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    Too small for an IPO? Try a DPO instead

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    Too small for an IPO? Try a DPO instead is our topic on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet.
    DPO is similar to an initial public offering (IPO) in that stock is sold to investors, but unlike an IPO, a company uses a DPO to raise capital directly and without the assistance of an investment banking firm or broker-dealer. Following registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission and subject to compliance with state blue sky laws, a company can sell its shares directly to anyone, including customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, family, friends and others.

    Most companies are able to complete a direct public offering within nine months and for less than $100,000.[citation needed] The process and time required to become public is very similar to the process utilized by large companies to complete an initial public offering, except that many DPOs are marketed via internet advertising and ads direct to consumers. Some, like Manhattan microbrewery Spring Street Brewery, advertise the sale on the products they sell (Spring Street printed a notice on the back of every bottle of beer.)

    Direct public offerings are primarily utilized by small to medium size companies who are unable to attract the interest of an investment banking firm to represent them in a traditional initial public offering. Investment bankers represent companies which can attract and support large financing from which they can earn a commission.

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    Compassionate Capitalist: Direct Public Offering - Same Song, Different Tune

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    As part of our ongoing effort to educate the investors and entrepreneurs alike that may be new to game of selling/buying equity for cash, this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist show will review the history of Direct Public Offerings.   DPOs are exactly as they sound.   They have been around for generations but were rarely used as a vehicle for private companies to raise capital directly from the public.  Primarily because of the regulations and controls placed on Broker Dealers that would have handled such a transaction.

    With the advent of "Crowd Funding" and the release of the restrictions on "General Solicitation", the term "Direct Public Offering" is the new Black, so to speak.   It is gaining momentum as a recycled term and it is important for you to understand  the differences and nuances between Reg D 506c, Reg A, and DPO under the Reg D 504.

    Karen Rands will share her research into this topic and equip her listeners with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding issuing an equity offering and participating in investing in an equity offering. 

    Compassionate Capitalist are men and women that invest time, money, resources into helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to the market and create jobs, ultimately creating wealth for themselves, the founders and other share holders. 

    To learn more about The National Network of Angel Investors go to http://nationalnetworkofangelinvestors.com

    To connect with Karen Rands, go to http://launchfn.com/contact.html

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    Faith thru fasting part 2

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    Do you have faith and are you able to fast in this disoensiation of time if not let Critically Aclaimed Bishop Moore let you know where and when it is necessary to do what the will of the Lord desires for you to have faith thu fasting and power thru prayer so we can strengthen our spiritual man. What prayer can not dpo tonite? You must oray and not faint tonite

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    KINGS MORNING! Zurian- Dr DPO- Robert w/New Funk MJackson

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         Get your eardrums ready! CAUTION!!! KINGS IN THE MORNING has evolved to Jay King, John Davis, Robert Redwine & Lynn Tolliver, jr.  MJ & Joe Jackson, Zurian, Dr Princess Odilia - return of the GREAT WHITE HORSE - A funky, funkier Robert Redwine for THE NEW YEAR  347-205--9366.  Monday through Friday.  This show can be addictive, so BEWARE!!!!  Thanks for your support for the Jay King Network.
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  • Does My Company Qualify To Go Public?

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    Going Public can involve a variety of structures depending upon each company’s specific needs. Companies seeking to Go Public can involve an Initial Public Offering (IPO), Direct Public Offering (DPO), Form 10 transaction, Slow Public Offering and/or a Reverse Merger. It is critical that companies seeking public company status select the right going public attorneys for their transaction. A skilled going public attorney can assist issuers seeking to "Go Public" without an underwriter or reverse merger by using a Direct Public Offering and obtaining their own stock ticker symbol. This holds true for company seeking to Go Public on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTC Markets OTCQB, OTCQX or OTC Pink Sheets.