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    Longshots Sports, Live with Donnie Rightside, #CBB Expert

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    Tonight in a special time slot catch Donnie Rightside on Longshots. This is a Sports Gambling show hosted by Donnie and feauturing the Longshots crew. Winning is what we do! 
    Pro Hoops
    March Madness
    UFC and more!
    You need our information guys.

    Listen every Thursday on www.trendbetting.com/longshots and tonight its on at 9ET


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    Final Friday Films: The Sequel

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    In January, Game Centric Radio's FINAL FRIDAY FILMS discussed the collision between zombie movies and games. As February concludes, Jade will host a discussion of all things that are wrongly labeled zombies -- including infection films/games and invasion films/games. Donnie will return to guest host FINAL FRIDAY FILMS: THE SEQUEL, as well.

    Any questions or specific movies (or games) you'd like to hear about during the episode? E-mail GameCentricRadio@gmail.com with the subject line "Final Friday films."

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    Longshots Sports, Live with Donnie Rightside NCAA Expert

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    It is Longshots Sports, Live with Donnie Rightside! Every Thursday in Prime Time Donnie and the Longshots Crew give free plays and angles that you can bank on.
    This quick 30 minute show is for sports gamblers who are tired of paying the bookie and want a Pro in their corner. Catch this episode tonight at 8EST at www.trendbetting.com/longshots 


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    The FabLife Radio Show Issue #107

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    This week on The FabLife Radio Show our guest is the very talented singer/songwriter/vocal coach, Keeyen Martin. 

    Keeyen Martin has sung background for several notable artists, including but not limited to Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, Rueben Studdard, Peabo Bryson, Rudy Currence, Aretha Franklin and Donnie McClurkin. His song catalogue boasts over 150 plus songs. Keeyen has performed at various venues and on TBN networks, Vh1 Save The Music, BET, and at ASCAP events. He has shared the stage with artists such as Elle Varner, Roman GianArthur, Isaac Caree, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Winans, Jennifer Holiday and others. His new single “#DiveN2Luv” is generating extensive airplay in his hometown of Charlotte, NC and the city of Atlanta, GA with rave reviews. 

    Mista Ecks will have the business and money news you can use in "Strictly Business" and we'll have the latest in entertainment a and lifestyle news in and around Metro Detroit. This season we also have two new periodic segments, Salute to Super Kids and Grown Folks Conversation.

    Tune in to the live show using any smart phone or computer. You can also call in and listen or comment at 773-897-6501

    To be considered as a guest on The FabLife Radio Show, please submit our Guest Submission Form. 

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    Longshots Sports, Live with Donnie Rightside CBB Expert

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    EPISODE #8 of 2015

    Tonight is Longshots Live with Donnie Rightside.

    All your winning info is ontrendbetting.com/longshots it's a 30 minute show!

    And follow the show on Twitter @LongshotsTV

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    Psalmist Keesha Rainey

    in Spirituality

    Gospel is flourishing with new talent and
    Keesha Rainey, an up and coming artist from Nashville, TN, is using every opportunity available to show America what she’s got!  She started singing at the age of 6 and has blossomed into a prominent songwriter and vocalist with national recognition.

    Keesha is currently working on her second CD and just recently won the Blockbuster Showdown “Upcoming Artist Award” and was also nominated for the Gospel Music City Awards.  She’s set records on internet radio as a new artist holding the number one spot and there is simply no stopping her now.

    At every opportunity she enjoys listening to great music and is inspired by Mali Music, Mary Mary, Rachelle Ferrell, Jill Scott and others.  Keesha enjoys many styles and has a genuine appreciation for various forms of music.  As an artist, she would love to collaborate with Deitrick Haddon in the future.

    When she started her adult musical journey, she worked on practicing and perfecting her own gift and God opened the door and allowed her to connect with Donnie & Darryl Frierson, lead singers of the Gospel quartet group, the Joy Boyz.

    One of the biggest stages she has stepped onto was in 2011 when she made her worldwide television debut on Bobby Jones Gospel.  Described as one of the most exciting things that ever happened to her, Keesha says that she is forever grateful for Dr. Jones.  Their connection actually happened when Keesha was ministering at the IMAC Conference in Hendersonville, TN in 2010.   Dr. Jones happened to be sitting on the front row when she performed and after she sang, he exclaimed to her “You’re a star!”  From that, she was invited to come and be part of his show and the rest is history.



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    Andrea Dumas Recording Gospel Artist

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    Whether singing in a church choir or sharing the stage with some of gospel music’s top recording artists, Andrea Dumas is a vessel for God’s song. Called to inspire and encourage through the vehicle of music, Andrea has been blessed to lend her voice to household names in the genre of sacred music. Now the gifted psalmist is stepping from the shadows into the spotlight with her brand new solo debut called Celebrate. With one listen to Dumas’ new release, it’s apparent that standing behind artists such as Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin and Richard Smallwood has served her well. Taking the listener from the excitement of praise to the passion of worship, Andrea Dumas provides an incredible experience for the Gospel music lover.

    Hailing from Morristown, New Jersey, Andrea grew up in the church and in
    a home that was full of music. Her mother, a church pianist, instilled a love for gospel music in her. When she was a child, her parents took her to hear college choirs and other artists when they were in town. The first time she heard a gospel choir sing “God Is”, she was hooked. A seed was planted which would ultimately change her life. When Andrea went to college in
    the Washington, DC area, she realized just how much she loved to sing and joined the gospel choir. Being a member of the University of Maryland’s gospel choir was instrumental in cultivating her singing as well as drawing her closer to God.For Andrea Dumas, it all comes down to sharing the message of Christ. She says, “I believe that music can go places where sometimes words may not. As a background singer, I have seen the way music opens doors and gives access to audiences in ways that other means may not. Music is able to transcend barriers and I want to use music to soften people’s hearts for the word of God.” 

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    The MADHOUSE Radio Network "Welcome Back"

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    Ladies and gents!!!! WE.....THE MADHOUSE RADIO NETWORK...IS......"BACK"!!!!! Join Donnie Mnemonic, CD, LaLa, Crispy Creame, and the rest of the crew...as they tell you all about what they have been up to on the prolonged time off!!! It is going to be crazy!!!....It is going to be MAD!!!!! Enjoy the show and WELCOME BACK......Inside of The MADHOUSE Radio Network!!! 

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    Longshots Sports, Live with Donnie Rightside

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    Longshots Feb 5 Episode. This one is all hoops and hockey and how to maintain your bankroll. Some fantasy sports and an NFL Wrap up. 


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    Longshots Sports Live with Donnie Rightside, Superbowl Edition

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    We are going to have a Special Superbowl Edition of Longshots Live with Donnie Rightside, Saturday Night at 8EST

    Donnie will go DEEP into this matchup and have some great info for the listeners.



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    Longshots Sports Talk, Live with Donnie Rightside, NFL Superbowl Edition!

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    Tonight is a full 60 Minute Episode of Longshots, live with Donnie Rightside. Today he will be breaking down the Superbowl weekend, getting you the winning moves, and another Top Play!
    This will be a full Hour show with Experts from the Elite Team of Handicappers at Trendbetting. Don't miss this one, it's on at 8 Eastern time on the website trendbetting.com/longshots do yourself a favor and go hit Like at the Fanpage www.facebook.com/LongshotsTV

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