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    #DTR: Serena Shim Tribute Marathon Kickoff / Who Made ISIS?

    in War

    After the Arab Spring and Benghazi Attacks in 2011 and 2012, a massive power vaccuum engulfed nearly the entire Middle East excluding Saudi Arabia and Iran which stalemate hold strong to this day. With massive support and training by the CIA, seperatists rebels began the daunting task of over throwing the remaining governments of Syria and Iraq. One Russian backed, the other American. In the middle of it all lies Turkey. A neutral side of the equation? Wrong. In the weeks leading up to her death, Press TV reporter Serena Shim blew the lid wide open on the cooperation of NATO ally Turkey allowing ISIS to enter Syria stocked with western weapons. The Turkish government accused her of being a foreign spy, not a journalist. She tragically was struck and killed by a large truck in which witnesses on the scene described as a chase to run her down. Serena Shim, an American, a reporter who risked her mission abroad away from her loving family made the ultimate sacrifice to expose the truth.Til this day there has been no follow-up, no mention, no inquiry by her home government into her reports and her suspicious death.

    Host Shin_Duo returns to Double-Take Radio for a special Saturday night show to kick off a Blog Talk Radio marathon brought to you by the efforts of the Rebelution Radio Group.

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    #DTR: Get Off My Wall!

    in Comedy

    On this week's episode of Double-Take Radio, host Shin_Duo gets into the Trump Immigration polocy, scrubbing servers, white is the new black, and Ashley Madison!

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    Double Take Radio

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    Helping out AnCapDalek and Anticrisis73

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    Join @Shin_Duo and @BlueVino for a recap of this beautiful week!

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    #DTR: Into the Unknown with Suspect Sky

    in Paranormal

    The ever changing climate of our geological, social, government, and intergalactic atmosphere poses greater questions as we learn more about what we can't see. A rising influence to question more of what we don't understand is a popular figure on YouTube that exposes myths through video research under the alias Suspect Sky. His hard work scouring the web to give people the opportunity to ask themselves what's possible in the reality of our being. It has sparked curiosity, and sometimes our greatest fears, to countless people worldwide through the hard work in Suspect Sky's videos.

    Tonight on Double-Take Radio, host Shin_Duo welcomes Suspect Sky for a lengthy discussion regarding his feelings towards interplanetary visits, ghostly phenomena, and the rise of the New World Order. We will also briefly touch upon future projects and briefely preview "A Dissenting History of the World" documentary series. This is a can't miss informative episode!

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    #DTR: Conspiracy Facts

    in Current Events

    This week on Double-Take Radio the show welcomes An0nKn0wledge and making the sacrifice at 3am from the UK, Satan!

    We will explore new information regarding the ends to the means of the establishment and how much more vile the cabalistic intentions require in order to reach their goal.

    The show will also debate what it takes for an event such as 9/11 could be pulled off in the internet age without the raised eyebrows immediately getting attention towards questioning any events. A luxury we could argue was an imposibility over a decade ago.

    This show will also turn south and call people "c*nts" and "f*gs" because that's British for "friend" and "cigarettes"

    Join host Shin_Duo on the most informative and likely funny broadcast yet of Double-Take Radio!

    The Weekend Begins on a Thursday!

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    #DTR: Are Liberals Evil?

    in Comedy

    Liberalism, especially here in America have created a divide through politics, race, and economic stability.

    Double-Take Radio will ask the question why are liberals thrown under the bus and why America has changed, arguably, for the worst for the democratic mindset.

    Maybe we've got it all wrong and neither liberals or conservatives are at fault. This, of course, isn't Fox News. It's Double-Take Radio!

    Join in with the host @Shin_Duo and the esteemed panel to Double-Take this debate. All callers are welcome. Please press 1 through the phone in or Skype to come on to the show!

    This will be the litmus test on the liberal versus the conservative mindset and all are able to allow they're two cents!

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    #DTR: I Can't Believe It's Doube-Take!

    in Comedy

    Open forum discussion. There will be a few topics host Shin_Duo would like to touch on but mostly a fun time to be had by all!

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    Total Foreign Aggression!

    in Comedy

    On this week's Double Take, we take a look at viable options for world peace. BY DESTROYING EVERYTHING!

    We take a look at Russia's new jabs at America. If you want it Putin, COME AND GET IT! We will also be discussing how to wipe out China and how to best turn Africa into an ocean.

    Basically, everything our host @Shin_Duo will do if he is finally elected president. Seventy-Four failed bids tends to strain a person's patience.

    Besides the clearly satirical title and theme, we will be talking about entertainment and listening to some awesome metal here and there. The only thing that's guaranteed is it's going to be a damn good time!



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    Smoke Screen Disclosure: Episode 2

    in Current Events

    In this episode of Smoke Screen Disclosure, AnonKnowledge (@An0nKn0wledge) joins the show to talk HAARP, MK Ultra, declassified documents, and shadow governments. Check out AK's blog at akilluminati.wordpress.com

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    Smoke Screen Disclosure: Episode 1

    in Entertainment

    On this first episode of Smoke Screen Disclosure, hosts An0n Kn0wledge and Shin Duo cover the present state of the geopolitical field behind the news distractions. Tonight we discuss Russia's recents influx of military and equipment in Syria amid news stories focusing on rampant European migration and a Muslim teenager being detained over a homemade "clock". We will also discuss the shifts of the markets recently as China devalues their own currency and continuing fears the US Fed will raise interest rates at the drop of a hat. How does all this tie into the New World Order? Is any relief in store for us in the midst of social and racial tensions stateside to keep us distracted? We shall discuss and, of course, your calls!