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    ·         One man said, “Over the last ten years, my supervisor retrained me, my office relocated me, my company downsized me, and finally my boss fired me. But that’s okay, because during the same decade my body moved me into MIDDLE MANAGEMENT.”

    ·         Another man said, “I've sure gotten old. I’ve had two by-pass surgeries, a hip replacement, and new knees. I’ve fought prostate cancer and diabetes. I'm half blind, can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine, and take forty different medications that make me dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts. I have bouts with dementia, and such poor circulation that I can hardly feel my hands and feet anymore. I never can remember if I'm 85 or 92. But thank goodness, I still have my Louisiana driver's license!”

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    Ask FlyLady: Are You Drowning in Clothes?

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    This week we are going to look at all the clothes that we have all over our. I am making a commitment  to get rid of the majority of my clothing. We all have way to many and we only wear a few of them. Let's focus on our closets and drawers in our bedrooms. Join us as we tackle a drawer at a time.

  • The Ndustry Introduces Indie Actress Tia Latrell

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    Tia Latrell a SAG/AFTRA Actress, is a Baltimore native that landed in New York to pursue her dreams and continues to go strong. Tia Latrell has many accomplishments showcasing her spectrum of talents landing her many roles in everything from film, television, theater productions, radio voice-over work, to spokes-model and also adds a few music credits to her name. Tia Latrell’s most recent credits include, “Beautiful Eclipse”, A Documentary about African American Woman who Celebrate their Skin, “Let Me Introduce You To Jesus”, playing the Starring Role of The Mother of Jesus, Mary. “In The Mirror” Book Trailer, playing the role of Nicole based on a Physical Therapist named Jasmine who after going against her better judgment becomes romantically involved with Daniel Roberts, a community organizer with a wife and two young children. Tia Latrell has also Guest Starred in “Hot Flash And Company”, a web series out of Baltimore, MD based on Barbi who has downsized out of her job and decides to open an odd jobs business called “Hot Flash And Company.” “Hot Flash And Company” has flair of “I Love Lucy” with a dose of “Benny Hill” and a sprinkle of John Waters. Tia Latrell was also Featured as a Tracey Morgan “Fly Girl” in the Hit Television Series, “30 Rock.” Her interests are, but are not limited to Film, Television, Commercial, Theater and Print. Tia Latrell has been relentless in making her dreams come to light. She has always and will forever make it her goal to capture the public’s eye in sharing her acting gifts with the world and striving and achieving excellence.  Be on the lookout for Tia Latrell in up and coming projects.


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    My "Afterthoughts" show (You're Downsized as a sales rep)

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    Tonight I'd like to provide you with my thoughts on the subject of being downsized or unemployed as a sales representative. It's a tough situation and one that I have been through personally, I do have thoughts and solutions on what you can do to get back on track.
    Please join me tonight to get my thoughts...I think I can help you get that next great opportunity!!

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    You are DOWNSIZED as a sales representative...what now?

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    Just about ALL of us at one time or other in our career has gone through the unfortunate circumstances of being "downsized" or out of work as a sales professional. It's truly a tough time especially in this recession, and wondering "why me" is a natural feeling...this show will hopefully help you succeed during this unfortunate time.
    Our show will console you but importantly help you wade through to find strategies and tactics to help you gather that next great opportunity. Please join us as we help YOU get back on your feet!!

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    Carly Hall Presents; THE DOWNSIZED FAN SHOW!

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    Will the Bruces get it right this time? Join Carly Hall as she discusses the show she's been with from the start, DOWNSIZED! Call in and let us know what you think of the show, the family, their fights and their victories!

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    Suzanne Garber- SAFETY NETworking: A Tale of Ten Truths of Executive Networking

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    SAFETY NETworking: A Tale of Ten Truths of Executive Networking by Suzanne Garber

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Suzanne Garber. The original live interview was 4/3/15.

    Based on 100+ C-level executive interviews who have been laid off, downsized or just plain fired, SAFETY NETwork intertwines professional defeat with hope, humor, and humanity. Current and future executives will want to utilize the tenets presented here to build your own professional safety net in order to avoid the pitfalls that will most likely besiege even the most distinguished of careers.

    Suzanne Garber has been featured in the NY Times, USA Today, US News & World Report, and BusinessWeek, amongst others, and has spoken at dozens of international association conferences focusing on risk mitigation, disaster recovery, medical and security networks, and globalization. A dual US-EU citizen who has lived in 8 countries and traveled to 80 nations and all 7 continents, Suzanne holds a master's degree with honors from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA with honors in foreign languages from Rutgers University.

    Her website is http://www.safetynetworkbook.com/

    To order the book click HERE                  

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com

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    Universal Energy Radio Presents ~ It's My Story AND It's Sticking to Me!

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    It's TIME to MOVE IT, MOVE IT! First inside, then out! Do you know that our life is created on the stories we tell ourselves (and others). Do you have a story that keeps coming up? Do you have events and conversations that happen to you that feel similar? Are you doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?
    How are you telling your story(s). Is it from a place of lack and "oh whoa is me?" or Is it from a place of empowerment and BEing an example?
    Welcome to the world of paridgms (subconscious programming). It's time to move the "thoughts" it's time to shift the emotions AND make the changes that you choose!

    Anna Banguilan is a Law of Attraction Life and Business Coach, Parent, Artist, Entrepreneur. In 2010 she downsized her business and upsized her awareness to step into a life of more happy, more joy, and more creative consciousness.

    More on Anna, check out  lifegetsbetterandbetter.com


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    Wrestlechat- Fastlane preview

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    WWE fastlane talk, opinions, predictions and last minute news...

    Samoa Joe leaves TNA, John Cena reportedly being : Downsized" Is WWE about to upset their fans once again?

    All this and more today at 2:30 EST

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    Innovation and You

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    In today's frenetic, uncertain world, the same old, same old is routines are perfect ways to go nowhere fast.  What has worked for you before professionally no longer get results. Whether you've been downsized, fired, disappointed, reached the end of a long relationship, or found yourself questioning where you are in life. It is clear you need to change.  

    Rethink Innovation - Believe in yourself

    Rethink your approach - Discover yourself

    Rethink your methods - Build yourself

    Let go of Yourself

    Invest in Yourself

    Rethink the Journey - Be yourself

    Rethink the Journey and take action.

    Zurriane is the host of the show speaker, author and teacher.


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    Stiletto Spotlight Series(TM) - Lisa Rodriguez, Virtual Support Specialist

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    The Stiletto Spotlight shines on Lisa Rodriguez, Virtual Support Specialist.  Lisa spent 25 years in Corporate America, working as an executive assistant at the “C” level, and dreaming of the day when she could make her own hours and not have a salary cap. When she was downsized in 2008, she realized the opportunity had finally arrived.  Her company, Next Level Consulting & Virtual Assistance is a small business consulting and virtual assistance firm that specializes in helping coaches, consultants, speakers and other online entrepreneurs create productive businesses, while maximizing their internet presence and revenues.


    The Stiltetto Spotlight Series(TM) airs each Monday at 1pm CST - Shining the spotlight on successful women who empower others with value and information.  To become a part of the #StilettoMOVEMENT, LIKE our page at www.facebook.com/StilettoWBO and to learn more about the Stiletto Women Business Owners Symposium, visit http://stilettolive.iam-community.com


    Contact Kim@iam-community.com to be a guest on the show!   Don't forget to share!!!