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    Radio Show: Promote Health and Healing with Cancer Using Chinese wisdom

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    In this show you’ll learn:

    What integrative cancer care is and how Chinese medicine fits in
    What the acupressure points are a cancer patient can use at home
    What the top herbal medicines are that support a cancer patient

    Background and Guest information:

    At one time, cancer was not prevalent, and was considered a disease of old age.Evidence suggests that recent spread of cancer to all quarters of the population is due to increase in sedentary lifestyles, overeating of rich food, depletion of the soil, environmental toxins.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Dr. Nalini Chilkov as they discuss the use of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis to closely match foods and their preparation to the condition and constitution.

    Dr. Nalini Chilkov is the Founder of Integrative Cancer Answers, and the author of  best selling book Thirty Two Ways to OutSmart Cancer | How to Create a Body in Which Cancer Cannot Thrive.

    She is listed as a go-to clinician in Susanne Sommer’s book Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that plants and herbs play in your hormone and skin care health, as well as strategies to include in your daily routines to achieve more vitality.

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Catherine Bray of On Purpose Life Strategies

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    Toronto, Ontario – We’ve all left our house and forgotten our phone or walked into a room and forgotten why, but for those diagnosed with ADHD, multiply that by 1000.

    According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately eight million adults suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, a neurotransmitter disorder caused by an inefficiency of dopamine in the brain. People with ADHD often experience difficulty focusing, organizing and prioritizing effectively. The obvious struggles are school and work, but relationships can also be difficult.

    But is life ever an adventure for an ADDer. They’re spontaneous and creative. They know how to have fun and be in the moment. It’s a terrific brain wiring. It’s just tough in some situations. That’s why you work with an ADHD coach.

    “People think ADHD is about a lack of focus, but it’s not that you can’t focus; it’s that you focus on everything and can’t prioritize what’s important,” says ADHD coach Catherine Bray. “So you can see why purpose is important for an ADDer.”

    Bray is the founder of On Purpose Life Strategies. As an adult with ADHD, the mother of an ADHD child and a trained ADHD Coach Specialist, Bray believes that ADHD is a gift, not a grim diagnosis. While ADHD can certainly offer its share of challenges, it can offer just as many delightful opportunities and bring a positive energy to life.

    “They call it a disorder, but I just think it’s the way your brain is wired,” says Bray. “ADHD coaching helps these individuals to identify their tendencies and create pragmatic strategies to stay focused and function more efficiently in life.”

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    The Kin stop by on their tour. Lorelei Carlson: ethereal release, Dopamine".

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    NYC-based alternative rock band The Kin returns to the US this November for their “Thick as Thieves” tour after. a 23-date tour in Australia and New Zealand. The band’s last EP Get On It reached gold in New Zealand.  They have also been featured on Conan and toured with major artists including Coldplay and PINK. The Kin are known for “Musical Robberies,” where they burst into a randomly chosen high-traffic public area and surprise on-lookers with an impromptu live performance. They will stop by Music FridayLive! at 2:05 ET for a chat, so be ready to call in.

    Lorelei Carlson released her latest EP, Dopamine, on Oct. 21, 2014.  Written and co-produced by Carlson with her longtime collaborator, David Gielan, “Dopamine” features six new recordings, weaving themes of lust, obsession and tragedy over poignant and haunting melodies and her signature ethereal vocals and dreamlike arrangements. The daughter of a Swedish-American father and Peruvian mother, Carlson grew up moving around frequentlywith her diplomat parents; by 14, she had lived in seven countries and now resides in LA. Her music is stunning, etheral,  tough...and addictive. She will be with us at 2:30 pm ET this Friday.


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    Why Vitamins & Minerals Are Essential for Vibrant Health

    in Nutrition

    Vitamins and Minerals are some of the most basic building blocks your body needs to sustain life. Yet, as supplements, they are some of the most misused. In this episode, Dr Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will be discussing the purpose of the importance of specific vitamins and minerals and also how to supplement with the RIGHT kind.

    He will be covering questions such as:

    What is the purpose of vitamins and minerals in the body?
    Why taking isolated vitamins for a specific ailment doesn't work?
    Why is it important to supplement your diet with a good vitamin and mineral supplement?
    What makes one mutlivitamin supplement superior to another?
    What is the difference between synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements and food form ones?
    What are the effects of depletion of vitamins and minerals in the body from taking medication?
    ...and many more!

    So tune in for another educational 30 minutes of pure nutritional wisdom!

    Meanwhile, head on over to his blog on www.weiserliving.com 

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    Truth Be Told

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    Dr. Renee Tocco, DC: What's Really Behind Autism And Childhood Illnesses?

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    What are the root causes of childhood affilications such as autism,chronic allergies, obesity, and other diseases?  Are they environmentally-related?  The result of genetically-modified foods, pesticides, or soil depletion?  Is better nutrition the key to healing?

    Scientists and health advocates are often at odds when it comes to looking at childhood illness, but most agree that there IS a problem that should be addressed.

    In 2010, the Center for Disease Control announced that 1 in 110 children have autism.  In just a few years, that number has increased to 1 in 68!

    In addition, nearly 13% of kids in the US have some sort of  developmental disability.

    Add to this the increasing number of obese children and children with moderate to severe allergies and it's easy to question whether or not the healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry in this country is doing the right things to help our children get and stay healthy.

    Dr. Renee Tocco joins Teresa to reveal some of the more controversial and startling theories about why so many children are suffering from these severe health issues, and what needs to be done to help them.  



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    Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain: Effects on LGBT Youth

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    1. What percentage of Americans smoke on a daily basis? 20 percent, one in five.

    2. What percentage of American high school students use tobacco? 20 percent, more than one in five, 5% of middle school students smoke.

    3. How many adult Americans have used an illegal drug at some point in their lives?: a) 70,000 b) 700,000 c) 7,000,000 d) 70,000,000 Answer: d

    4. Can drug use modify your brain? Yes.

    5. True or false: Nicotine is NOT an addictive substance. False

    6. How can alcohol abuse affect memory loss and dementia? Alcohol abuse can lead to or increase both.

    EXAMPLES OF DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. How do drugs give people pleasure? Drugs are rewarding because they directly or indirectly stimulate the brain’s natural reward system and cause dopamine to be released. Dr. Steven Hyman: “Drugs are much more reliable and potent than normal stimuli. Instead of running that marathon, or for a scientist, working for months and writing a good paper and getting it accepted—a lot of work for a little dopamine in the brain—people who use drugs find that they can literally short-circuit all of these natural processes.”

    2. Why do some people fall quickly into addiction, while others can experi- ment and then walk away? Dr. Hyman: “You know, it’s hardly heroic that we use alcohol well. And there’s no special act of will. And this gets back to the issue of vulnerability. That is, people who will take drugs enough to potentially get addicted seem to seek them out and enjoy them. They seem to have fewer warning signs.” Dr. Alan Leshner: “It’s not true that you take a drug and you become addicted for the rest of your life. Some people do. Most people don’t. However, most people (who routinely use) ultimately will become addicted to an addicting substance. 


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    Healing Addiction, Part 4- Addiction and Attachment

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    Relationships are the stuff of our deepest pain and joy.  They can leave gaping holes that cause great vulnerability to addiction, and they are also a large part of healing addictions.  Ed Khouri shares a fascinating piece of research that links trauma through early attachment problems to dopamine receptor density that affects the ability to regulate pain, pleasure, and emotions.  That sets the bar for the level of relational joy in people’s lives.  Propensity for addiction increases radically when relational joy is low.  What can be done to increase our joy bonds?  Lots!  Join Beyond Abuse Radio as we explore the connection between addiction and attachment and catch the hope for healing.

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    Organic Food: Reality Vs, Hype- With "Outlaw" Farmer Tom Earnshaw

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    These days we hear a lot about genetically-altered, chemically-grown fruits and vegetables. Many people clamor for food that is fresher,sustainable and grown without pesticides.

    What are the consequences of years of pesticide usage and farming methods that strip the nutrients from our soil?  IS organic farming practical and are the results really that much better?

    Teresa's guest, Tom Earnshaw, is an organic & sustainable farmer, educator, and the founder of Cambridge Farms in northwest Florida. He is an advocate of what he calls “outlaw farming,” and offers people a place to learn healthy farming practices through his classes, farm tours, and gardening partnerships. His Farmer’s Market co-op brings organic farming veterans and newbies together to trade and barter with one another and learn from each other.



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    Stress – How to Avoid Its Negative Effects -- Beverly Nadler

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    Stress is a part of life.  You can’t avoid it, especially in today’s hectic world.  What you can avoid are the health damaging effects of stress.
    Health Guru, Beverly Nadler, will give you the facts you need to become aware of the “stress response” that releases hormones that become toxic to your body, and to know how to stop the response before it gets out of hand, and to neutralize its effects with the “relaxation response.” 
    It’s about training your brain, calming the ancient reptilian part, called the amygdala. The amygdala cries “danger” and causes the “fight or flight” response.  While it often saved the lives of our ancestors, it is often endangering ours. Beverly assures us that anyone who applies what she shares can avoid the negative effects of stress.

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    Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain

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    Background: Substances of abuse are a cultural phenomenon as ancient as civilization itself. Only recently, however, have scientists begun to study their effects on us, and more specifically, their effects on our brains. Why do people get addicted to drugs, tobacco, and alcohol?  Why is it so hard to kick a habit? It stands to reason that since drug use is self-destructive, people would naturally avoid it. This obviously is not the case. What is not so obvious, however, is why people turn to addictive drugs.  People use drugs, tobacco, and alcohol to feel good, without regard to the fact that long-term effects are very bad. Research is only now showing us how genetic and environmental factors all play a part in our susceptibility to substance addiction. 
    KEY WORDS: Alcoholism, dopamine, emotional memory, neurotransmitter, physical dependence, addiction
    The Dana Sourcebook of Brain Science
    SUGGESTED RECALL QUESTIONS: 1. What percentage of Americans smoke on a daily basis? 25 percent, one in four.
    2. What percentage of American high school students use tobacco? 35 percent, more than one in three.
    3. How many adult Americans have used an illegal drug at some point in their lives?: a) 70,000 b) 700,000  c) 7,000,000 d) 70,000,000 Answer: d
    4. Can drug use modify your brain? Yes.
    5. True or false: Nicotine is NOT an addictive substance. False
    6. How can alcohol abuse affect memory loss and dementia? Alcohol abuse can lead to or increase both.

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