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    Welcome back Sim Heads, we have a nice show lined up for you tonight. Listed below is a brief description of our topics for tonight. In the second hour we will open up the lines to callers. We look forward to your thoughts and comments. Sim Is The Standard!

    Madden NFL CFM Mode - We will be discussing things we would like to see in Madden's CFM, from top to bottom. We will also dicuss CFM elements we would like to see in Madden 16. 

    Sliders debate - Smitty and Azure will debate their differences with sliders in games like Madden. What should sliders actually do for the game. Do they help to restrict or improve Sim gameplay?

    NBA 2K15 and NBA Live 15 - Are you tired of the animation takeover in NBA 2K? If NBA Live 15 was a bit more refined would NBA 2K15 been in trouble?

    Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy the show!

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    Equal Society or Double Standard?

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    Every one of us has decried a double standard at some point. If you’re kind of perplexed by what we mean when we use that term, think of things like gender roles, for example. What do you think of when you hear that the trash needs taken out? The man, right? What about cooking dinner? Cleaning the house? The woman, right? What about double standard in the workplace when it comes to paying women? There are some much more common double standards that we rarely complain about since we're too busy obliviously believing in them. But you’ve likely come across some double standards that have always driven you nuts! Join us on the FAB Hour as we discuss some double standards that became trending this week.

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    Beyond the Standard—Healthy Church?

    in Christianity

    In the January issue of Christian Standard, more than a dozen church leaders give their prescription for making your church healthy. In this special episode, we talk with three of them.

    Nate Bush, lead pastor with New City Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, wrote, A Healthy Church Helps Make a Healthy Community.
    Jeff Faull, minister with Mount Gilead Church in Mooresville, Indiana, wrote, A Healthy Church Is Doctrinally Strong.
    Joe Putting, senior pastor with Tomoka Christian Church, Ormond Beach, Florida, wrote, A Healthy Church Is a Giving Church.

    Read their pieces in Christian Standard (here’s how to download it today: http://christianstandard.com/subscribe/digital-subscriptions/). Then plan to join our conversation. Each of these fellows has more to say than print space allowed. And we’ll talk with all of them about more than their assigned topic!

    We’re looking forward to a rich discussion about earmarks of a healthy church.

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    Have women survived the "double standard " rule? Find out how women are surviving in the workforce and entertainment. How to survive and overcome it. Call in and chat with us!

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    Sim Standard Radio

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    Welcome back Sim gamers, we have another great show lined up for tonight. Listed below is a brief description of the topics we will cover tonight. 

    Are sim gamers really ready for a simulation game? We have seen a lot of complaints about sim aspects in Madden, how will you feel when things like bobbled snaps are in the game.

    Is there any real value of games that are out of print such as All Pro Football 2K8 and NCAA 14? Do you take the time to go back and play them often?

    How do you feel about Deflate Gate? How does that make you feel about the Patriots? Does that take away from what they have done the last 10 years? 

    Another mini video has surfaced from what we assume will be Joe Montana 16. Are you tired of waiting for concrete information about the game?

    In the 2nd hour we will open up the line for callers. We look forward to your questions and comments. Thanks for listening!

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    Sim Standard Radio

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    Welcome back guys, hope everyone had a nice week. Below you will find a list of the topics we have lined up for tonight's show.

    We will discuss the Divisional Playoff games and of course we will debate the ruling of a no catch for Dez Bryant. 

    Is money ruining sports games or video games in general?

    FIFA showcases solid player movement, dynamic gameplay, and fluidity.

    What things are MUST HAVES for Madden 16?

    In the second our we will be opening up the phones lines to callers. We look forward to your calls and comments. 

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    Sim Standard Radio

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    Welcome back guys, hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season. We have some great topics lined up for this week's show to kickoff the year, listed below is a brief description of each topic. 


    Damon Grow released a screenshot for Joe Montana 16 showing off player faces, does this confirm that the game will be on consoles. 


    There is a new editor in the works for All Pro Football 2K8, will you support it? How do you feel about the new editor idea?


    In the Lions/Cowboys game there was a very controversial flag picked up after the Ref announced PI on the defense. Dez Bryant also ran out on the field to protest the call without a helmet but was not flag, what are you thoughts on the officiating?


    At times is seems like companies, devs, and community get sensitive of constructive feedback, why is that?


    A judge has granted a lawsuit against EA SPORTS for player likeness, what are your thoughts on that?


    In the second hour of the show we will open up the phone lines. We look forward to your calls and hearing your thoughts!

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    Double Time Radio

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    Double Time Radio with Double and Spiff!! Check out our New Jack Swag!!

  • Sim Standard Radio

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    On tonight's show we will reflect on our surprise call last week from Damon Grow. We will be discussing our thoughts on what was mentioned on the call and our overall thoughts on Joe Montana 16. Does it sound more like a console game now? Will it be a pure simulation game? When will it drop? We will also discuss the recent patches released for NBA Live 15 and NBA 2K15. Last but not least, we will discuss our thoughts on complaints about Tom Brady and other players cursing during games and if they should watch what they say because the cameras are on. In the 2nd hour the phone lines will be open for questions and comments. We look forward to your calls!

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    Beyond the Standard—Good News to the Poor

    in Christianity

    As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we may overlook an important fact: When Jesus came to earth, he chose to be poor. This month's episode challenges us with practical ideas for serving the poor—and learning from the poor—all around us today.

    Each of our guests has significant experience with ministry among the poor.

    Becky Ahlberg is executive director with My Safe Harbor in Anaheim, California.

    Chris Smith ministers with Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Aaron Wymer is senior minister with Grandview Christian Church in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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    Sim Standard Radio

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    On tonight's show we will be discussing the possibility of Joe Montana Football 16. There has been a lot a buzz around this game and we will be addressing all of the main questions. When will this game be released? Will this game be on consoles or mobile devices? Will you support this game? How do you feel about the tease video released by Joe Montana? How will this game affect Madden, and more importantly Madden 16? WIll this game be able to compete with Madden in the first year of development? How do you feel about them announcing dynamic weather in their game? Why is this game such a big secret?  As you can see we have a lot to talk about in regard to this game. Like always the phone lines will be open in the second hour. We look forward to your calls and thoughts. 

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