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    Double Take Radio

    in Comedy

    Helping out AnCapDalek and Anticrisis73

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    Join @Shin_Duo and @BlueVino for a recap of this beautiful week!

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    #DTR: Are Liberals Evil?

    in Comedy

    Liberalism, especially here in America have created a divide through politics, race, and economic stability.

    Double-Take Radio will ask the question why are liberals thrown under the bus and why America has changed, arguably, for the worst for the democratic mindset.

    Maybe we've got it all wrong and neither liberals or conservatives are at fault. This, of course, isn't Fox News. It's Double-Take Radio!

    Join in with the host @Shin_Duo and the esteemed panel to Double-Take this debate. All callers are welcome. Please press 1 through the phone in or Skype to come on to the show!

    This will be the litmus test on the liberal versus the conservative mindset and all are able to allow they're two cents!

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    Total Foreign Aggression!

    in Comedy

    On this week's Double Take, we take a look at viable options for world peace. BY DESTROYING EVERYTHING!

    We take a look at Russia's new jabs at America. If you want it Putin, COME AND GET IT! We will also be discussing how to wipe out China and how to best turn Africa into an ocean.

    Basically, everything our host @Shin_Duo will do if he is finally elected president. Seventy-Four failed bids tends to strain a person's patience.

    Besides the clearly satirical title and theme, we will be talking about entertainment and listening to some awesome metal here and there. The only thing that's guaranteed is it's going to be a damn good time!



    Click Skype or Call-in!

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    Smoking causes cancer and birth defects. So if you have too many chromosomes, this show is for you!

    Tonight we welcome Friendly Smoker to assume host duties while the talentless hack Shin_Duo sits in the corner and plays with himself.

    The show will include crap that doesnt matter like race, religeon, social issues, economic state, gay people, and probably some other stupid crap.

    Each guest caller will be required to have sexual intercourse with a pizza.

    Someone will an hero on air.

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    Penis, Hitler, and Cactus

    in Comedy

    We're talking about a bunch of dumb shit brought to you by a panel of a shitload of Ph.Ds over world changing issues up to and including, Anal, ATM, Motorboating, And oral orgasms. This is a cant miss!

    Download this shit. I aint even playing. -Shin_Duo

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    Life After Dusk Live - Hump Day After Dusk - Double Take

    in Radio

    Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is? Hump Day After Dusk Wednesday! Ceddy J and JoJo welcome you to their special 2 hour block as we catch you up with what's been on our minds for the past week and a half. Feel free to call-in at 347-202-0389.

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    #Smok3r and Pissing People Off Daily

    in Comedy

    We will be giving @friendlysmoker a HUGE round of applause on landing a MAJOR gig at a large company. A salary that's finally worth his time and efforts and talk about his struggle to get there!


    We will also be speaking with Eastsidenn, the founder of an online gaming troll group Pissing People Off Daily. Your host @Shin_Duo was also a contributing member to PPOD. Some hilarity went down on the PPOD Facebook fan page resulting in the suspension of East's and MYSELF's personal account. Follow Eastsidenn at @RealPPOD

    We have a panel of guests to have fun with too, SO STICK AROUND!

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    Double Take- Ana'Gia Wright

    in Books

    Literary Personality Destiny Carter chats with multi time author, Ana'Gia Wright. Her book "Double Take" will be a hot topic of discussion.

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    Give and Take

    in Self Help

    I have decided to have an informal conversation on "Spiritual Wants and Needs". Topic: What is Spirituality and What it Means to You? So many are going through upheavals in  their life and are finding it hard to cope. Lets see what techniques people are using to survive the "upheavals" of life. Are they coping or are they just surviving?.

    If you are interested in these types of conversations in a place near you. Please tell me and I can hold a gathering like this anywhere.

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    Double Conciousness and the Black Lives Matter Movement

    in Christianity

    In his 1903 book "The Souls of Black Folk", W.E.B. Dubois introduced the concept of double conciousness. It's the idea that blacks find it difficult to find identity in a majority white world. This refrain is revisited in the Black Lives Matter movement today. This is even more apparent in black churches where theologies are conflicting with praxis on contemporary issues. How can the black clergy and leadership address this double conciousness while empowering believers to be "one body with many members?" Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of the day.