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    The Art of the Documentary: Doug Block

    in Movies

    In this episode of the Movie Geeks United! original series The Art of the Documentary, we speak with director Doug Block (51 Birch Street, The Kids Grow Up, 112 Weddings) regarding his beautiful roster of intensely personal films.  

    For more information on The Art of the Documentary series, including a complete line-up of all-new and archived interviews, visit http://www.moviegeeksunited.net. 

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    Doug Hamp

    in Religion

    With all that is going on around the world and in the Church today we invited Doug Hamp back to the program to spread a little light on what the bible says. We can become very confused if we are not continually in the Word of God. Fear of not knowing is a big factor that is affecting people today. Come and join us live today at 7:00 PM MST as we search for answers to what is going on in the world and the Church today. Also in the studio with me my co-hosts Bill and Greg.

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    in Entertainment

    It's been far too long, but the talented, funny, and just plain fun Doug Davidson, of the ongoing number one daytime drama, "The Young and the Restless" is back! And he's back in a well-deserved front-burner storyline that is gripping and moving millions of fans on a daily basis. Doug has played "Detective Paul Williams" on the CBS soap since 1978, making him the senior cast member. Throughout his career, Doug has been nominated and won many awards, and hosted "The Price is Right" nighttime version and emceed "The Tournament of Roses Parade Live" and many charitable events.
    Call 347-215-7536 to talk to Doug. Please be registered as a Blogtalkradio listener and signed into chat. 

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    Zoe Niclaus & Doug Johnston: Mediums Take Your Calls!

    in Spirituality

    Zoe Niclaus and Doug Johnston take your calls!  Call 323 657-1493 to ask ONE question for free!  Tonights callers will be asked for your FIRST NAME along with your COMPLETE BIRTHDAY (Month/Day/Year) 

    Zoe is a life long medium and transformational healer.  With over 20 years in the healing arts, Zoe specilizies in clairvoyance, psychometry, astral traveling, psychic mediumshipand more.

    Doug is a noted psychic astrologer.  For Doug's reading, he will need your full birth date (XX/XX/19XX), City/State & Birth TIME am/pm.

    Visit Zoe's website to book a private session today by clicking here!
    Contact Zoe directly at:
    Email:     zoe.niclaus@gmail.com
    Contact: 310 651-1545   

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    RESCUE RADIO: Special Guest Doug Woodward with Marjorie Cole

    in Christianity

    Gog, Magog and the Rapture? What is really going on with all these wars, past, present, and future? What does the Bible say about when will Jesus come back? Some very intriguing questions for our Guest, Doug Woodward. Join us for an action packed show about the timeline and end game players on Rescue Radio.

    "Because There Is A War For Your Soul" Nothing boring or too political or super spiritual. Just probably some of the most revolutionary  and useful information you will find on radio. Join us live Tuesdays at 10am CST or catch us on the run.



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    Dating of the Book of Revelation Review of Doug Post Bellview Lectures

    in Religion

    In tonight's review of Doug Post's lecture at the Bellview Church of Christ's attempts to refute Covenant Eschatology, we have more trouble for these troubled lectures. Doug Post gives up the farm on the Dating of Revelation and the imminent at hand, shortly to come to pass, soon, about to happen in their generation time statements. He also acknowledges with a reasonable amount of documentation that all books of the N.T. were written prior to the destruction of the Jerusalem, citing Clement of Rome.

    Post says as early as the 2nd and 3rd centuries, documentation for the pre-dating of the New Testament was fairly common. He cites Geisler in saying that if Revelation has been written after A.D. 70 surely they would have mentioned the most important national and prophetic event in their history especially since it involved corroborration of the deity of Christ.

    After making such self-incriminating doctrinal statements, Post then begins to hedge in an attempt to take back the impact of what he should profoundly and boldly states in the beginning of his lecture.

    For more information visit: donkpreston.com, bibleprophecy.com and allthingsfulfilled.com

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    Liz Davidson LIVE 2 Nite-What Your FInancial Advisor Isn't Telling You

    in Entrepreneur

    Join The LOVE Cafe Here Full Site Active in a Week

    Join Scott Cluthe in The LOVE Cafe Facebook Here

    LIVE tonight Liz Davidson with Scott Cluthe in the LOVE Cafe
    7 PM EST- 6 CST - 5 MST - 4 PST
    Call in: 347-308-8478

    A stunning and highly educational personal finance book aimed at everyone who has a financial advisor or has ever considered hiring one. This book will serve as your Rosetta Stone to interpreting financial jargon and will enable you to ask the tough questions to protect your money and your financial well-being. - See more at: http://www.hmhco.com/shop/books/What-Your-Financial-Advisor-Isnrsquot-Telling-You/9780544602304#sthash.jxXq5BRk.dpuf

    LIZ DAVIDSON, founder and CEO of Financial Finesse, is one of the nation's leading financial education experts. She has been profiled in national publications, on radio broadcasts, and on television shows, and maintains a Forbes blog. At twenty-eight, Davidson left a successful career running a hedge fund to establish a financial education firm that would provide the information people need to make sound financial decisions. Today, Financial Finesse is the country's largest provider of unbiased financial wellness programs. She holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA.

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    RevolutionZone (Texas Revolution CIF) 2-2-16 Special Guest WR Doug Pierce

    in Football

    Jeremy "The Impact" York talks with the newest Texas Revolution player, Wide Receiver Doug Pierce about football, life and the Revolution! Join them in the RevolutionZone, presented by Impact Media!

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    in Entertainment


    Equestrian Legacy Radio's CAMPFIRE CAFE' & SADDLE UP AMERICA!

    We welcome to the CAMPFIRE CAFE' Award winning Singing Cowboy DOUG FIGGS for a visit around the campfire and we'll premiere his new CD "A Cowboy Like Me".

    There are Angels Around us! We'll visit Angel Heart Farms' Tracy Kujawa and learn more about the work they do and the children whose lives are changed and dreams fulfilled.

    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer Online and OnDemand 24/7 at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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    in Spirituality

    Author John Davidson’s first book, The Soul’s Critical Path:  Waking Down to the Soul’s Purpose, the Body’s Power, and the Heart’s Passion, was published in 2013. It immediately gained the endorsement of well-known shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman, who said of the book: "John Davidson takes us into a powerful and deep exploration of the soul's path. The Soul's Critical Path offers a new and fresh perspective to help us on our spiritual journey. I found the book to be very insightful as well as brilliantly written."??

    That book was followed quickly by two more books. Soul Tribes & Tambos: Communities for Souls on the Move, and The Left Hand of God: A Soul’s Love Poems, both published in 2014. He has two more books in process, including SoulMating345: 3Questions, 4Rules, 5Questions, and Traction: Three Steps for Grounding a Passion of Soul Purpose on a Chaotic Planet.

    Davidson says that his writing provides describes the construct behind his unique hands-on soul coaching practice developed over several decades. His current project entitled Traction will provide a concise description of that practice intended to explain how he teaches clients on the massage table with a combination of guided visualization, specific cranial/sacral and breathing techniques, and a non-classic shamanic journey taken by the awakened soul into the time-line of the body’s experience. Although his primary clients are serious spiritual practitioners, he also adapts this coach practice to people approaching the death of the body and the transition of the souL. His website is www.soulscriticalpath.

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    The Best in the World Sports Report: Will the Eagles Teach me how to DOUG-ie?

    in Sports

    The Best in the World Sports Report: Episode 38. We have a new Head Coach. It's not Bill Cowher, or Jon Gruden. It ain't Hue Jackson, or Sean McDermott. It's.. (Drum Roll, Please) DOUG PEDERSON!!!!!! Eagles Fans, how do you feel about this? Are you excited? Do you want Jeffrey Lurie's head on a stick? Tell us what you think?

    We'll also make our annual Royal Rumble Predictions.

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