsellers including his latest book, One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future. 

    Anita Moncrief is noted blogger and public speaker, noted ACORN whistleblower, and the senior advisor to True The Vote. She is also on the advisory board of the recently launched Black Conservatives Fund.

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    Who is Dr. Ben Carson?

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    NEW LIFE ORDER - is now the new order of life. We are the common voice of humanity! TRUTH in the midst of confusion. A place on the planet where ALL walks of life are welcome! ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE, ONE WAY OF LIFE...RIGHTEOUSNESS!!! All we need is love, because God IS Love!

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING Show - John Philip Sousa IV (Ben Carson PAC)

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    The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee is a political action committee formed to draft Dr. Ben Carson into the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. It was founded in August 2013 by John Philip Sousa IV and Vernon Robinson, and works to raise awareness of Dr. Carson’s qualifications and to engage grassroots conservative activists in clamoring for Dr. Carson to run for president.

    With over 20,000 volunteers nationwide, the committee has been able to raise more than $11 million dollars. The committee also has a goal of collecting 1 million petition signatures by January 1, 2015. 

    Tonight John Philip Sousa IV, the great-grandson of the great march composer, joins us.

    For more information on the committee visit www.runbenrun.org or follow them on Facebook and Twitter at @DraftRunBenRun.

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    Ben Carson to announce run for White House? Amnesty for Illegals coming!

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    Today "In the Pickle Barrel" we are starting our look at possible President Want-to-bes" for the the 2016 Elections. Yep, itis less than 2 years until we have to make another big decision.

    Today, we will look at Dr, Ben Carson. Is he a breath of fresh air? Is he another Barack Obama? Does he have a chance to win?

    The expected Presidential Amnesty appears to be a done deal. It is expected President Obama will indeed sign an Executive Order granting 10K-20K Illegal Aliens to remain in the United States. Obviously, there are a lot of opposing feelings about this action. 

    How will the Republicans and other conservatives respond to the action? Will they roll over and say so what? Will they take the case to court? What can they do?

    These topics and more starting at 8AM-10AM EST.

    There's room for you "In the Barrel" so jump in and let's chat.


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    Will Republicans Support A Ben Carson Run For President

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    Well it seems that another "microwave hero" has popped to the top for Republicans.  It looks like Dr. Ben Carson is taking a good look at running for the nation's top spot.  Although Dr. Carson suffers from some of the very same lack of experience that Republicans contiinue to complain the the current president does not have.  Dr. Carson is a doctor, a brillant Neurosergeon, but has zero political experience.  As far as we know, he has never run a business, although in his position at John-Hopkins he was responsible for a staff of people. 

    There is little doubt that Dr. Carson is an amazing man with an amzaing story, but is that enough?  We will bat it around today. Feel free to call and give us your thoughts on the matter.

    Thank you to The Red River Chronicle for being a patron of the conservative arts for this broadcast. Visit The Red River Chronicle at www.theredriverchronicle.com

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    The recent grand jury decisions not to indict officers in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths have sparked numerous protests around the united states. Although protesters are being heard and televised where is this leading us.

    Currently there is constant dialog concerning police and citizen relationships around the United States.

    Dr. Ben Carson believes the problem is not as simple as racial profiling. 

    President Obama is making resources available for police body cameras to be worn on the officers uniform.

    Could this finally mean the door of change had been opend ever so slightly?


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    Bill Martinez Live-Great guests-Politically incorrect thinking-WE LOVE AMERICA

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    White House Correspondent Neil Munro, John Phillip Sousa IV of the Dr. Ben Carson for President movement, Teleevangelist Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr, Movie Critic Steve Evans, Laura Harris Smith-who will discuss seeing and hearing God´s voice in dreams;  Adan Gonzalez who has faced a time of trial as a youth and triumphed and counter-jihadist broadcaster Tom Trento will be featured on Bill Martinez Live today.

    Welcome to Bill Martinez Live, hosted by an unapologetic AMERICAN U.S. Marine of Mexican descent who knows why people come to America but demands that immigrants come through the front door and that the rule of law be respected. Bill Martinez Live waves just one flag and has no use for hyphenated hearts torn between the Stars and Stripes and some other foreign banner.  We put the United States over party politics and broadcast our unstinting praise of this great land to 250 American cities through CRN, BML syndication and the ever popular Blog Talk Radio platform. 

    Listen in to the show to hear every facet of the issues but keep your eye on God and the exceptionalism to which he has urged on America and its people. Our nation is at a crossroads but remember your solemn birthright fellow Americans as "We the People".  Our regular guests include former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey; Steve Evans the Movie Guy; Samantha  Mills who features spectacularly touching stories from the internet; Kevin "Coach" Collins-a NY City retired Honor Legion cop with a doctorate in Public Administration and a post doctoral degree is BS detection and Jen Horn on cultural happenings!  

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