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    China Chaos and Oil's Fall – What's Really Going On? – New Business Paradigms

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    2016 is already shaping up to be an amazing year. China's spectacular stock market crash is not the global disaster so many are making it out to be. Wall Street is pumping up fears in order to make a heafty profit on the market gyrations using programmed trading. All this is in the mix as the race for the presidency in the US heats up.

    The fundamentals of China and the United States remain strong. We drill into the details of the Chinese and US political economies to get the story straight, identify the role of corruption in both economies, and give an outlook based on the reality, not on the fear being promoted by Wall Street.

    The price of oil continues to crater; much as they have with the China story, many in the media are buying the hype that this is somehow bad for the US economy. In reality this puts cash directly into the pockets of those who need it most in the US, which has an immediate multiplier effect and is a net positive for the economy now and in the future. Rinaldo calls the oil industry a "giant vampire" in this episode.

    The Economic Doomsday Clock ticks another minute away from Midnight, to 11:44pm based on the possibility of a reclamation in the Republican Party in the US.

    Throughout the show we discuss the ongoing presidential race and it's implications for policy in the next administration. At the end of the show we discuss the US presidential race and the definition of "Natural Born" as it applies to Senator Ted Cruz's qualification for the presidency. 

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    Let's Talk About Doing Your Business Smarter

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    Colm Kelly ... Founder of Do Business Smarter, a business coaching, consulting and strategy training center just for small business owners, joins me today to have a discussion on 12 core business ownership skills and marketing strategies you need to survive and thrive in 2015 and beyond. Colm has been helping small business owners work smarter for over 20 years, and today I want to pick his brain on  why so many business owners seem to struggle for ever while others to make it to the top.

    Colm has met, spoken to and worked with thousands of small business owners during his 20 plus years as a business owner and business adviser. Many of those business owners achieved reasonable success, some completely failed, but a few of them achieved HUGE success. Not because their product or service was any better, but because the owners were serious and committed to constant improvement. Because of their commitment and drive, they achieved the ultimate business owners dream; a business that makes them huge profits without them having to be there all the time. Most business owners today are experts in their field - they have experience, skill and a drive to succeed, yet still 96% of them fail in the first 7 years. The folks that fail didn't do so because they didn't know their product or service, they failed because they didn't have a solid business structure and system to follow. 

    If you are a small business owner that is serious about growth and wanting to work smarter not harder ... this podcast is for you! 

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    Doing business in Cuba plus other US-Latin America stories of the week

    in Politics

    Guests:  Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz, the editor of Fausta's Blog........Jason Poblete, an attorney representing US citizens with property claims against Cuba.....plus the doing business with the Cuban Army...........the latest from the "El Chapo" saga in Mexico.....Could things get worse in Venezuela?.........what is going on in Brazil and health issues?.....Lula defends Dilma in Brazil?........the Colombia Peace Plan?........tourism booming in Paraguay..........and other US-Latin America stories..........

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    #355 Exit Strategy, Serial Entrepreneurs, Doing Good, Family Business, Health

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    Segment 1: Dr. Pamela Dennis has helped some of the world’s top leaders successfully lead their organizations—like Jeff Immelt, at GE and Eric Schmidt at Google. She speaks to international and national organizations on leadership and change, with the emphasis on leading transitions. 

    Segment 2: Hamid Shojaee is addicted to the high of making products that people love to use. Along the way, he’s made a couple of companies including Axosoft and Pure Chat and has helped Arizona’s tech scene create its voice with AZTechBeat.com.

    Segment 3: David Arison is part of the senior executive team of an established multi-generational family. David’s position centers on representing his family’s shared legacy and values, which stem from the vision of Doing Good. 

    Segment 4: Steve Cohen is Vice President and General Counsel at James H. Cohen and Sons, Inc. They are a dealer in rare coins, currency and antique arms and armor, operating on Royal Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter since 1898. 

    Segment 5: Dr. Carla Hightower is a physician and the founder of Living Health Works, a health coaching service. Dr. Hightower teaches individuals to use plant-based nutrition to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. She writes a blog on the subject of “food as medicine” at livinghealthworks.com 

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    Capital Flows and Power in the US, Greece, and China – New Business Paradigms

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    July's podcast focuses on the major international events in the world of finance – the Greek exit from the euro currency, the massive collapse of the Chinese stock market, and the ongoing battle between some in the US government to rein in the power of the banks on Wall Street and globally. The conversation goes into the state of play in international finance as well as the deep deceptions about finance and politics being perpetrated by the traditional media. 

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    CAPBuilder Talk w/Marc Parham - The Business of You Doing You

    in Self Help

    Join me for the last episode of the year we will be discussing How You Can Do You! Most people are so caught up with doing what everybody wants them to do, they forget to do for themselves. Muhammad Zahir and I will be here tonight to give you key ways to starting doing you. There might even be a few other guest calling in to tell you how they're going to do themselves in 2016.

    We will discuss:

    It is time for you to do you
    Why it is important
    The keys to you doing you
    Advice For Entrepreneurs

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    BDS-Business Development Sessions by 321SETAPPOINTMENTS.COM

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    Today’s show is a short overview of 321SetAppointments.com’s Business Development Sessions…also referred to as BDS.

    What is BDS?

    Simplified, BDS is a combination business development, sales training and virtual marketing system to help companies maximize profits by: improving sales processes, finding new clients and offering short-term funding, if necessary.

    Why BDS?

    BDS is the closest set of solutions business owners can access AFFORDABILITY to ensure they are focusing on the top core competencies that ensure success and profitability. Every business should be concerned if they continually want to reach or surpass sales revenue goals.

    Let’s cover the three BDS areas: business development, sales training and virtual marketing:

    Business development

    Business development, in short, means helping your company stay tuned in to business issues and concerns to stay at the top of your game.

    Sales Training

    Sales training is available to your company’s sales staff to help them consistently find new customers. If you don’t have a formal sales training program, growing your business could be at great risk

    Virtual marketing support

    Virtual marketing is a powerful, affordable sales platform where you can outsource lead generation, prospecting and appointment setting to 321SetAppointments.com.

    BDS is available to Dentists, I.T. Firms, CPAs, Hair Salons/Stylists, LASIK Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, Brokers/Realtors, Insurance Agents, Automotive shop owners and most traditional business owners in the US, Canada and soon, Latin America.

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    Are there benefits to meditation in business?

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    Join Johnnie and Daniel as they tackle a topic that is gaining more and more traction in the small and large business market place. Why is mediation important, how do you start and does it really help. Studies show that taking just a few minutes a day to reflect can have long lasting results for your health and business. Tune in for this dynamic discussion, you won’t want to miss!

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    Cathy Doerr - Doing Business with Government and Corporate entities

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    Cathy Doerr is the owner of ShoWorks small woman-owned business, that has become known in the government procurement arena, producing from 4 to 8 Alliance procurement events around the country.

    Cathy Doerr has been in the event management business for over 30 years.  ShoWorks’ company mission is to bring together buyers and sellers, offer networking opportunities and success tips for small businesses.

    Bally's Atlantic City
    1900 Boardwalk
    Atlantic City, NJ 08401
    Register at Alliance MidAtlantic

    Cathy Doerr can be reached at 509.838.8755 & cdoerr@showorksinc.com and www.allianceforbiz.com

    Join Ronald and Cathy Doerr on date January 19 at 7:00 PM to share her learned best practices when conducting business with governmental agencies and private corporations.


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    Doing the Details of Business for Success

    in Work

    Does doing the details of business to improve efficiency matter to the bottom-line of your company?  Do you look for ways to be more efficient or cut costs or are you looking for ways to bring new customers in?  Why would the average employee care about how much more productive, efficient, or inefficient they are in the big picture of business.  Today, we wil discuss why the details of business matter to your personal future of success.

    Do your really want to work for someone else, anyway? Do you realize that each company started as the idea of one person who expanded on their own or with others.  You are so smart!  I knew you could get this stuff!