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    80 Generations Presents Generational Gap: Live Event at Marquis Theater

    in Entertainment

    Tune In (646) 716-4602 Generational Gap/S.T.R Player Hour

    80 Generations and S.T.R Player Magazine talk live on the air with CEO CRX about the show tonight at the Marquis Theater w/ Whitney Peyton. Also we'll be getting a chance to talk about CRX's upcoming debut album release "Life On A Hustle" under 80 Generations LLC.And we reveal our new positions and availability within the company!!! Artist looking to get their music on the station send your best tracks to 80generations@gmail.com . We will also be playing another exclusive unreleased track from CEO Cross (CRX) Rivera from the 80 Generations Collaborations Album NEMESIS!! Also playing Whitney Peyton's hit new song "It's All Good". So Tune into 80 Generations S.T.R Player Hour brought to you by 80 Generations Generational Gap Radio Show and S.T.R Player Magazine ....(646) 716-4602. 

  • September 2015 Doomsday prophecy events and the true news

    in Paranormal

    Jerry williams and Stephen Harper cover the latest events of September 2015 Doomsday prophecy… the pope, blood MOON, cern and other events as it has started…..
    We will also cover other hidden news by the msisteam media. Join us call in if you like to comment or share information

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    Joey Arias (Legendary Drag Artist & Cabaret Singer)

    in Performing Arts

    Enjoy an encore episode as New York's scandalous songstress, the one and only Joey Arias stops by BlazinRy to chat with host Ryan Holmes about his show Joey Arias: Live at Town Hall!.


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    So-called prophets predict mass end-of-the-world judgment on America in the next couple days before "Shemitah," - earthquakes, floods, tsunamis as God's wrath for Supreme Court decision, Apocalypse comes before Obama leaves office, etc...  Some with paranoid tendencies toward conspiracy theories are in a state of high anxiety.  Doomsday false prophets hijack current events & give them a biblical spin to give validity to their teachings. In this interconnected Internet age, its always easy to hear about something bad, like the stock market crash, a shooting, a disease somewhere, which they point to as proof.  They're convinced it's true because "the Stock Market Crash happened near Shemitah, and because Pope Francis is meeting with Obama."  Richard Rossi used to be enmeshed in this strange subculture as a young man, and has gotten away from the craziness.  In this episode, he shares his findings on what the Book of Revelation really teaches, findings that have come out of 25 years of studying & contemplating an alternate view different from those preaching gloom and doom.

    "The fundamentalist culture is gripped by a spirit of fear," Richard said.  "Most folks in this movement are very fearful. Fearful of being left behind, apocalypse, the devil, etc... Fear sells. Fear is primal and gets attention. Psychologically, it's damaging long-term to be immersed in fear, but effective to get attention & motivate. There are always calamities that can be used to reinforce fear. Preachers have used it be it the atrocities of Civil War in 1800's, Hitler's rise in WW2 (most Pentecostals said he was antichrist at the time), the Cuban Missile crisis in the early 1960's was the guaranteed end of the world to Pentecostals then, Y2K, etc....I've found as people get away from fear-based church stuff, they get healthier spiritually, mentally, psychologically."

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    The Net Live 10/06/15 - Canadian Edition

    in Sports

    This week were are joined by former Nebraska standout and current Canadian Beach star, Sarah Pavan.

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    Critical Convo Episode 71: Doomsday or Buffoonsday?

    in News

    Oh yea! Critical convo is back at it with your two favorite schmucks! Chris Nallege and Red Rob. Is the end near? Is the establishment using the end times fear for a demonic purpose? Tune in to listen to Critical Convo's Red Reob and Chris Nallege break into what in the F**k is truly going on. From aliens to comets, tsunamis and earthquakes, biblical prophecies. These two morons will talk about them all. Tune in and listen live! As always, Get Involved

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    MCS Live Faceoff: College hockey season preview

    in News

    Mill City Sports returns for another special of MCS Live with host Justin Soderberg, brought to you by Beast from the Northeast, on Saturday, October 3rd at 12:00 p.m. eastern. Only on MillCitySports.com!

    Episode 13 will feature a preview of the UMass Lowell River Hawks, Merrimack College Warriors, ECAC, Big Ten and Hockey East upcoming seasons.

    MCS Live will talk all aspects of the upcoming hockey season from college and the professional ranks. Justin will share his expectations for the Bruins and UMass Lowell seasons.

    The first episode of the 2015-16 hockey season will feature special guests Mike McMahon of College Hockey News and The Mack Report to talk Hockey East and Merrimack College; Jashvina Shah of CHN, Inside Hockey and Eye on the Tigers to talk ECAC and Big Ten; and Josh Seguin of CHN to talk ECAC.

    We will get everyone's pick for their top-three and bottom-three Hockey East or ECAC teams and their all-conference teams.

    Justin will answer twitter and facebook questions and possibly phone calls if time allows. Give us a call!

    Tune in on Saturday, October 3rd at 12:00 p.m. eastern to listen to MCS Live!

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    Malc N Rob Live Hit Ya With Da Bruce Leroy Pt.2

    in Entertainment

    The only local radio station that actually plays local music, what else do we do? Oh thats right we interview local artists, stand up comedians, spoken word artists, actors, and anybody else doing something in the area. If you want to enjoy a nice turned up Sunday, listen to some good music, comedy, and conversation or if you have something to say yourself tune in to Malc N Rob Live!


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    Independent Underground Radio LIVE-Michigan's Progressive Talk - 10/6 @9pm ET

    in Politics Progressive

    Welcome to Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) - MICHIGAN'S TOP POLITICO PODCAST. The #1 Progressive Independent Left Politico Talk Show on the Blog Talk Radio Network! Period! Our show airs Tuesday & Thursday from 9-11pm ET.

    On Today's Show:
    What exactly is going on with the Toxic Water Situation in Flint, Michigan? Our Guest on Tonight's Show, Flint City Councilman Eric Mays will visit the show and give the real details on why in a State Surrounded by plenty of H20 with five Great Lakes, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the failed Emergency Manager Law is one of the many catalyst why the People of Flint are facing this water health crisis situation. 

    Is there a Plan for Roads in Michigan or is this just ANOTHER Smoke Screen with no real plans to permanently repair our crumbing roads? Let's Discuss.

    Also, what exactly is this Bernie Sanders Wave continuing strong on a up and growing YouTube Channel called Bernie2016TV?

    Plus MUCH, MUCH MORE!!

    Host Monica RW is an owner/writer for the popular Independent Underground News website, media consultant for ROJS Media LLC, a experienced grassroots and elected local political leader, and brings her researched Independent opinions to the political issues of the day.

    With Our FIFTH YEAR on Blog Talk Radio, syndicated by Tune In, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes, Learn Out Loud and Player FM Networks, Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) have received over 2.0 Million downloads since 2010!! Call into the show with your thoughts and opinions at 347-934-0185 or tweet us @IUNewsTalk.

    Join Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iunewstalk
    Become our latest Facebook Fan: http://www.facebook.com/rojsradiolive

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    VERTIKAL Live Radio presents Women On The Rise

    in Entrepreneur

    Women On The Rise Program - Inspiring women to overcome the barriers to their success bylistening to women who have faced their challenges, celebrated their successes, and have real advice about pursuing your passions.


    Our featured guests are Lisa Hatfield, pursuing her passion in writing as an Author and Blogger of "What Are You Passionate About", and Katherine Waddell, Founder of, "This Needs To Be Said Media,"helping people live a liberated life by discussing those topics you don't want to talk about.

    Join our conversation where we talk about their beginnings, challenges, successes, and their future projects.


    Wednesday, September 30th, 9:00PM EST - 8:00PM Central - 6:00PM Mountain/Pacifc

    Call in or SKYPE 1.646.564.9897 to comment, ask questions, or just listen in.

    Or Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikalliveradio/2015/10/01/vertikal-live-radio-presents-women-on-the-rise


    Business Sponsor - Hopes Crossing Phoenix Arizona.  Celebrating 5 years of restoring hope in the lives of women and families. Hope's Crossing is hosting a "Sink One for Hope" Charity Golf Tournament on Saturday October 24, 2015 @ ASU Karsten Golf Course.  Join over 100 golfers as we raise dollars and awareness to support Hope's Crossing in serving 200 women and families in 2015.  To help us reach our is goal is very simple, Sign Up and Sink one for Hope!  http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07eayv2erx437c2e53&llr=lbj5p8dab


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    CaneSport Live: October 6, 2015

    in Football

    CaneSport Publisher Gary Ferman talks Miami football with the Canes Nation