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    Dominatrix Discussion Day 4: Dominance

    in Religion

    Dominatrix Discussion Day 4: Dominance

    Contact me at: healinglovecenter@gmail.com

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    Jared & Pete Review the Continued Dominance of Novak Djokovic in Paris

    in Sports

    Jared Pine and Pete Ziebron discuss Paris Bercy, including the 6th Masters 1000 win of the year for Novak Djokovic.  The world #1 continues to separate himself from the rest of the ATP field by a wide margin.  Meanwhile, Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka fought valiantly but their efforts could not match Djokovic.  Join Jared and Pete on Passing Shots on the ProTenn Radio Network.

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    Dr. Michael Platt, Adrenaline Dominance: Revolutionary Health

    in Self Help

    What if the stress of your life pumps out a steady stream of excess adrenaline, and that adrenaline in your system is creating most of our currently “incurable” diseases, such as ADHD, fibromyalgia, anger, depression, anxiety, interstitial cystitis, insomnia, bipolar disorders, PTSD, and severe PMS? Internal medicine doctor Michael Platt talks about this probability, as well as gives information about how we can reduce the amount of adrenaline in our system. His investigation shows that following his protocol allows patients to reassess their needs for taking prescription medications. So often we give modern doctors credit for addressing the symptoms of illness, without identifying and dealing with the cause. This week, Full Power Living is host to one medical doctor who IS addressing “cause,” and makes a case for many of our “unsolvable” medical problems to be solved by reducing the amount of adrenaline in our systems. Join me for a refreshing look at what we CAN do to reduce people’s medical woes. Click here to visit Dr. Platt's website.


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    Full Spectrum Dominance: The Big Plan

    in Current Events

    As many people have noted the globalists plans for our future seem to affect ALL aspects of our lives.

    Why is that?

    Because of "Full Spectrum Dominance".  Basically, the elites want to control EVERY aspect of our lives and that is literally the term they coined for doing it.

    To discuss this we have 'William Engdahl of http://www.williamengdahl.com/ .  He has written a book on this subject called "Full Spectrum Dominance" along with several other books such as "Target China" and "Myths, Lies and Oil Wars"

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    Cards Bluffin' or Holding a Full House / Patriot Dominance

    in Sports

    The Arizona Cardinals are 3-0 and on top of the NFC West. Are the Cards bluffin' or are they the best team in the NFC? The Patriots continue their winning ways and they look unstoppable on their quest for FIVE! Tom Brady has taken the Deflate-Gate Scandal and turned it into a spark to ignite his competitive fire. We have the scores and an objective crew that offers fresh analysis on week 3.

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    2MW Hot Corner: Missouri Dominance, Miami's Management Situation

    in Sports

    Top of the Inning - Missouri dominance, KC and St Louis filling up the all-star ballot

    Middle of the Inning - How small market teams are the new trend in baseball.

    Bottom of the Inning - Our take on the management situation in Miami

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    Chemtrails, HAARP, and Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth w/Elana Freeland

    in Environment

    Over the years, Elana Freeland has been a Rudolf Steiner school pioneer, teacher, lecturer, storyteller, and writer. She has written for alternative publications, edited the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA and ritual abuse, and is still ghostwriting books on diverse topics. During her undergraduate days, she studied biology. In 1996, she was awarded a Master of Arts in Great Books and honors for her thesis on historiography at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In June 2014, Feral House Books released Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth. Recently, the Australian magazine Nexus published her article on invasive electromagnetic weapons. Freeland is also the author of a fictional American history series called Sub Rosa America about the “deep politics” behind the downfall of the United States since John F. Kennedy's assassination. She has now begun the sequel to Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, which will be about the next phase of the global chemtrails-ionospheric heater technology: the "space fence,” a world Smart Grid enabled by the ionized atmosphere we now breathe. Inside the space fence lockdown, humanity is to be neurologically herded toward a Transhumanist future. Freeland now lives in Olympia, Washington.

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    Radio Wehrwolf: Jewish Dominance of Civil Rights

    in Politics

    Tonight Dion will be discussing the Jewish hand behind the Civil Rights Movement. Including the creation of the NAACP, Urban League, MLK, the real Rosa Parks, and more.

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    Weapons are Whitemen means of dominance, over Black people and wealth

    in Religion

    In Genesis 3:24 God is violent and apt to kill Adam and Eve in his garden. The white man makes himself God and kills like God in the bible to rule over all. The bible create every evil on earth, kills babies, all sorts of women pregnant ones, young and old, God hates women, his son Jesus rather to have 12 men apostle than marry one woman. Isaiah 9:6  did promise peace in the world through Jesus, but it was an hoax. The fictional writing of St. John says Jesus went off into a mountain to hide himself, because he didn't want to become a king.  In Matthew 2,  a perfect God  divulged the secret of the newly born Jewish baby the Roman adversary king Herod., this is one of the biggest act of confusion in the boble. A parallel confusion is written in Matthew 10: 34 when all hell broke lose. As the fiction of the Jesus character ecplain: Think not that I am come to send peace about a sword. Todate the people of the world have white men supremacist, with warships and bombs, scud missiles, tanks and guns, tazars hand cuffs. This is the white man's world via weapons. Who says mankind need weapons only the white man and their black cronies think that weapons are needed. God loves fools and who is God the Pope. 

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    Frisky Fridays: Dominance and Submission

    in Entertainment

    THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED SHOW! In this episode, Foxy Miss Moxie explores the roles of Dominance and submission as part 2 of the 3 part series on BDSM.
    Your participation in this show is important.  Let's hear from both you Dom's and sub's out there about your experience in the lifestyle.  If you want to share your stories with Foxy Miss Moxie you can email them to msmox@mistressmoxie.com or contact her on twitter @msmoxxxi Be sure to catch Taboo Fetish Talk LIVE every Thursday with Miss Whitney Morgan & JW Ties 7pm-9pm est! Follow us on Twitter @TabooFetishTalk @MsWhitneyMorgan @JWTies & "LIKE" us on Facebook @TabooFetishTalk.
    Questions? Comments? Interested in being a guest or want to host your own show on Taboo Fetish Talk Radio send an email to taboofetishtalk@gmail.com.