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    Paranormal concepts,presents the Latino Ghost Hunter

    in Spirituality

    Bruce Jay is a Paranormal Investigator in Latin America and The Caribbean. Known in Latin America & The Caribbean as "El Cazafantasmas" (The Ghost Hunter) or in The United Sates as "The Latino Ghost Hunter". He is also an Archaeologist and Historian. He is like a modern Indiana Jones of the Paranormal.
    Bruce started the paranormal studies in Massachusetts in 2003. He has investigated more than 200 locations between The Caribbean, Latin America, The US and Europe. He has his Radio Show in Puerto Rico called Ruta Paranormal, where he talks about different stories about the paranormal, UFO's and Cryptology. Bruce has feature in many tv shows for Telemundo, Univsion and other networks in Latin America. He also featured in an episode of Ghost Hunters International (SyFy) filmed in Puerto Rico in 2011.
    Bruce is also a tv Producer who has worked for many productions for the travel channel, syfy and History. He has also worked and produced many independent films in Puerto Rico and Los Angeles.

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    Naked on Stage & Lady Gaga Tricks of the Trade - Kevin Stea

    in Entrepreneur

    Kevin Stea, a well-known dancers in the industry for  over 20 years has worked as choreographer, model, director, actor and host.  He has worked with some of the world’s top musical artists, directors, photographers and designers. 

    Kevin was associate choreographer, dance captain and dancer on Madonna’s legendary Blonde Ambition World Tour, from which the movie “Madonna:Truth or Dare” was made, and the video for “Vogue”.  

    He performed in Madonna’s unforgettable Edwardian appearance on the MTV Music Video Awards, and won Star Search with the Dance Grand Champions ‘New World’. Soon after, he was working with Gloria Estefan, Prince and as associate choreographer and dancer for Michael Jackson. 

    After performing in movies like Sister Act 2, Showgirls, Newsies and The Birdcage, he toured Japan with Japanese artist Seiko Matsuda, as her dance partner and singer. He then moved to Italy to sing, dance, act and judge on a variety show, Buona Domenica.  After signing a recording deal, he toured with Ricky Martin, promoting “La Vida Loca”. 

    Kevin appeared in more than 50 commercials, including 13 for the Gap and Old Navy, most famously in Khaki-a-go-go. He also appeared in 14 Pepsi commercials, along with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce and Britney Spears

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    Domenica Marchetti of Domenica Cooks, 5 Amazing Cookbooks, Tours, and Abruzzo

    in Travel

    The joy of Italian Food and Italian Cooking comes through in Domenica's voice.  We talk about her 5 amazing cookbooks:  The Glorious Vegetables of Italy, The Glorious Pasta of Italy, Big Night In - More than 100 Wonderful Recipes for Feeding Family and Friends Italian-Style, The Glorious Soups and Stews of Italy, and Rustic Italian.

    We talk about what makes Italian food so wonderful for your heart and soul, how to enjoy the simpler things that Italy delivers, and how you're now able to find many more Italian vegetables here in the U.S.

    Domenica also shares her love of her region of Abruzzo and why her tours are a great way to enjoy Italy's greenest region.  From hilltops dotted with castles to the beaches Abruzzo is the place to be.  It's also home to my most favorite Italian wine.

    Visit www.domenicacooks.com to learn all about her cookbooks, her tours, and Domenica.

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    St. Josepha Rosello

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement.

    St. Josepha Rosello - Benedetta Rosello was born at Liguria, Italy, in 1811, and at the age of sixteen she became a Franciscan tertiary. For nine years, she cared for an invalid, and when he died, Benedetta, along with Paula Barla, and her two cousins Angela and Domenica Pescio, established a community at Savona in 1837.

    The new community was called the Daughters of Our Lady of Pity, and its members engaged in the education of poor girls, the founding of hospitals, and other charitable works. Benedetta took the religious name Josepha and was mistress of novices. She was later elected superior in 1840, and she remained in that post till her death.

    In 1846, the group received diocesan approval, and the number of its foundations increased rapidly. During Josepha’s lifetime, the congregation numbered sixty-eight houses. During the last years of her life, Josepha was quite ill and her prayer life was terribly arid. Nonetheless, she persevered till the end. She died on December 7, 1880, and she was canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1949.

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    Myths & Facts: Drinking Water with Georges Ruta

    in Health


    Why is our drinking water chlorinated?
    Why is it fluoridated?
    How is our drinking water treated and managed?
    Is bottled water safer?
    What does it mean when your water is not clear?
    What makes our drinking water unsafe?

    Guest: Georges Ruta

    Georges has an honours degree in science, a diploma in education and a master of environmental science specializing in water quality.  Has spent his entire career working in water quality testing and management. 

    Host: Lucinda Curran

    Join us as we uncover the truths - draining off the myths to uncover the facts in a lively conversation.


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    Animales sueltos en la ruta: 5 a�os, 13 muertos, 42 heridos

    in Radio

    Tiempo de San Juan

    Animales sueltos en la ruta: 5 años, 13 muertos, 42 heridos

    Ese fue el saldo de 41 accidentes de tránsito, los cuales dejaron un total de 47 heridos. Factor común: caballos y la oscuridad de la noche. El informe es en base a hechos que tomaron estado público. Por Ana Paula Zegaib.


    Radio Bío-Bío

    Hay propietarios que lucran con caballosPese a prohibición, nadie frena el maltrato animal
    Sin control. El maltrato a equinos a través de servicios de transporte en carrozas esclaviza animales y no se ven castigos

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    Model/ New Co - Host Domenica

    in Entertainment

    For this another episode of the show. I have a special guest who goes by the name of Domenica who's a up and coming model and the new co host on Naughty Down 4Ever radio show.

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    in Entertainment

    Il giornalista Sandro ravagnani intervista in esclusiva per WBERADIO e blogtalkradio USA il lidear dei Delirium project Rino Simopoli e il manager Pasquale Sorabella in collegamento live da Torino e Milano Italia (prima parte) nel corso del programma canzoni tratte dal loro ultimo album Licenziato da Dio (sigla delprogramma della settimana) la seconda parte andra in onda domenica sera.

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    in Motivation

    Nuestro proceso evolutivo, no es lineal ya que la vida avanza en espiral. Antes de ser capaces de integrar una nueva experiencia, necesitamos determinado periodo para replegarnos en nosotros mismos.

    Necesitamos mapas de ruta que nos permitan recuperar esa visión integral, que sirvan de apoyo al viaje hacia nuestro centro, la Numerología Védica y el Código de la Vida, nos ayuda a alinear la energía para el encuentro con la Conciencia de Unidad y a comprender las experiencias y los giros de la vida, los momentos en los que hay que compartir, crear, cambiar, avanzar, reflexionar, producir...

    ¿Qué pasaría en el mundo si los números no existieran?

    ¿Por qué es importante la fecha de nacimiento y en qué ayuda para transitar el camino por la vida?

    Tipos de Numerología.


    Twittea este episodio con el hasgtag #CUMPLEANOS

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    Fridays with Faith... NY Times Author RUTA SEPETYS

    in Spirituality

    We are very honored to welcome to our show this week... NY Times Best Selling Author, Ms. Ruta Sepetys.  Born and raised in Michigan, Ruta Sepetys is the daughter of a Lithuanian refugee. The nations of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia disappeared from maps in 1941 and did not reappear until 1990. As this is a story seldom told, Ruta wanted to give a voice to the hundreds of thousands of people who lost their lives during Stalin's cleansing of the Baltic region. Ruta lives with her family in Tennessee. 

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    Cuba subasta caballos de raza por 500.000 eurosa

    in Radio

    lanacion.com (Argentina), DOCUMENTO DE LA MESA ASESORA, 

    Agencia de gestion Urbana del gob de mexico  Inaugura Sectur DF nueva ruta del Turibús al Hipódromo

    Centro de Información por Internet de China

    Apuestas de carreras de caballos un negocio en potencia para China

    La Habana | EFE

    Cuba subasta caballos de raza por 500.000 euros