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    Patriots vs. Dolphins

    in Football

    This is our preview of the Patriots opener on the road against the Dolphins.

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    Miami Dolphins Draft recap

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    J.P. (@PhinsRock) and Bill (@PhinNation, PhinNation.com), will be breaking down the Dolphins draft and Off Season. Feel free to call in and hang out with us!
    We'll be discussing the Dion Jordan trade, Jamar Taylor pick, taking 3 UF players and more. 

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    Bills vs Dolphins Battle for Second Place

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    The Bills and Dolphins face off against each other tonight. Both teams are fighting to stay in second place behind the Patriots in an attempt to make a run for first. Both teams still have to play the Patriots again, so this is a very important game for both teams. Will the Bills take it again like earlier in the season or will the Dolphins bounce back. Both teams are coming off of a lose and want to redeem themselves. This is a battle of the AFC East and it is a big one. Come listen to help you decide on who you think will win.

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    NFL Handicapping: The Miami Dolphins Playoff Chances

    in Football

    In a stacked AFC playoff picture, what are the Miami Dolphins playoff chances as they get set to take the field for Monday Night Football against the New York Jets? The NFL handicapping edition of Jim Hurley's Football Betting Podcast explores this, as well as examining Miami's impressive performance for the Vegas sharps. 

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    Miami Dolphins Talk

    in Sports

    A show dedicated to talking Miami Dolphins football, mostly focusing on the team's big Off Season ahead.

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    Ilona Selke--Dolphins and Our Intuition

    in Spirituality

    Ilona Selke was born in the Himalayas and raised the first three years in Afghanistan speaking Persian and then raised in Germany. She moved to the U.S. at age 20 for her studies in philosophy when she met her husband Don Paris, Ph.D.
    She continued in her studies of body-centered psychotherapy, Hakomi, Holodynamics, Radionics and alternative healing when they moved to Boulder Colorado, and later to their home on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

    Ilona and her husband are co-founders and directors of Living From Vision®, an institute for personal growth, multi-dimensional development of awareness, and spiritual relationships. Together they train teachers for the course Living from Vision®, now translated into four languages, which is being taught worldwide.
    They divided their time between their island homes, one in the Pacific Northwest and the other on Bali by their Retreat Center ShangriLa www.bali-shangrila.com.  Japan and India.

    Her first book Journey to the Center of Creation, now republished as Wisdom of the Dolphins, is about dolphins, the holographic universe and the power of our dreamtime mind.

    Her second book Alin learns to use His Imagination is a children’s book, although well loved among parents and therapists for it’s therapeutic value.

    Her third book about Soulmates, Free Will, Destiny, Dolphins and shifting the Time Space Matrix called Dolphins, Love & Destiny, Yoga of the Soul.

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    Buffalo Football Fromthe300level: TNF Special- Bills @ Dolphins

    in Sports

    Week 11 is ready to go, and the Buffalo Bills take center stage with the Miami Dolphins this week in Thursday Night Football. Fromthe300level.com's Derek Kramer will review the week that was, and then get right into the preview for the Bills/Dolphins game. Derek will look at some of the biggest matchups, stories and predictions heading into tonight's game. 

    Got a question or comment for Derek about Sunday's loss? Anything on tonight's Bills game? Call 347-934-0157 to get on the show, or hit up @DerekKramer49 on Twitter! 


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    No Huddle Radio: Packers beat the Heat... and the Dolphins

    in Football

    The ALLGBP.com crew convenes to talk about the Packers' dramatic win in Miami. The Dolphins were on the cusp of upsetting the favored Packers, but then Aaron Rodgers took over. Two minutes left, no time outs, no problem. Joining Jason Perone and Thomas Hobbes tonight will be Ross Uglem, of our sister podcast, "From the Benches." After reveling in the joy of last week's win, they guys look ahead to how the Packers will stop Sunday's opponent, Cam Newton and the Panthers.


    No Huddle Radio is a part of the Packers Talk Radio Network, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.


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    Patriots Postgame Show vs Miami Dolphins | Studio # 347-215-7771

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    CLNS Radio continues its coverage of every New England Patriots game today after the Pats welcome the Miami Dolphins to Gillette Stadium. Hosts Jeff Kane and Patrick Shankhour will guide you through the night! 

    Call the guys to give your opinion on the game at 347-215-7771 and tweet @CLNSRadio to get your thoughts #OnBoard and you can also get involved in the action by joining the CLNS Sports Hub Discussion Group on Facebook here.

    Don't forget to download CLNS Radio's new MOBILE APP for a chance to win Celtics tickets! Get #OnBoard today -www.clnsradio.com/iOSfree OR www.clnsradio.com/Android. 

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    Review of Week 6 game against Miami Dolphins

    in Football

    In this NEW AND IMPROVED episode of  " Talking Packers with Steve " , i shall be giving my thoughts on the Sunday match-up that took place in Miami , FL against the Miami Dolphins . This will be how my show goes moving forward with the content that i share and use in this episode . Remember , i am always trying to make show better cause would love to get it picked up by a Network like , Packers Talk Network . IF want to be part of the show , more than welcome to call in . Twitter handles for this show are as follows : @Talking_Packers and @ARMY_STRONG_06 .

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    Will This Coaching Carousel Have An Effect In Miami?

    in Football

         So,  Fox is out in Denver (heading to Chicago?) and Ryan stayed in the AFC East with the move to Buffalo, OC's and DC's are moving too... (Schwartz to DC in Miami?) the wheel is spinning and spinning very fast!!  What do you see happening that will effect the Miami Dolphins?  It actually runs deeper than you may think!!  Kubiak in Baltimore is being considered for a HC (Denver?) that would change the look of the offense with the Ravens, Bowels to NYJ as HC?  McDaniels is being looked at for a HC position that would change the make-up of the Patriots too....

       And then there are the players, FA's, and retirements too...  And you thought the season was over...

    Lets talk about this and more on Thursday at 6:30 EST on the radio show that is Dolphins football year round!!  Dave, Justin, Hez, & Josh keep ya in da loop...  You keep us and our opinions in line!!  FINS~UP!!

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