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    Third Eye Cinema 4/19/15 with Chris Impelliteri

    in Entertainment

    Next time on Third Eye Cinema: one of the premier names in old school speed metal shred guitar!

    Working alongside Rainbow, MSG and Alcatrazz frontman Graham Bonnett, he blazed his way onto the 80's metal scene with the somewhat uncharacteristic Stand In Line, making enough of a name for himself to release his own REH instructional video Speed Soloing before seemingly vanishing from the scene thereafter.

    After spending a full two decades producing quality, effectively Christian metal albums solely available as imports from the RCA Victor Japan label with original vocalist Rob Rock (Angelica, M.A.R.S. Project Driver) and Chastain/Fifth Angel drummer Ken Mary, he’s returned to domestic shores courtesy of Frontiers records.

    With a blazing new album evoking the sound and style of classic 80's L.A. style metal and some blazing, sweep picked arpeggiation and fiery 32nd note runs still marked by a strong grounding in melodic structure and classic song construction, Impelliteri appears to be poised for their first U.S. breakthrough in decades (and their first domestic release with longtime vocalist Rock in the drivers' seat)!

    Join us as we speak to one of the great shredders, the legendary Chris Impelliteri, only here on Third Eye Cinema!
    Week 89 (Sun. Apr. 19) Chris Impelliteri

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    Che Guevara, Marijuana, Baseball and the Peace Corps? Meet Author Jack Shakely!

    in Books

    Jack Shakely is president emeritus of the California Community Foundation in Los Angeles. His essays and opinion pieces have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Denver Post and many other newspapers.
    His two novels, "The Confederate War Bonnet," and "POWs at Chigger Lake," are both set in Oklahoma, Shakely's home state. "The Confederate War Bonnett" won the gold medal as best historical/military fiction and best mid-western fiction in the 2009 Independent Publishers Awards...Shakely is of Muscogee/Creek descent and was chair of the Los Angeles Native American Indian Commission from 1992 to 1996. He has one son, Benton, and resides in Rancho Mirage, California. (Amazon.com)

    Jack's third book, Che Guevara's Marijuana & Baseball Savings & Loan: A Novel of the Early Days of the Peace Corps, may be the best yet--but it's very hard to choose. Brilliant and witty writing combined with exceptional research give the reader a rare glimpse into the early days of the peace corps.

    As one Amazon reviewer wrote: "A rollicking good story vividly told by a masterful raconteur. Captures the look and feel of the Peace Corps experience, the places (Oklahoma and Costa Rica)and the sixties in a story only slightly more colorful than life was at the time. Would not have picked up this book if I had not been a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica II, but I would have missed a great evocation of the adventure. Try it, you'll like it."

    Jack was a highly regarded philanthropy leaders in the country. And when he retired, he created a second career as a writer and is equally successful. Don't miss this interview with author Jack Shakely to learn who he is and how he got there.

    Click here to learn more about Jack Shakely (Amazon)

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    Zach McCormick and Adam Bonnett Talk TALA

    in Paranormal

    Zach McCormick and Adam Bonnett view the paranormal from very different perspectives, literally.
    Zach's interest in the paranormal began at an early age. As a child, he reveled in hearing stories that made him sleep with his bedroom light on. His interest in the paranormal took hold in his twenties when he began tracking down local urban legends, taking photographs along the way. A few decent pictures later and his photography career began as well.
    After a few years of legend tripping, he stumbled upon the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. He soon found himself working at TALA and immersed in the paranormal. Zach branched out, picking up gigs at Pennhurst State School and numerous residential investigations. He combined his passion for photography with his love of the paranormal.. A creative person by nature, Zach is also an accomplished musician.
    Adam Bonnett is a man unlike any other in the paranormal field. Despite being wheelchair bound, Adam has never let his condition hinder him. Adam started working at TALA four years ago, first in the Halloween haunted attraction and later on the ghost hunts. Now an assistant manager, he is as famous at TALA as its resident ghosts! Throughout the years he has experienced a bounty of paranormal phenomenon.
    Adam's nickname (and his alter-ego) is Glider. Glider, a wheelchair bound ghost, is a character he created and copyrighted to represent him and others who may be in a similar situation, bringing awareness and spreading the message that "if you set your mind to it; there are no limits."

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    Online Identity Theft Protection

    in Internet

    Join us tonight this evening at 7:00 p.m. as we host guest, Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO of Access Smart, LLC. Mr. Bonnett is also the author of Online Identity Theft Proftection for Dummies.

    He has been creating security solutions for computer users for over 20 years. Tonight he will discuss many issues related to personal and online security risks for individual users and small busiensses and may also dicusss security issues for large corporations.

    His website is www.access-smart.com. Join us to discover how to better manage your security data.

    Let your readers learn about the fun and lucrative world of writing promotional letters for the $2.3 trillion direct-response industry. Follow simple yet powerful techniques and receive personal and financial freedom.

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    Back To School Special: Safety At School AND On-line!

    in Motivation

    It’s that time of year again – Back to school!  How can you keep your kids SAFE at school – and on-line?
    As kids and young adults prepare to go back to school and head off to college, parents make sure they have all the necessary tools and supplies.  Is SAFETY one of them?
    Dovell Bonnett  Founder & CEO of Access Smart talks about cyber-safety for kids and parents.  He’ll also share his tips to help prevent kids from becoming virtual targets for on-line predators and bullies.
    Alex Armstrong, Martial Arts educator and 2nd degree Black Belt talks about her AWARE program, and how “intuitive response” can be your best resource for self-defense.  She’ll also discuss how “Being Your Own Attacker” can help you recognize and PREVENT victim behavior!
    Join us – and learn how to Think Like a Black Belt – for REAL!

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    Women in the Paranormal Guest Adam Bonnett from TALA!

    in Paranormal

    The Abnormal Paranormal Show!!
    Hosted by George Lopez, founder of the Port Orange Paranormal Society and co-host Bridget Harrison. Discussions into the paranormal realm in all aspects including equipment, evidence, procedural steps in investigating, categories of haunting, types of entity encounters, client counseling and more! 1-646-929-2384 if you wish to call into the show or just listen in. radioshowdeadair@gmail.com if you wish to email questions, comments or concerns. 

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    Construction Ahead: A Chat with Badger Pro Construction

    in Business

    Join "Your Business Now" Radio Network host Kathy Gustafson of Advance Marketing on Monday, June 20 at 3:00 pm as she welcomes Cassie Bonnett, Marketing Director of Badger Pro Construction out of Rockton, IL. 
    Badger Pro Construction was established in 2005 by owner Tony Bonnet. Tony is dedicated, hard working, and treats every renovation as if it was being done to his own home. He requires the same dedication and attention to detail in his employees and subcontractors. He and his staff have over 25 years experience. Clients can rest assured, when contracting Badger Pro Construction for their renovation needs, they are fully bonded, insured and warranties are provided. Tony’s goal is building lasting relationships and to always exceeds his clients’ expectations.
    Find out more about Badger Pro Construction at www.badgerproconstruction.com,  facebook www.facebook.com/BadgerProConstruction or twitter: BadgerPro33

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    Jennifer Bonnett visits Be a Beacon - Personal Branding with David Cohen

    in Marketing

    Jennifer is a technology entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the Information Technology field. Jennifer has held numerous CTO positions in technology startups. Most notably, Jennifer was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of eTour.com. eTour.com was an internet advertising engine similar in nature to a search engine. As the sole technology-oriented founder, she designed, developed, and launched the initial version of eTour.com in the spring of 1998. She eventually grew the technology staff to 60 employees, as the company grew to 180 employees.

    In 1999, eTour.com was labeled the “Most Addictive” site on the web by Industry Standard; the “coolest tool site” of the year by http://www.coolsiteoftheday.com; and was ranked number 1 in average days visited by MediaMetrix (a.k.a. the “stickiest” site on the web). By April of 2001, eTour had grown to 5 million subscribers and was ranked number 71 in total traffic for the world wide web by MediaMetrix. eTour.com was acquired by Ask Jeeves (now ASK.com) in May of 2001.


    David Cohen, founder of Equation Arts, discusses personal branding in the age of social information. The show features, ideas, opinions, and visits by guests who are experts in their fields.

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    WriteOn! - Saving History and Memories

    in Writing

    WriteOn! is a round table discussion with experts from fields of writing. Join in the discussion to learn more from our experts. If you have a topic you'd like to learn more about give us a call or email: admin@stimulating-conversation.com
    Todays show will feature our guests Kendra Bonnett from Womensmemories.com and Matilda Butler; Co Author's of Rosie's Daughters: The "First Women To" Generation Tells Its Story and are writers for Story Circle Network; Anne Preston an oral historian with the Carnegie Library in Bryan, TX.

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    The Spiritual Envoy - Author, Dr. O.T. Bonnett will discuss reincarnation and his books

    in Spirituality

    Dr. O.T Bonnett, co-author along with Gregor Alan Satre, of "The View From Eternity", and author of "Why Healing Happens" will talk to us about reincarnation, his books, and his outlook on life.

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