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    Provocation and Domestic Abuse

    in Family

    Join us as we discuss domestic abuse looking at both sides thru the eyes of the aggressor, victim and or the provoker as we open season 7 September 25, 2014 at 6:30pm on SIRA Media Radio.

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    Jenny Marshall Williams- Domestic Abuse Survivor

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    Tune in and support Ms.Jenny Williams. Jennie will share her story with us in hopes of, helping other women to get OUT of their situation. I read an interesting article from the Huffington written by-  Alanna Vagianos.  This is ALARMING 

    The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. The number of American women who were murdered by current or ex male partners during that time was 11,766. That's nearly double the amount of casualties lost during war.

    Women are much more likely to be victims of intimate partner violence with 85 percent of domestic abuse victims being women and 15 percent men. Too many women have been held captive by domestic violence -- whether through physical abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse or a combination of all three. 

    I will continue to use my platform to give anyone a voice to speak out and to help others.



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    Breaking Free from Domestic Abuse

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    How does one break free from domestic abuse after decades of fear,dashed hope and broken promises?  Years of the cycle of leave and return where her  pattern and seemed to be her destiny as some looked on in despair.  Our speaker Saundra, talks about the entry of light into her dark places.  Listen in to Part 3 for a look from the inside.  Find out what it takes to break the bondage of mind control. Discover how you might support someone in a domestic abuse situation.



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    Domestic Abuse in the NFL

    in Sports

    Tonight on Sports Talk with Bryan Nolen, we chat about the latest incidents involving Domestic Abuse in the NFL and give you guys our thoughts on them. We will discuss what the NFL should do as well as law enforcement and more. Steven Meador co-host as this will be an emotional packed show. Tune in and share your thoughts.

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    Debut of B.AD.A Brills Against Domestic Abuse

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    Brilliantnaires Against Domestic Abuse B>A>D>A

    Take a journey into the life of a survivor. Uncover her true brilliance within.

    As Survivor of Domestic Abuse Brill Cornelius is silently working to initiate the writing of a bill into law that will enforce "Mandatory Sentencing of Domestic Abusers". She wants to ensure that the "Three Strikes Law" is also enforced in every state.. Cornelius believes that repeat offenders need to be made examples of and that the three strikes law must be enacted into law in all abuse cases in America; for the safety of women and children.

    Brill Cornelius is an Advocate for Victims of Abuse is a 5 time Survivor of domestic and criminal abuse. After recently suffering three years of healing, she is out of the closet of shame and advocating for children and women enduring abuse. The ultimate mission of B.A.D.A is to reach women worldwide allowing every abused woman in every culture to tell her story..

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    Domestic Abuse "Why To A Toddler?"

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    Domestic Abuse for an adult is complicated and hard to comprehend and digest.  How is it that an adult can be abusive to a "toddler?"  They are the most INNOCENT, creatures on this earth and has a clean slate that has not been tarnished and is exposed to domestic abuse......it is INCOMPREHENSIBLE, DEPLORABLE, and most ASSININE, thing one could do to a child.

    There are several videos via the internet that shows how horrific this act is deliberately perpetrated on innocent children.  What can you do about it?

    Who should you tell if you see it? Where can you find help for the child/children?

    When should you speak up? How can you prevent it from happening? 

    We have resources available for you.......join us!


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    Domestic Abuse "Rejection and the Effects"

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    Domestic Abuse and the Effects of REJECTION!

    The word "rejection" without any descriptive suggest alienation, isolation and pain.  How does rejection from a parent inflict trauma, and pain on a child?

    The supposed natural order of a mother is to love her child/children but as we see more and more in this day and time this is not always the case of a natural love for the off-spring of a parent.  What can you do when you feel that your mother the person that brought you into the world "rejects" you and also by your siblings.

    We are going to speak with Dr. Carolyn Sutton, Author of ' REJECTED BY MEN' BUT CHOSEN BY GOD, as she share her story of rejection.

    You will hear how all along GOD has purpose for her life through it ALL. Her story will encourage and inspire you to know that GOD is always there and will bring "purpose" from your pain.

    This is a very inspiring book about the author's story of rejection and resiliency! Her book is available  at www.amazon.com.

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    Reality Bytes - Surviving Domestic Abuse

    in Relationships

    All of us have come into contact with someone in an abusive situation at least once in our lives, or perhaps we were the victim of domestic abuse ourselves. What most people neither know or understand is that there is a lot more to breaking the cycle of abuse than just walking away from the abusive relationship. Sometimes it is about completely changing who you are and how you think, but mostly it is about healing and finding your confidence again.

    On today's show we will be discussing how to break the cycle of abuse and get a second chance at a good life. We will be speaking with victims of abuse that have broken the cycle, and asking them how they did it and how their lives changed post abuse.

    The phone lines will be open so if you feel you have something to contribute to the discussion please do call in! (646)716-6583

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    Domestic Abuse A Major Social Problem

    in Entertainment

    Join A.Raquel, Mahoghani Dawn and Ray Cornelius on Tuesday for another edition of The Conversation Cafe™ as they discuss the latest news and entertainment topics of the day during their “Keeping You In the Know” segment and in the second half of the show A.Raquel and Mahoghani Dawn will discuss “Domestic Abuse A Major Social Problem” and review Domestic Violence Facts (http://www.ncadv.org/files/DomesticViolenceFactSheet(National).pdf) from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (http://www.ncadv.org/). Tune in to join the conversation at 773-97-3986 and “Remember…where there’s no dialogue, there’s no conversation!”

    Follow Ray Cornelius on Facebook: facebook.com/Ray-Cornelius Twitter: @RayCornelius75 Instagram: instagram.com/raycornelius. For more information about the National Coalition Against Domestic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SupportNCADV?sk=timeline and National Statistics about Domestic Violence http://www.ctcadv.org/information-about-domestic-violence/national-statistics/. 24/7 national hotline: The National Domestic Violence Hotline (http://www.thehotline.org/).

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    Mr. Brett A. Scudder present Correlation: Suicide, Depression and Domestic Abuse

    in Lifestyle

    Join/listen Mr. Brett A. Scudder as he discusses the Correlation between Suicide, Depression and Domestic Abuse/violence. When we say Domestic Violence it downplays the real overall issues and impacts of the psychological and emotional aspects of domestic abuse, and so we say, Domestic Abuse which entails the physical, verbal, spiritual, financial and psychological impacts of intimate partner relationships not just on the couple but also on children and the extended family.

    Please share and help to promote the show and dialog.

    Thank You,


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    "Fighting Domestic Abuse By Man And Country"

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    SPONSORED BY MARK PITTMAN--Domestic abuse is a serious issue. Victims are traumatized by direct threats, and imprisoned by conditioned co-dependency. When someone you love, depend on, or who has supported you turns violent or becomes the very oppressor they once shielded you from, the damage is hard to repair. African-Americans on a whole suffer massive domestic abuse...by the nation that was supposedly built on freedom, civil liberties, choice and morals. A country that promised to afford and protect the rights of people to live freely and choose their deity, wardrobe, faith and preferences without fear of repercussions or harm. The victim pool is massive among these two factions. How do we overcome the chains and the self-lothin instilled in us by our perpetrators? How do we truly break free from the chains that bind us to the pain we loathe yet cannot seem to put in its rihtful place...which is back on the people who gave it to us. Join in tonight at 10:30 pm EST with your thoughts.