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    Lara Dolan: The Business Impact of Volunteerism

    in Entrepreneur

    Today Steve Gordon and Dana Reeves will be talking about a variety of topics, from the best cities to launch your startup, to whether or not you should drain your 401k to start your company, and if you’re having trouble figuring out what business to start, we’ll share 7 hot, but kind of wacky, ideas that entrepreneurs should consider.

    They’ll also be talking with special guest, Lara Dolan, about the impact her volunteerism has had on her business and her family.

    Currently a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty Consultants, Lara specializes in residential and equestrian properties and lives here in Alpharetta with her husband and two daughters. She got her start in business with a number of sales and marketing positions with technology and consulting companies. After leaving the work force for a number of years while her daughters were young, she chose real estate as her marketplace re-entry point. Lara started her own company, Kismet Management, to help clients get through the real estate down-market by finding qualified tenants for their single-family homes, and managing those properties on behalf of her clients. In 2013, Lara sold Kismet Management and turned her focus toward traditional real estate, creating the Craft Dolan Team at Keller Williams.

    In addition to work and family, Lara passionately supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, chairing several large fundraising events, and as a member of the Georgia CFF Volunteer Board. In 2006, family friends in New York lost their then 13-year-old daughter to cystic fibrosis. Suddenly it wasn’t enough to just write a check – and that’s when Lara’s commitment to raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was born.

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    St. Patrick's Parade & Cardinal Dolan II

    in Christianity

    In this second episode, Sacerdotus continues to speak on the decision by the New York St. Patrick's day parade to allow a LGBT group to march in its 2015 parade.  The decision is controversial because the LGBT have been banned for decades from marching under their own banner. More is added to this controversy due to the fact that Cardinal Dolan was made the Grand Marshal and he accepted.  This brought upon him a lot of criticism by some Catholic bloggers and other Catholic reactionaries.  

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    St. Patrick's Parade & Cardinal Dolan I

    in Christianity

    In this episode, Sacerdotus will speak on the decision by the New York St. Patrick's day parade to allow a LGBT group to march in its 2015 parade.  The decision is controversial because the LGBT have been banned for decades from marching under their own banner. More is added to this controversy due to the fact that Cardinal Dolan was made the Grand Marshal and he accepted.  This brought upon him a lot of criticism by some Catholic bloggers and other Catholic reactionaries.  

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    "The Modern Knowledge Tour" Richard Dolan

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    Modern Knowledge Tour  recap of the seminar with clips :Halifax Live Speakers:  Richard Dolan also a Special LIVE Presentation by Chris Styles and Graham Simms and Special Guests via video feed: Michael Tsarion

    Chris Styles and Graham Simms presented a 1 hour talk regarding one of the most interesting UFO crash cases in history,The Shag Harbour Nova Scotia Incident. :Authors Impact to Contact: The Shag Harbour Incident is the new book from Arcadia House Publishing by Maritime authors Chris Styles and Graham Simms detailing their investigation of the Shag Harbour and Shelburne UFO Incidents of October 1967.

    Michael Tsarion Born in Northern Ireland, Michael Tsarion is an expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America.

    Michael gives outstanding presentations on: The Western Magical Tradition,The Hermetic Arts of Divination,Atlantis & the Prehistoric Ages, Ancient Ireland & the Druids, Astro-Theology,The Origins of Evil Secret Societies,The Female Illuminati,War on Consciousness, Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism,Symbolic Literacy,Psychic Vampirism - michaeltsarion.com

    Halifax Live Speaker #2 - Richard Dolan: UFOs for Modern Thinkers: The Complexities and Pitfalls:Summary of Lecture: Without a doubt, UFOs are one of the most interesting mysteries in the world.

    Join me for another episode of Foxfire Fringe Radio.... YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE~~Segment II

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    BOAA826: Richard Dolan

    in Paranormal

    For the first time in over four years, powerhouse UFO researcher and historian Richard Dolan returns to BoA:Audio for another enlightening conversation about the UFO enigma, disclosure, breakaway civilizations, and all sorts of other strange stuff.

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    Awake in the DREAM Radio with Richard Dolan

    in Spirituality

    Awake in the DREAM Radio with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM, this week's guest is Author, Researcher, Ufologist;  Richard Dolan.

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    Keri Dolan Don't let anything ever stop you from achieving your full potential

    in Motivation

    Keri Dolan - "Don't let anything ever stop you from achieving your full potential; especially crohns or colitis"

    Keri is living by her words and you will learn how she has found strength in her that helps her manage and even overcome some of her challenges.

    Learn from an amazing young women that uses her talents as an artist, confidence as person and her own determination to teach others that you are "a million times stronger" than your obstacle to overcome.

    Keri Dolan


    Strategies of Success
    Website content that speaks for you
    Host Brian A Cohen DTM

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    Clay Dolan , author of "Fierce Hunger" & "Fierce Pursuit"

    in Books

    In the spring of 1876, when two Colorado deputies return to the tree they’d tied their horses to before chasing a fugitive into a forest, the horses are gone, without a trace. As they walk back to town, leading their bound prisoner, they discuss the possible reasons for their predicament. Xavier Garza, the half-Zuni deputy, believes he knows the answer: Atahsaia—a Zuni word meaning cannibal demon. His partner, Thomas Wilkins, scoffs at such superstition, until the mounting evidence changes his perspective on monsters—and on trust.

    Clay Dolan spent the first forty-five years of his life on the West coast, mostly California and Washington. For the past thirteen years he and his wife, who have been married nearly thirty-three years, have lived in Colorado, where Clay works as an editor and his wife writes novels. Clay has ghostwritten and edited dozens of books for others, but Fierce Hunger is the first he has attached his name to.

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    Dolan in the Hunt

    in Politics Progressive

    We'll keep covering the 3rd Middlesex District race for the MA Senate. Mara Dolan is one of five Dems vying for the open seat.   She'll talk strategy, issues and competitors.

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    Listen to Jim Dolan, Air Force Vet and Executive Director of Heroes On The Water

    in Military

    Listen Aug 7th tpm MST or anytime after 24/7 to Jim Dolan, Executive Director Heroes On The Water

    Jim is a native Texan and grew up fishing. He graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1976 and earned a Masters in Information Systems from Boston University in 1987.   After 13 years in the Air Force, 8 years overseas, he came home to Texas and is a retired American Airlines Captain.  Jim lives in Richardson, TX.. He founded Heroes on the Water in 2007 and currently is the Executive Director.

    Heroes on the Water - Serves our Nation’s warriors by providing healing and rehabilitating kayak fishing outings that are physically and mentally therapeutic through our nationwide community of volunteers and donors

    More Details at: http://thankyouforyourservice.us/issue/july-2014/article/listen-to-air-force-veteran-jim-dolan-talk-about-heroes-on-the-water

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    Healing Hands

    in Spirituality

    TPN Radio Presents the Healing Hands Show with Leslie Dolan.

    Leslie's best gift is being an empath and is able to feel others easily whether it be from Tarot Readings or from one on one interactions with basically anyone.

    She has always been an empath but developed the gift over the last 21 years with her nursing career. She has had to communicate with her patients that more often than not in a state where they cannot speak due to heath issues. She worked mostly in ICU and in hospice. Often these patients were not able to speak. Leslie learned very quickly how to meet their needs and make them comfortable.

    She is trained in a healing art called SAFA which was developed by Dr. Beth John of Farmingdale, New York. This healing art combines the Hawaiian's perspectives on healing with quantum physics. This is done by scanning a person's body and redirecting their own energy to heal what ails them.  Very often psychic impressions come to Leslie through scanning a person's body which she will communicate to them. This art can be done in person or from a distance.

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