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    Lifestyle Makeover - Donald Trump Gets Sued

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    In a stunning report…Donald Trump gets sued by the New York Attorney General's office.
    How does this affect you and your life by design?
    To put it simply…
    It brings to light a very serious and potential epidemic because of what this lawsuit represents and why it actually threatens the very concept of living your life by design.
    In this week's Lifestyle Makeover broadcast, Matthew and Christine Kominiak go 15 rounds on the subject, as they talk about Mr. Trump's response to the NY Attorney General's allegations, to help vaccinate your thoughts so you can clearly see what is possible in your life.
    Your brain is already asking..."So what is it?"
    You'll have to tune in to find out.
    9/5/2013 10:30 EST 
    Matthew & Christine will see you there!

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    Is Donald Trump racist?

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    Larry O'Connor filled in for Dana Loesch on The Dana Show on 97.1 FM in St Louis and 93.1 FM in Indy.  This is Part 2
    We discuss the charge of racism against Donald Trump and we interview BigPeace.com’s PETER SCHWEIZER about our current relations with the United Kingdom in the wake of the Royal Wedding.

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    Donald Trump too Far ?-"The Real Deal" with Dr. Leigh-Davis

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    Donald Trump too Far ?-"The Real Deal" with Dr. Leigh-Davis. Has Donald Trump gone too far this time, resulting in recent problems with his Trump University? "The Real Deal" is going to dissect the man that is Donald Trump, from his humble beginnings; to his rise to power; to all the controversy and media squabbles along the way. Rosie O'Donnell would be proud.
    Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time, is now our regular spot. {Theme: Entertainment, Current Events, Politics and HOT TOPICS!!!} {Guest Profile: Anyone who has something current and interesting to talk about. The Real Deal is modeled after the old Merv Griffin talk shows, in that we keep it entertaining, but focused on what is happening in the world, (i.e.: HOT TOPICS!)} Remember, we have open topics and we do NOT screen our calls. All we ask is: be fascinating; keep it current; and visit http://www.DrLeigh-Davis.com {or} http://www.DrLeigh-Davis.co.uk.
    *** NEW *** Listen LIVE from anywhere by calling (646) 727-2831 at 10 PM.*** LIVE call-in number: (646) 727-2831.
    24/7 call-in number -- 24/7 voicemail (may be played on the air): (646) 470-2170. 

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    Is Donald Trump the Republican front runner?

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    The Donald has flirted with a presidential run in the last few election cycles but usually it has been short lived.  Many laughed when he first brought up the ‘Birther’ thing and surmised it was just a publicity stunt.  With roughly a quarter of Republicans not sure if the president was actually born in America, has Donald Trump found the one thing to get him a real bid as the Republican Party’s Nominee?  He said he would spend $700 Million of his own money.  Some have wondered if he actually has that much money in the first place.  Are Main Stream Republicans afraid that his name recognition and mouth piece is going to suck all of the air out of the room from them?
    Join Angela & Rodney as they dig a little deeper on Our Own Voices Live!

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         Jay King makes an exclusive announcement about The Donald,  Donald Trump's hair, after he made the 5 million dollar offer to President Obama.  Plus comic Rodney Perry talks talk, and the usual banner from Sgt Carcker (John Davis) & Robert Redwine (Here Comes Bobby Boo Boo Stank) LAUGHTER - Ha Ha Ha! and more - you'll love this show, even if you hate it. Oh me?  I'm the H.N.I.C.  Hefty Nasty Inadvertantly Clever... H N I C, see?  347-205--9366.  This show can be addictive, so BEWARE!!!!  Thanks for your support for the JKN.
    The Jay King Network, 2012 - All Rights Reserved.

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    Donald Trump May Be Too Toxic

    in Current Events

    Donald Trump has never been shy about saying exactly what's on his mind, but this time his dogged attacks on President Obama and his birth certificate may have crossed a line, leading several experts to believe his shift to negative politics could scare big-name celebs from working for him.

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    Freedom in Iowa

    in Politics

    "I was leading in every poll. ... I regret that I didn't stay in,". "I would've won the race against (President Barack) Obama. He would've been easy. Hillary (Clinton) is tougher to beat than Obama, but Hillary is very beatable."
    "Mitt ran and failed. He failed. So you can't have Romney," Donald Trump
    "Don't they know I'm from New Jersey?" "Two Ton" Christie
    You know what? Talk is cheap,". "The Lord tells you, you shall know them by their fruits."Iowans should demand the candidates show them examples of when they stood up and fought against abortion, same-sex marriage, Common Core — and against "career politicians" of both parties.Ted "Canadian" Cruz



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    Willard's Last Stand

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    Mitt Romney started his speech Wednesday night at Mississippi State sounding more like a commencement speaker than a political candidate.Romney's opening was a soft mixture of self-deprecation about his college days – "I was an English major, which meant I had no idea what I would do for a living" – and a recounting of some of the human lessons he learned during the 2012 presidential election. Clarion-Ledger
    "Mitt ran and failed. He failed. So you can't have Romney," he said, as the audience cheered robustly.Donald Trump Des Moines Register
    Willard met in Boston last week and went as far as to discuss where campaign headquarters might be located. Romney also is trying to sell an 11,000-square-foot home he is building in La Jolla, Calif. The house, and its car elevator, was used in 2012 to portray him as rich and out of touch.Before his appearance on campus, Romney stopped by Little Dooey, a barbecue restaurant that had a sign outside welcoming him. Wearing Hudson jeans and an open-collared shirt, he stepped out of a black SUV and quickly declared, “I like pulled pork.”. Boston Globe

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    The Back Nine Report presented by eDraft.com

    in Sports

    Arnold Palmer told us long ago that the game is at least 80% mental. Co-hosts Fred Altvater and Carlos Torres will take The Practice Range, and tackle this aspect of the game, how the pressure and emotions affect players, and how it also translates to oether sports and our daily lives.

    On The Par-5 News presented by United Golf Network, Rory McIlroy has committed to the Honda Classic, but now is investigated for tax evasion in the UK along with buddy Grame McDowell; the PGA Tour look to appeal to a younger crowd with Skratch TV; arrests have been made in the Robert Allenby case; Donald Trump is at it again, wants to own the Miami-Dade Country Public Course and Raise fees, plus there are more issues for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Golf Course.

    We’ll have two Very Important Guest (VIG) of the Week, one of the is Craig Brass, author of the book How to Quit Golf: A 12-Step Program, and the other will be J.R. Slaughter, President of Juvent Sports and VP of Sales at Juvent-Regenerative Technologies Corporation.

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    Overcome Fear & Obstacles, Achieve Your Dreams, Be "IN-Powered": Nadine Lajoie

    in Women

    Nadine Lajoie :: Champion Motorcycle Racer :: High Speed Success Coach :: :: International Award-Winning Entrepreneur :: :: Best-Selling Author ::

    America’s High Speed Success Trainer, Award-Winning Entrepreneur and “Champion Motorcycle Racer , #1 Best-Selling author of “Win The Race of Life.”

    Nadine has been featured in Performance magazine along with Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Zig Ziglar.  She’s been featured in USA Today, ABC, CBS Money Watch, and has shared the stage with elite Speakers including: Jamie Lee Curtis, Les Brown, Marianne Williamson, Dr. John Gray, Jeane Houston, Michael B. Beckwith,  Ali Brown, and many more.

    Nadine “IN-Powers” entrepreneurs and women worldwide with a completely UNIQUE NEW “twist” using motorcycle racing as a metaphor for life and business, providing a powerful and energetic message to embody multi-dimensional success.

    Visit - http://www.nadinecoaching.com/

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.DebScott.com

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    Donald Trump, Birth Certificate, Is Donald Thrump a RACIST?

    in Women

    Our Guests. Professor Donald Trump
    Donald Jones, Professor of Law, is a Baltimore native and a graduate of the New York University School of Law. He teaches Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, and Employment Discrimination at the law school.
    Sally Kohn is Founder and Chief Education Officer of the Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots think tank that makes the world safe for radical ideas
    . Special Guest Lori Hollander, the Kitchen Counsellor.  Tips for Mother's Day

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