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    Steve Piehl - Harley Davidson - Part 2

    in Automotive

    Part 2 of 2: My guest will be Steve Piehl who was given a challenging assignment at Harley-Davidson Inc. when the company was fighting for its survival. In the fall of 1982, he was told to organize a group for Harley bike owners who would support their passion for the brand and, hopefully, bring more riders into the fold.

    At the time, Piehl thought that someday the Harley Owners Group would have tens of thousands of members nationwide. He never imagined that, today, it would have nearly a million members in dozens of countries. After 35 years of working for the Motor Company Steve finally retired. He loves to ride and was even inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Learn more about the Man behind the mission on the Inside Scoop by Spitfire!

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    in Entertainment

    It's been far too long, but the talented, funny, and just plain fun Doug Davidson, of the ongoing number one daytime drama, "The Young and the Restless" is back! And he's back in a well-deserved front-burner storyline that is gripping and moving millions of fans on a daily basis. Doug has played "Detective Paul Williams" on the CBS soap since 1978, making him the senior cast member. Throughout his career, Doug has been nominated and won many awards, and hosted "The Price is Right" nighttime version and emceed "The Tournament of Roses Parade Live" and many charitable events.
    Call 347-215-7536 to talk to Doug. Please be registered as a Blogtalkradio listener and signed into chat. 

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    Doug Spearman live MRTR

    in Pop Culture

    *Anniversary Special 2 Years... 200 Episodes!*

    Doug Spearman is an actor/activist/writer/and now film director. His
    first feature, Hot Guys with Guns won several awards at more than 40
    festivals around the world including being short listed for Best
    Original Song in the 2015 Academy Awards. Hot Guys with Guns was
    released on multiple platforms in April 2014 by Wolfe Releasing. He is
    currently in production with his second film, From Zero to I Love You.
    Doug is also a Master Class Scene Study teacher at the RLS Studios under
    Richard Lawson.


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    MAD Wheels - Doug McGoon

    in Automotive

    New episode of Wide Open Radio airs Thursday Nov. 05 at 11:00pm Central, featuring hosts Courtney Lambert and Dave Withrow and guests Doug McGoon of MAD Wheels in Orange, California. Doug and MAD Wheels have come up in conversation during numerous episodes of Wide Open Radio over the past few months so we thought it was about time to bring them on for their own episode. Listeners will hear about Doug's background, how he got started, who are his influencers and what his plans are for the future of MAD Wheels. Dave and Doug will be joining us LIVE from SEMA in Las Vegas. Courtney will catch everyone up on what is going on in Galveston, Texas for Lone Star Rally and Baddest Bagger- Galveston on the Seawall this weekend. Also, Dave will tell listeners about his adventures on the High Seas Rally cruise in the Caribbean last week.  Join our group page:  Wide Open Radio - Custom Motorcycle Talk Radio on Facebook for photos and videos from both of these shows/events. As always, the hosts will also discuss what readers can find in the latest issues of American Bagger Magazine and Urban Bagger Magazine. Listeners can call in to the live show with questions for Courtney, Dave and Doug by dialing (323) 870-4604 or go to our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/wideopenradio and send your questions to us in a message or comment.  

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    Kevin Davidson AKA Doctor Conspiracy Will Be The Guest

    in Politics

    Kevin Davidson AKA Doctor Conspiracy will appear as the guest. Mr. Davidson operates the controversial website obamaconspiracy.org which opposes the investigation and allegations surrounding the mysterious past of Obama. Further details to be released at show time. Crowd control security to be provided by volunteers.

    Open telephone lines. 347-989-8853

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    Talking South Alabama Football With Doug Konkel

    in Sports

    Ben Moore of PantherTalk.com is joined by Doug Konkel of Jags Jungle to preview the Georgia State and South Alabama contest at the Georgia Dome on Saturday.

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    Review of Doug Post Bellview Lecture Resurrection from Judaism Part 2

    in Religion

    This week's broadcast continues the critique began last week for Doug Post and his concept of the resurrection from Judaism. The reasoning which some Ammillennialists use follows the same line of reasoning by Post. Mostly, it represents a repeat of arguments from men such as Wayne Jackson, Curtis Cates and Terry Varner. The views presented by these men do not represent any significant changes since they were first advanced. We have thoroughly responded to them in our writings, audio and video recordings and in our public speeches. Join us today for a thorough and comprehnn

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    Finely Hemp Bound | with Cannabis Pioneer Doug Fine

    in Entrepreneur

    This cutting edge hempisode with Doug Fine will inspire you and motivate you to take action today that will contribute to bringin FOOD SHELTER CLOTHING & 25,000 other things to the market and to the people! Doug is an accomplished author, journalist, and Cannabis and Hemp Pioneer; his latest book, "Hemp Bound" is a must read and will help you see the massive potential and current patterns and trends of Cannabis in the U.S. and globally!

    Discover more about Doug Fine at: www.DougFine.com

    Give us a ring today to let us know what you want to hear on HempAware Radio: 805-410-4367

    Discover more at: www.HempAware.com

    And let's connect:

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    Review of Doug Post's Bellview Lecture Resurrection from Judaism

    in Religion

    Tonight we engage in some of the most controversial points which involve the resurrection of the dead ones. The arguments center around the alleged dead body of Judaism. 

    This discussion will address the time and nature fo the resurrection. We also examine the firstfruits and the harvest concept found in the feast days. 

    We are more than wiling to engage with Doug Post and respond to his concerns about the resurrection and most importantly the Biblical text. 

    For more information see our websites at DonKPreston.com and AllThingsFulfilled.com

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    On the Edge with Doug Crandall

    in Spirituality

    What is Shamanism? Who can be a Shaman? Who can use a Shaman? How can Shamanism benefit you and me? 

    Personally, I have never really looked into Shamanism all that much, and so am looking forward to this discussion. While I do feel a strong affiliation with nature, and have had numerous 'mystical' experiences with animals in my life, I have never really looked at it as becoming a way of life, or a following, but rather as a continuing series of the miracles an awakening soul gets to experience.

    Join Doug ON THE EDGE, Sunday, October 11, 2015, where his guest will be Itzak Beery. Together they will delve into the reals of Shamanism, including discussing Itzak's latest book, "Shamanic Transformation: True stories of the moment of awakening." 

    Itzhak Beery is an internationally recognized shamanic healer and teacher. He was initiated into the Circle of 24 Yachaks by his Quechua teacher in Ecuador and by Amazonian Kanamari Pagè. He has also trained intensively with other elders from South and North America. The founder of ShamanPortal.org and cofounder of the New York Shamanic Circle, he is on the faculty of New York Open Center. His work has been featured in theNew York Times, films, TV, and webinars. An accomplished visual artist and owner of an award-winning advertising agency, he grew up on Kibbutz Beit Alfa in Israel and lives in New York. His website can be found here: http://itzhakbeery.com/index.php

    His latest book can be found here: http://www.innertraditions.com/Contributor.jmdx?action=displayDetail&id=1911


    JOIN WITH US! You may as well. We are all One anyway!

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    Verbal Submission 210: Doug Merlino

    in Sports

    Join us for the 210th episode of the Verbal Submission on Sunday, October 11th, 2015 as hosts Brian Hemminger, Gerry Rodriguez and Richard Perry discuss the latest happenings in the world of mixed martial arts. We'll be talking some UFC 192 fallout, the upcoming WSOF and Legacy events this weekend, Nick Diaz getting endorsed by Cher and much, much more.

    Our special guest will be journalist and author Doug Merlino, who's new book "Beast: Blood, Struggle and Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Arts" debuts this week.