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    The LION'S DEN October/November Pre-Debate Special.

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    Check out the pre debate special and find out what's next on Debate Talk 4 U Radio.   

    Is It A Sin To Call The Most High Lord? (DEBATE).  Thursday, Oct 23 @ 8 PM EST.  LaVar Maben vs Moeshe Ben Yisrael.   

    Daniel 70 Wks: Was It Fulfilled (DEBATE).  Wed, Oct 29 @ 8 PM ET.  Garfield Reid vs LaRon Campbell.   

    Babylon According To Revelation. (DEBATE).  Friday, Nov 14 @ 8 PM EST.  Mikha'el Ben Yisrael AKA "An Ambassador For Israel" vs Bleedu Shumake AKA "The Israelite Killer."  


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    The Resurrection & The Tomb (DEBATE) Brother Jason Vs Sound Mind.

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    Brother Jason


    Email - Zaraslove@gmail.com

    vs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Sound Mind


    Email - 



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    Dark Matters Radio Show with The Sorceress Cagliastro: Eliminating Dogma

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    We focus on ways to free yourself from the chains of religious dogma, guilt, and second-guessing. This is the path to freedom, the path YOU choose, and the path YOU determine. Remove yourselves from the hands of others, be they gods or men, and chart your own destiny. Be warned: this is not a show for the timid. If you are ready to seize your own destiny, then this show will bring you strength and awareness. The Sorceress will perform a ritual to help you break the chains of dogmas, guilt and  falsely-justified suffering that you may have experienced based on the thoughts of others. 

    You can visit our website at darkmattersradiocagliastro.com to learn more about us and to listen to archived episodes. 

    The Sorceress: sorceresscagliastro@gmail.com

    Chris Rogue Ostrowski: chrisrogueostrowski@gmail.com

    Victor "The Voice" Furhman: reikivictor@gmail.com 

    Morgan St. Knight: morganstknight@hotmail.com

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    Post Debate Special: Mikha'el Ben Yisrael vs Bleedo "Israelite Killer" Shumake

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    Thousands all across the globe tuned in to this classic showdown between Mikha'el and Bleedo.   The aftermath has been phenominal.  As requested by the fans of Debate Talk 4 U Radio we will hear from both special guest and find out what they thought about the debate, what's the response on the streets, and who won the debate.  We will hear from the listening audience.   If you didn't check out the debate entitled "Babylon According To Revelation" listen to it via archives.  

    Mikha'el Ben Yisrael AKA An Ambassador For Israel


    Email - Mikeward32212@gmail.com

    vs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Bleedo "The Israelite Killer" Shumake


    Email - Bleedo83@aim.com

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    Who Is The Messiah? (DEBATE) Ishyah Yisrael vs Lamadyahu

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    EMAIL - lamadyahu@gmail.com

    vs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Ishyah Yisrael

    Phone: 513 237-5911




    EMAIL - hoycincy@gmail.com

    Keep DT4U on the air by going to www.paypal.com, then use the email Donations@debatetalk4u.com.    

    Get your $20 ticket for the live debate.   Click the link. 



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    Is The Holy Koran And The Circle 7 The True Way For Black America (DEBATE)

    in Spirituality

    Lord Abba


    Email -  Lordabba@gmail.com


    IshYah Malak Yisrael



    Email - hoycincy@gmail.com

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    Black Thoughts And Theory:The Radio Show Presents The Great Debate - Religion

    in Culture

    Join your hosts Lex Primeone/Alex Primo and Runningcowboys Futureattorney as we dissect,discuss,and debate religion,religions,and the lack of religion. That's right tonight we will be inviting Christians,Muslims,Atheists,New Agers,Kemetians,Agnostics,Spiritualists,and other belief systems to join us and make sense out of hard facts and soft delusions. 

    We will entertain arguments,concepts,and comments regarding the teachings of the Bible,Koran,and other notable books that people hold in high esteem. So bring your facts and bring your backbone and beready to have a good conversation. Please bring your manners also. No nonsense will be tolerated my friends. 


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    Babylon According to Revelation (DEBATE) Mikha'el Ben Israel vs Israelite Killer

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    Mikha'el Ben Israel aka AN AMBASSADOR FOR ISRAEL



    Click below to check out the archived radio show called Hebrew News Network


    EMAIL - Mikeward32212b@gmail.com

    vs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Bleedo Shumake aka THE ISRAELITE KILLER



    Check out the response youtube video below.


    EMAIL - Bleedo83@aim.com

    New JOHN BOYE album QAM: Rise Of A Nation below.  Make Donation and get full album.



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    Sports Debate Radio returns

    in Sports

    Please join our host CJ Vick and a fantastic panel for the return of Sports Debate Radio. Tony Stewart, The NFL preseason, MLB, and the PGA will be under intense discussion and most likely will result in loud verbal disagreements. The SDR crew goes live at 8:30PM Eastern Standard time!!!!

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    Red Maryland Network MDGOP Candidates Debate

    in Politics Conservative

    The Red Maryland Network in conjunction with the District 32 Republican Club presents a debate among candidates for Maryland Republican Party office. The elections will be held this Saturday at the Maryland Republican Party Convention.

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    The Immaculate Conception Debate

    in Religion

    Special debate!!! Saturday 12/20/14 1pm ET/12pm CTRL/11am MTN/10am Pac Call in and listen and be prepared to ask questions during the Question and answer segment at 1-347-934-0379 

    Today we have a two hour radio debate between Reformed Apologist TurretinFan and Catholic Apologist William Albrecht debating on the Immaculate Conception, Was Mary a Sinless Child bearer? TurretinFan is on facebook and like his page and you can also find out more at his blog and You Tube pages at:

    http://www.youtube.com/user/TurretinFan http://turretinfan.blogspot.com/

    William Albrecht has a B.A. in theology and is a member of the Catholic apostolate, the Catholic Legate. 


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