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    S and M Radio presents: Midnight Love

    in Entertainment

    The week has been long and tiring! So you need to relax but you don't really want to go out! Clubs just not your thing so tune in to S and M Radio and let us help make your Friday a romantic and sexy one! We want to help set the mood for your whole weekend. So grab a glass of wine, and grab your guy or girl and sit back and let Max and Sasha play you some great sounds that inspire the lover in you! 

    Tune in Friday night Nov. 6th at 11:30 pm,call in at (929)477 -1332 to hear the show LIVE on your PC, Phone or Tablet!!

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    Soul Tree Radio - in the Raw!!'s Music Therapy Mindstream!

    in Sports

    Time to again pay homage to the OLDSCHOOLOGY OF MUSIC as DJ Hunnycomb (Michael-Louis Ingram) reveals his voluptuaryvisions as he traipses through...The Mindstream!

    Request Line: 718 508 9216!

    SOUL TREE RADIO - IN THE RAW!! IS PROUDL;Y SPONSORED BY EAGLE ROCK WINERY OF LAPORTE, PA - enjoy the amazing array of wines available online at www.eaglerockwinery.com

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live Featuring Author Dereik Smith

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show LIve, Book Talk Author Conversations:

    Featuring Author Dereik Smith, from Texas.

    PREVAIL is about seven principles of success. Using PREVAIL as an acronym, each letter states a law and when combined, they give a repeatable and consistent approach they yields results. 

    When applied, this path will empower ordinary people to experience extraordinary outcomes and fulfillment. It will cause individuals, families, and organizations, to rise above challenges, rule within themselves, reign forward in their goals and aspirations, and ultimately reap rewards while gaining a sense of accomplishment.

    Interview by Renowned American Author Don S. McClure


  • S AND M RADIO PRESENTS: Midnight love. We will play the best love making music

    in Entertainment

    Join S and M Radio tonight as we play the get you in the mood for some bump and grind musical fun. So get your wine, whip cream, strawberries, and your love one, or yourself ready. If you have a love song that you would like for us to play or dedicate to someone?  Call in at (929) 477=1332 or contact us on Facebook 


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    Soul Tree Radio - in the Raw!!'s Music Therapy Mindstream!

    in Sports

    It is time once again to recognize the OLDSCHOOLOGY OF MUSIC  as DJ Hunnycomb (Michael - Louis Ingram) ventures into a voyage of voluptuary visions in...The Mindstream!

    Request Line: 718 508 9216!

    SOUL TREE RADIO - IN THE RAW!! IS PROUDLY SPONOSORED BY EAGLE ROCK WINERY OF LAPORTE, PA - try and buy the great array of wines online at


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    The Don S. McClure Show Live featuring Author Ambrose Okosun

    in Lifestyle

    Don S. McClure Show Live- Book Talk, Author Conversations:

    Featuring Author Ambrose Okosun

    While author Ambrose Okosun was just beginning his life in March of 1973 in Lekki, Nigeria, his parents’ marriage was ending. Left with his grandparents to eke out a living in a small village, Okosun was separated from his mother and was not allowed to see his birth father. From a young age, he was dealt a hard life.

    In A Boy and His Dream, Okosun shares the struggles he endured and how he strived to overcome those early challenges. From hunger to being ostracized by a polygamist family, he experienced severe poverty while growing up. At the same time, his elders imparted important lessons that Okosun took to heart, including the message that he was in charge of his own destiny.

    Learning by trial and error and with guidance from God, Okosun tells how he became educated, earned several degrees, and immigrated to the United States. A Boy and His Dream narrates the story of a man who has come a long way from being an abused little boy in Nigeria.

    Interview by Renowned American Author Don S. McClure

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    S and M Radio "Midnight Love" presents our tribute to Neo-Soul!

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    Neo-Soul is a musical genre that fuses contemporay R&B and 1970's style soul with elements of hip hop. Neo-Soul music is modern day soul music and the term  Neo-Soul is believed to have orginated by Kedar Massenberg of Motown Records in the late 1990's.  Well Friday night at 11:30pm Sasha and Max will play some of their favorite Neo-Soul music. We have some artists that are very well known like Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill to some artists that you heard the song but really didn't know who they were! So call in to hear some of the best that Neo-Soul has to offer! Let us help you set the weekend off with some great music and LOVE!  Call in the hear the show at (929) 477- 1332 or log on at www.blogtalkradio.com/sandmradio.com  from your computer, phone or tablet! You are the customer let us SERVE you!!

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    V8 S Series Live from Colorado.

    in Automotive

    Broadcasting a mile high, V8 S Series has settled into Fort Collins Colorado. We will be taking your calls, talking about events we are planning and hopefully be talking with some guests.

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    Soul Tree Radio - in the Raw!!'s Music Therapy Mindstream

    in Sports

    Time to once again recognize the OLDSCHOOLOGY OF MUSIC! Join DJ Hunnycomb (Michael-Louis Ingram) as shares his voluptuary visions upon entering...The Mindstream! 

    SOUL TREE RADIO - IN THE RAW!! IS PROUDLY SPONSORED BY EAGLE ROCK WINERY OF LAPORTE PA - try and buy the amazing array of wines at www.eaglerockwinery.com!

    The Request Ine: 718 508 9216!

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live - Growth, Progress and Appreciation

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show Live. 

    Our Show Topic for tonight is:

    Growth, Progress and Appreciation. You look at life on this day that your eyes have opened.

    You think about the day of the week that has come upon you. And yes you think how much progress and growth you have gained over the last few months and during this year. You look at your progress and you say to your self.  I have faced adversity in the eye, and victory is mine.  You apply this thought, to your home life, your finances, and your ability to create for your life. You add these thoughts to your friendships some new and some old. You add this to your love life. And especially the one true love of your life that is first and foremost. The love of Self. For you can’t love anyone one else or anything in your life until you love yourself.  So now the question is

    How much "Growth, Progress and Appreciation" will you do in your evaluation of where you are now?

    Where you have come from.

    And where you are headed as the new year is fast approaching. 

    Our featured song tracks: Ruben Studdard,

    Love, Love, Love Original by, Donny Hathaway

    & Song Track; Superstar By; Ruben Studdard

    The Closer I get to you, Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack. 

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    Real music Radio -Jump Off

    in Music

    Tripsane and Gutta bring back the award winning show the Jump off