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    Donations for Jonathan

    in Sports

    After hearing about the terrible accident where Coach Magwood was hurt so badly, and seeing the Go Fund me page . . . I wanted to do more.  I reached out to Coach Dwayne Eberhart and he agreed to speak with me this afternoon about Coach Jonathan Magwood and his family.  Coach Magwood has suffered a neck injury that resulted from a terrible fall . . . He flipped into a foam pit . . . Donations for Coach Magwood could be sent to www.donations4Jonathan.com 

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    Adidas Grants, Donations, Sponsorship, Foundation!

    in Entrepreneur

    Adidas Grants, Donations, Sponsorship and Foundation giving is tonight's hot featured topic!  Adidas' is a wonderful company that supports the community.  

    Listen in...to hear about Adidas giving programs! 

    Expert Hostess: Chellerina E. Thaxton, CEO/Founder of the Philadelphia Grant Center www.philagrants.org 

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    General Motors Grants , sponsorship, donations....

    in Entrepreneur

    General Motors Grants is tonight's topic of discussion.  Many corporations support the community they operate in by providing grants, scholarship, donations and contributions.  Tune in tonight or listen On-Demand to find out how General Motors give in local communities. 

    Expert Hostess: Chellerina E. Thaxton, CEO/Founder of the Philadelphia Grant Center www.philagrants.org

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    Nike Grants, Sponsoriship, Donations Repost!

    in Entrepreneur

    I apologize for the time scheduling error on Wednesday's Show.  Tonight will be the Nike Episode... foundation grants, sponsorship and donations.  

    Expert Hostess: Chellerina E. Thaxton, CEO/Founder of the Philadelhia Grant Center www.philagrants.org


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    $25 PayPal Donations Help Take Occupy Hip-Hop RevolutionRadio on the Road NOWPt2

    in Hip Hop Music

    $25 Donations To Help Us Take Occupy Hip-Hop Revolution Radio on the Road NOW!

    This show is to gather up grassroots support of hundreds and thousand of you among the Conscious Community on Facebook or in the streets to help us take this show on the road where we as its host will do the show at different hip-hop events,concerts,venues,on air.. Right now the "Powers that Be" in Missouri are blocking our personal and business loans with humongous credit checks, I personally Isa M. Shakur am either getting laid off on work or block balled from stable work due to my political ties with the Obama Administration and my past and president as Black Panther Revolutionary and Raptivist Prince Isa The Black Messiah.

    Such Black balling has caused me damn near homelessness and a heavy burden of unnecessary struggle on my staff. Your help will move the obstacle tossing white power republic money out my way and give us at Occupy Hip-Hop the Black Dollar empowerment to move this show across Black America and eventually Black Africa and the Black World!!!! Lets do the numbers Family. We ask 1230 of you to make a $25 donation but only half of you do,$15,375.5 would be more than enough for our radio road trip from STL to NY then NY to L.A. For now lets start with your $25 donation To help us Take Occupy Hip-Hop Revolution Radio on a the Road : ATL, New Orleans,Washington D.C. NY,then L.A.!

    PayPal Link: wesponsorblackjesus@gmail.com




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    Bribes, Blackmail, and American politics.

    in Politics

    Good evening, tomorrow on The Meter we will cover the lastest revelations on the Clinton Foundation's donations. Are foreign governments influencing American politics? Also, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hassert has been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor while he was a coach and teacher in the 1970's. Hassert was making payments to the accuser and has been charged with lying to the FBI about cash withdrawals from his bank accounts. We will cover the latest in the 2016 race for the White House as more candidates join the race. In Iraq, yet more territory falls to ISIS as the US Patroit Act is set to expire and the Bergdhal 5 are set to be free to travel as their house arrest expires. In addition, Cuba has been officially removed as a sponsor of terrorism. Are Americans safe? Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    Great Dads Society Coat Drive and Holiday Donations

    in Dads and Family

    On this week's program the hosts are joined by the great dad Chris Jackson. Chirs will be discussing the upcoming coat drive the Great Dads Society Atlantic City Chapter is holding. The Atlantic City Chapter is proud to announce our first annual Great Dads Society Winter Coat Drive and Holiday non perishable food item donations. 
    We looking for your help to expand this this idea across the entire GDS community. We need used good condition winter coats, NEW socks & underwear (all sizes both genders), and non perishable food items. In my little corner of the world here in Atlantic & Cape May Counties, New Jersey. Chris has set up 2 donation drop off centers. 401 West Ave Ocean City, NJ 08226 known as 4th Street Service Center & 26 Vernon Rd Marmora, NJ 08223. Drop off at these locations can be made 8am-5pm Monday-Friday without an appointment. Please call for directions or to make an appointment (609-391-0993) with Atlantic Cape Transportation to schedule an evening drop off or to have your donation picked up. We are a great group and during this season of giving let us come together and show our communities what we can do. 

    We will also be talking about Thanksgiving traditions & the knockout game once again, which seems to gotten the attention of mass media since we spoke about it last month.

    Don't miss this show which is bound to be another classic that millions will download for the holiday commute 

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    EARTH SKY People ~ 12 Strand DNA Activation Ceremony ~ Revisited & Revamped!

    in Spirituality

    http://VictoriaVives.com/radio  12 Strand DNA Activation Ceremony ~ Revisited & Revamped!

    Victoria Vives Khuong hosting EARTH SKY people RADIO ~ Living in Harmony with Mother Earth and Awakening to an Intergalactic Society!

    Worldwide times:PACIFIC 10 am ~ MOUNTAIN 11 pm ~ CENTRAL 12 noon ~ EASTERN 1 pm ~ ATLANTIC 2 pm
    UK 6 pm ~ EUROPE 7 pm ~ MIDDLE EAST 8 pm ~ RUSSIA 9 pm ~ INDIA 10:30 pm

    Website: www.VictoriaVives.com

    Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/HigherSelfCommunity

    Donations: www.victoriavives.com/donate

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    Obedience & Personal Purity Pt 1 (Purity & the Mind)

    in Religion

    Teaching & Preaching the Word to the World. Making disciples and seeking and saving the lost like Jesus did.        Luke 19:10 " For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost."

    BlogTalkRadio every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

    Monday/Friday - 8am Food For the Journey Int'l Ministries- Prophet Deborah call (347)426-3857
    Wednesday/Friday - 10am The Way Truth Life Tabernacle-Pastor Carlos call (347) 426-3343
    Monday,Wednesday,Friday - 10:30am Church Prayer Line  (772)236-9005 Pin 9005
    June 1st, 2015 New Church PrayerLine (712) 432-1212,   I.D. 832-348-540#

    Donations at:

    Bless Israel via our secured site      www.ifcj.org/goto/BlessIsrael

    Website:     www.wtlffjim.org

    Objective: To walk in the same manner as He walked.

    Memorize: 1 Corinthians 6:18

    Read: Romans 3 & 4

    A) Purity & the Mind

    what does Christ say of impure thoughts? Matthew 5:27-28
    List the things on which we should think. Phillippians  4:8
    Why does the human mind not want to think on these things? Romans 8:7
    How, then, do we obtain victory over impure thoughts? Galatians 5:16
    What else should we do to avoid thinking impure thoughts? Romans  13:14


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    Sexual Healing…Let's Get It On Episode 3

    in Christianity

    Join Joan Taylor and Pastor Renee Roberts for Sexual Healing...Let's Get it On Episode 3.


    First On - First In. You won't want to miss it.


    We're pulling out all the stops for this Series.  


    Seeds of Faith Ministries is a non-profit organization. It’s because of the donations of faithful listeners, advertisers, and sponsors like you, that we are able minister the Word of God weekly on Blog-Talk Radio. Our mission is to Empower, Encourage, and Enrich the lives of people worldwide to be everything that God has created you to be. Sow a Seed, make your donations on joantaylor.org. Be the Blessing and watch God Transform lives.