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    Uncommon Sense with Doug Woodward

    in Spirituality

    In this episode Daniel will be joined by author and speaker Doug Woodward. Their conversation will be centering on Doug's latest book Uncommon Sense. Prepare to take notes as Daniel and Doug get into the Nazi and New Age infiltration of America. They will also be discussion the implications that spirituality has historically had on politics. Their conversation will extend from the time of the nation's Founding Fathers to present day as they connect dots and talk about true history that so often gets overlooked. His website is www.faith-happens.com. Be sure to visit us at www.bridemovement.com!

  • 02:03

    Rescue Radio: Special Guest Doug Woodward with Marjorie Cole

    in Religion

    Is this a warning? Doug Woodward will be joining us on Rescue Radio to  talk about the Blood Moons and what God may be wanting to tell us. Tomorrow at 7pm CST. 

    "Because There Is A War For Your Soul" Nothing boring or too political or super spiritual. Just probably some of the most radical and useful information you will find on radio. Join us live Tuesdays at 7pm CST or catch us on the run.

    It’s time to talk straight about the war between God and Satan that is going on in our souls. And though the battle is the Lord’s and has already been won, the Enemy still seems to have a lot to say that has left too many of us doubtful and confused about what is going on and what can be done about it. It is time to talk back and tell it like it is!

    Hosted by Marjorie Cole, founder of Life Recovery, Inc., and author of “Taking the Devil to Court” with Jarry Cole, Pastor of True Light Church as the featured guest pastor and roving co-host.

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    Rescue Radio: Doug Woodward - Special Guest Author And Speaker

    in Religion

    What does the Blood Moon mean? Wow! Did you know Mars will come closest to the Earth on the same night? What is happening in the sky? Is there life on Mars? Was America ever a Christian Nation?

    Rescue Radio, will host Doug Woodward, author of “Power Quest” ,“The Final Babylon: America and the Coming Antichrist” and “Lying Wonders Of The Red Planet:?Exposing The Lie Of Ancient Aliens”, to bring all of these things together. Doug will be sharing insights on the shocking truth of where we’ve been as a nation, where we are right now and where we are going. So be sure to tune in to hear our special guest author and speaker, Doug Woodward, right here on Rescue Radio!

    "Because There Is A War For Your Soul" Nothing boring or too political or super spiritual. Just probably some of the most radical and useful information you will find on radio. Join us live Tuesdays 7-9pm CST or catch us on the run.

    Hosted by Marjorie Cole, founder of Life Recovery, Inc., and author of “Taking the Devil to Court” with Jarry Cole, Pastor of True Light Church as the featured guest pastor and roving co-host.

  • 01:31

    Free for All Friday! - Lying Wonders with Doug Woodward

    in News

    On this edition of Free for All Friday, our guest is Douglas Woodward, who has authored a new book called Lying Wonders of the Red Planet: Exposing the Lie of Ancient Aliens.

    We'll also look at some news of the week.

    Book description on Amazon:

    The history of the Red Planet features enchanted fiction, diabolical deception, frustrated hopes, cutting-edge science, and dark occult beliefs.  Over the past half-century, this story intensified as the exploration of our planetary neighbor expanded with satellite photo-flybys and robotic science labs creeping across the Martian surface. Despite discovering Mars’ unsuitability for life of most every kind, myths continue to flourish about intelligent life once present there, channeled encounters with aliens, rapid space travel back and forth to Mars, and a massive military base some theorists believe exists beneath its surface.   An unpredictable development in popular culture is the emergence of Ancient Astronaut Theory. The work of Zecharia Sitchin, Eric Van Däniken, and David Hatcher Childress, made popular on The History Channel's Ancient Aliens, offers a new spirituality for the pseudo-scientifically minded. Most viewers know little of the history of this deceptive theory which finds its origin in Madam Blavatsky's nineteenth-century esoteric Secret Doctrine, American 20th century science fiction writers who created famous pulp fiction short stories and novellas (Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein), but especially in the celebrated dark fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, written during the 1920s and 30s.  

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    On the Edge with Doug Crandall

    in Spirituality

    What is Shamanism? Who can be a Shaman? Who can use a Shaman? How can Shamanism benefit you and me? 

    Personally, I have never really looked into Shamanism all that much, and so am looking forward to this discussion. While I do feel a strong affiliation with nature, and have had numerous 'mystical' experiences with animals in my life, I have never really looked at it as becoming a way of life, or a following, but rather as a continuing series of the miracles an awakening soul gets to experience.

    Join Doug ON THE EDGE, Sunday, October 11, 2015, where his guest will be Itzak Beery. Together they will delve into the reals of Shamanism, including discussing Itzak's latest book, "Shamanic Transformation: True stories of the moment of awakening." 

    Itzhak Beery is an internationally recognized shamanic healer and teacher. He was initiated into the Circle of 24 Yachaks by his Quechua teacher in Ecuador and by Amazonian Kanamari Pagè. He has also trained intensively with other elders from South and North America. The founder of ShamanPortal.org and cofounder of the New York Shamanic Circle, he is on the faculty of New York Open Center. His work has been featured in theNew York Times, films, TV, and webinars. An accomplished visual artist and owner of an award-winning advertising agency, he grew up on Kibbutz Beit Alfa in Israel and lives in New York. His website can be found here: http://itzhakbeery.com/index.php

    His latest book can be found here: http://www.innertraditions.com/Contributor.jmdx?action=displayDetail&id=1911


    JOIN WITH US! You may as well. We are all One anyway!

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    Verbal Submission 210: Doug Merlino

    in Sports

    Join us for the 210th episode of the Verbal Submission on Sunday, October 11th, 2015 as hosts Brian Hemminger, Gerry Rodriguez and Richard Perry discuss the latest happenings in the world of mixed martial arts. We'll be talking some UFC 192 fallout, the upcoming WSOF and Legacy events this weekend, Nick Diaz getting endorsed by Cher and much, much more.

    Our special guest will be journalist and author Doug Merlino, who's new book "Beast: Blood, Struggle and Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Arts" debuts this week.

  • Prelude to War & Global Chaos

    in News

    Doug Hagmann "flies solo" during this broadcast as Joe is off tonight. No guests and clear airwaves, Doug will dig deep into the Illuminati agenda of World War III, Syria, financial collapse, increasing domestic unrest and the rise of demonic activity.

  • 00:30

    Awakening the Giant Within!

    in Self Help

    Today's guest is Mr. T.J. Woodward, spiritual author, inspirational speaker, awakening coach and addiction counselor.  He has proven solutions for individuals who are currently living beneath their divine potential. During our dialogue T.J. will provoke deep thought surrounding areas of your life that are out of alignment and preventing daily advancement towards the accomplishment of your goals. After listening to our show, You will be empowered with the confidence in knowing, you possess the power to W.I.N. and begin your life again! To learn more about T.J. Woodward visit him online at www.tjwoodward.com, for a copy of his book @ www.consciousbeingbook.com or receive access to his video blog @ www.awakenedlivingtv.org

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    Dinner Specials...with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson...Live

    in Entertainment

    He's one of the co-founders of the Texas Tornados and the Sir Douglas Quintet.  He's played alongside a few folks you might know...Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Doug Sahm...and in between all that formed a few record labels.   He's found a few minutes to squeeze us in...join May and Cynthia as they welcome musician, singer, songwriter, performer, studio musician, producer, and record label owner Augie Meyers...

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    UCB Radio, Special Edition: NLDS Game 2

    in Sports

    After every postseason game (well, not RIGHT after) the United Cardinal Bloggers come at you with analysis of what happened, what should have happened, and what's going to happen.  Tonight, Daniel Shoptaw (C70 At The Bat) and Doug Vollet (Baseball Geek in Galveston) talk about the second game of the NLDS against the Chicago Cubs.  They'll talk about Jaime Garcia's short outing, Lance Lynn's surprising appearance, and the power display put on by the Redbirds, plus look ahead to Game 3 against Jake Arrieta.

  • Lost Arts Radio Show #40 - Special Guests Diane Olive and Russ Tanner

    in Health

    Diane Olive (www.genesallnaturalproducts.com), author of two books, Think Before You Eat and Natural Ways for Healing Mites and Morgellons joins us for an inside look at what it is really like dealing with these life-altering health problems. Contracting these conditions suddenly from a visitor suffering from them, Diane shares with us her difficult struggle to regain her former state of good health and the stresses of the journey that at times made her feel that she would not make it through to the other end. Now, having succeeded in her efforts to regain her health, Diane helps others both through her books and directly with people she has encouraged all over the world. She is here to let us know that for those facing this challenge, it is something that can be completely overcome with determination, faith and the critically important information on specific helping factors that she shares with us on this show.

    Next, Lost Arts Radio welcomes back our friend Russ Tanner (www.globalskywatch.com), one of the hosts on "GeoengineeringWatch Radio", that Richard used to work with on that show. Russ and Richard get to discuss in detail and depth what is really going on with the whole chemtrail issue, all the way from basic details of how the spray operations work, to what is the motive and plan of those pulling the strings from behind the scenes. This will be a discussion you won’t want to miss, whether you are new to this subject or a veteran activist working to get the spraying stopped.