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    Writing Royalty Radio- "The Industry...The Glitz...And The Horror"

    in Music

    Topic:"The Industry...The Glitz...And The Horror"

    Special Guests: Leon Robinson and Gigi Mack

    Leon Bio:Singer and actor who had supporting roles in the well-known films Buffalo Soldiers and Waiting to Exhale. He also played Derice Bannock in the 1993 film, Cool Runnings and appeared in Cliffhanger. 


    Gigi Mack: GiGi Mack is the lead vocalist and founding member of GiGi Mack & Alter EGO. GiGi Mack has played many important and high profile events though out the Detroit Metropolitan area. With more than 25 years in the entertainment industry her silky smooth sultry voice is the heart and soul of “ALTER EGO”.GiGi has performed with several Top local bands throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. GiGi Mack has a vast musical influence. Not one to be boxed into any genre she sings “Music for the Soul"! Born & raised in the Detroit music scene. She knew at an early age when at the age of 3 years old her parents took her to see ‘Lady Sing the Blues’ with Diana Ross she wanted to perform.

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    Writing Royalty "Puss...and Boots..."

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    Topic:"Puss...and Boots..."

    Donisha Derice is an up and coming author bringing her creativity to life by penning tales of fiction. Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Donisha had only dreamed of being two things: a lawyer and a writer. Receiving degrees in Paralegal Studies, Criminal Justice, and Public Management, she worked as criminal defense paralegal for over four years. After realizing she no longer desired to become an attorney, Donisha decided to follow her other dream. Her first novel, The Hustle, was completed while Donisha’s plate was full with motherhood, college, and her full-time job. Writing a book and receiving a publishing deal all within a year, Donisha knows she has found her true passion and calling—and it is in writing.


    Jai Darlene is an army brat who traveled all over the world with her family before settling down in Fort Wayne, IN. She later moved to Indianapolis and obtained a juris doctorate from Indiana University School of Law, where she discovered an aptitude for writing, earning herself a spot on her school’s Law Review. After practicing law for five years, Jai discovered her artistic talent through using her creative skills to litigate countless jury and bench trials. This inspired her to pursue her passion by harnessing her imagination to make fictional characters come to life.


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    Living & Thriving Gust: Geo Derice, Author, Speaker

    in Lifestyle


    Geo Derice life mission is to help make sure that the kids of tomorrow don't walk down the road of life aimlessly, but that they know the proven formula that will serve as their personal GPS to ensure their final destination - their dreams are met!

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    Books Talk about The Hustle: A Means To An End with Authors Donisha & Jai

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    Host Sapphire J. Blue reviews and gets into The Hustle: A Means To An End with authors Donisha Council and Jai Darlene. They will talk the inspiration for this new release and what brought the two together to form this wonderful collaboration. On the hills of their Spotlight Week in the FB book club Fun4DaMentals, our listeners get a chance to meet these two dynamic and power lady authors and to be inspired and motivated by their awesome story.

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    Children's Corner: The Thirst Is Real: The Teen's Guide To Maximizing Potential

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    Children's Corner: The Thirst Is Real: The Teen's Guide To Maximizing Your True Potential with author Geo Derice

    Have you ever shared with someone your dreams only to be shut down and told they can't happen? Many of us have thrown in the towel to why we cannot make our dreams come true, but this book uncovers how you can turn that good fortune around. You will learn that while there is many ways to becoming successful, there is one important ingredient that every person of success owns. Not only you will know what that ingredient is but also discover how to map out your own path to greatness! After reading this book you will be inspired to chase after your dreams with a drive unlike ever before.  

    Many young people today are facing the challenges of trying to fit into a world that is constantly changing, in the process denying who they really are. The fight to be a part of the crowd is something Youth Motivational Speaker Geo Derice knows all too well about.

    Young people today more than anything just want to be liked for who they are, to be embraced for their differences, and Geo’s unique stories speak on how he was able to master that. 

    Click here to purchase Geo's book from amazon.com

    For more information about Geo, visit: http://www.geospeaks.com/

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    Thirsty Thursdays

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    Vanice has opened for celebrities such as 3LW to Eric Carrington to Genuine!She has done pageants placing as 2nd and 3rd runner up, and has even sang in multiple bands! It wasn't until October 2010, that Vanice decided to take her gift serious!

    Geo Derice is the rising star when it comes to empowering today’s youth. As an inspirationalspeaker he shares captivating stories told with great passion that get young people engaged, but most importantly have them wanting to think differently and take action towards their future. His heart for the youth has led him today to share his message of living with passion and purpose throughout the country so their full potential may be realized.

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    EC Mag Show

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    Join us for more more surprises and fun!

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    EC Mag Show

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    Join us for more surprises and fun! Don't miss it! Tune in!!!

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    EC Mag Show

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    Join us tonight as we broadcast live from our red carpet event! It's our magazine release party and the Birthday Celebration for our Vice President Roccstarcutz! Tune in for all of the fun and live action! Don't miss it!

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    EC Mag Show

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    Join us for more fun and surprises! You never know who is going to call in! So tune in! Don't miss it!