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    Lifestyle Makeover - Donald Trump Gets Sued

    in Dreams

    In a stunning report…Donald Trump gets sued by the New York Attorney General's office.
    How does this affect you and your life by design?
    To put it simply…
    It brings to light a very serious and potential epidemic because of what this lawsuit represents and why it actually threatens the very concept of living your life by design.
    In this week's Lifestyle Makeover broadcast, Matthew and Christine Kominiak go 15 rounds on the subject, as they talk about Mr. Trump's response to the NY Attorney General's allegations, to help vaccinate your thoughts so you can clearly see what is possible in your life.
    Your brain is already asking..."So what is it?"
    You'll have to tune in to find out.
    9/5/2013 10:30 EST 
    Matthew & Christine will see you there!

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    Is Donald Trump racist?

    in News

    Larry O'Connor filled in for Dana Loesch on The Dana Show on 97.1 FM in St Louis and 93.1 FM in Indy.  This is Part 2
    We discuss the charge of racism against Donald Trump and we interview BigPeace.com’s PETER SCHWEIZER about our current relations with the United Kingdom in the wake of the Royal Wedding.

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    Donald Trump too Far ?-"The Real Deal" with Dr. Leigh-Davis

    in Entertainment

    Donald Trump too Far ?-"The Real Deal" with Dr. Leigh-Davis. Has Donald Trump gone too far this time, resulting in recent problems with his Trump University? "The Real Deal" is going to dissect the man that is Donald Trump, from his humble beginnings; to his rise to power; to all the controversy and media squabbles along the way. Rosie O'Donnell would be proud.
    Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time, is now our regular spot. {Theme: Entertainment, Current Events, Politics and HOT TOPICS!!!} {Guest Profile: Anyone who has something current and interesting to talk about. The Real Deal is modeled after the old Merv Griffin talk shows, in that we keep it entertaining, but focused on what is happening in the world, (i.e.: HOT TOPICS!)} Remember, we have open topics and we do NOT screen our calls. All we ask is: be fascinating; keep it current; and visit http://www.DrLeigh-Davis.com {or} http://www.DrLeigh-Davis.co.uk.
    *** NEW *** Listen LIVE from anywhere by calling (646) 727-2831 at 10 PM.*** LIVE call-in number: (646) 727-2831.
    24/7 call-in number -- 24/7 voicemail (may be played on the air): (646) 470-2170. 

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    Is Donald Trump the Republican front runner?

    in Radio

    The Donald has flirted with a presidential run in the last few election cycles but usually it has been short lived.  Many laughed when he first brought up the ‘Birther’ thing and surmised it was just a publicity stunt.  With roughly a quarter of Republicans not sure if the president was actually born in America, has Donald Trump found the one thing to get him a real bid as the Republican Party’s Nominee?  He said he would spend $700 Million of his own money.  Some have wondered if he actually has that much money in the first place.  Are Main Stream Republicans afraid that his name recognition and mouth piece is going to suck all of the air out of the room from them?
    Join Angela & Rodney as they dig a little deeper on Our Own Voices Live!

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    Donald Trump May Be Too Toxic

    in Current Events

    Donald Trump has never been shy about saying exactly what's on his mind, but this time his dogged attacks on President Obama and his birth certificate may have crossed a line, leading several experts to believe his shift to negative politics could scare big-name celebs from working for him.

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    in Radio

         Jay King makes an exclusive announcement about The Donald,  Donald Trump's hair, after he made the 5 million dollar offer to President Obama.  Plus comic Rodney Perry talks talk, and the usual banner from Sgt Carcker (John Davis) & Robert Redwine (Here Comes Bobby Boo Boo Stank) LAUGHTER - Ha Ha Ha! and more - you'll love this show, even if you hate it. Oh me?  I'm the H.N.I.C.  Hefty Nasty Inadvertantly Clever... H N I C, see?  347-205--9366.  This show can be addictive, so BEWARE!!!!  Thanks for your support for the JKN.
    The Jay King Network, 2012 - All Rights Reserved.

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    GOP like wheat blowing in the wind

    in Politics Conservative

    The once (apologizes for the analogy) "All for one and one for all) approach to getting what they want in a political arena once again getting challenged it's baffling members, The far, far, right Wing-Nuts and the moderates are already spitting out condemnation on the opposite (yet, the same ) conservative party followers. Well, today they will have fresh fuel thrown on the fire as Rand Paul throws his name into the middle of the road to nowhere. Homophobia and civil rights are making waves as the boiling pot of Civil Rights vs Religious Freedom threatens to scald all of them. Indeed, there is an intersting brew on the stove. BTW, Donald Trump will be in South Carolina this weekend sticking his toe in the warm waters of Myrtle Beach as the keynote speaker of the Horry County Repubplican Party Convention.

    Due to conflicting schedules this mornings edition of "In the Pickle Barrel" be be shortened to 8AM-9AM EST. Bill is a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem and has some children he must represent in court this morning.




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    It's Manic Monday! You tell us what you want to talk about

    in Politics Conservative

    Showtime 8AM-10AM EST

    Monday is your day. This is the day dedicated to you. You set the agenda; we talk about anything you want to talk about. Get updates on weekend political happenings and what to expect for the week ahead in the world of politics. We also take a look at other issues, wacky news, 2016 Elections, Obama, President Hillary (Queeny), the herd of Bull Elephants running toward the White House, US Senate, Congress, Terrorists, nothing protected, ignored or taboo on Manic Monday.

    Bring it on!

    Join my Monday co-host Susan Minck and me "as we try" to be serious and respectful on Manic Monday. It's hard to do, but we try (half-way).

    Showtime 8AM-10AM EST Mondy-Friday. You can be part of the conversations by entering the Chat Room or speak LIVE ON AIR by calling  855-236-2486.

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    in Politics Progressive



    That's What You Are!!


    You'll Beat The Pants Of Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, John Kasich, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Martin O'Malley




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    Donald Trump, Birth Certificate, Is Donald Thrump a RACIST?

    in Women

    Our Guests. Professor Donald Trump
    Donald Jones, Professor of Law, is a Baltimore native and a graduate of the New York University School of Law. He teaches Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, and Employment Discrimination at the law school.
    Sally Kohn is Founder and Chief Education Officer of the Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots think tank that makes the world safe for radical ideas
    . Special Guest Lori Hollander, the Kitchen Counsellor.  Tips for Mother's Day

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    Trump Strategies for Real Estate by George H. Ross"- co-star of TV's THE APPRENT

    in Blogs

    "Trump Strategies for Real Estate by George H. Ross"- co-star of TV's THE APPRENTICE.
    Learn how to negotiate better, make better deals, and create high-level business relationships.

    The morning breakout sessions cover all aspects of your business - we have everything from law and accounting, to mindset and motivation.

    The afternoon portion is real-estate centred, anchored by Mr. Ross, with the owner of Toronto's landmark Flatiron building as a special guest. - What better way is there to secure your retirement than by investing in a portion of Mother Earth herself? (Residual income and cash flow.)

    Followed by an exclusive Red Carpet VIP dinner on King Street across from the TIFF building (only 50 seats left, maybe less after today) - Includes dinner in the same room as George Ross and other keynotes, 3-course meal, complimentary valet and drinks at the restaurant. All VIP members are entered into a draw to win a custom tailored suit donated by J. Yunger Bespoke.

    June 20 2015
    Metro Toronto Convention Centre 9am-6pm
    & Red Carpet Dinner on King Street at 7:30pm
    George H. Ross is the Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel for the Trump Organization. He has been the legal advisor to Donald Trump for over 30 years, securing some of his biggest and most profitable real estate deals.

    You may find additional videos of the event on our YouTube channel, "GS Maher and EmersonRose". Video of George H. Ross here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmhRk4Z1Q3U