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    Topgun Days author Dave Bio Baranek

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    TopGun Days author Dave Bio Baranek

    Today I will be talking with Dave "Bio" Baranek, author of the book "Topgun Days". Mr. Baranek was a RIO (Radar Intercept Operator) on the US Navy's F14 fighter.  I just finished reading his book and really enjoyed it.

    DAVE "BIO" BARANEK, author of Topgun Days: Dogfighting, Cheating Death, and Hollywood Glory as One of America's Best Fighter Jocks (Skyhorse Publishing, June 2010)

    Dave Baranek was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, He attended Georgia Tech and participated in ROTC to qualify for officer training, then entered the Navy in 1979. His eyesight deteriorated so instead of becoming a pilot, he became a radar intercept officer (RIO), operating the weapons system in the F-14 Tomcat fighter. He received the call sign "Bio," which many of his former squadron mates still call him.

    While serving as a Topgun air-to-air combat instructor in 1985, he flew aerial sequences used in the film "Top Gun," starring Tom Cruise and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. He also served as a dialogue advisor on the project, and took some of the few available photographs of the movie's black F-5 fighters in flight.

    He enjoyed a successful and satisfying 20-year career in the Navy, starting with assignments to F-14 Tomcat squadrons and the elite Topgun squadron, and later assignment to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the US 7th Fleet. He ultimately commanded an F-14 Tomcat fighter squadron, responsible for nearly 300 people and 14 aircraft worth about $700 million.

    He retired from the Navy in 1999, and now works as a defense contractor in the Washington DC area. He is married and lives in Burke, Virginia.

    His website is www.TopgunBio.com.

    I invite all to join us and have some fun




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    "Black Man, Black Man Wake Up, Wake Up!"

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    Michael Vick is the subject of a petition started asking for him to be banned from Jets training camp in Cortland, NY because of his 2007 conviction for federal dogfighting. WHAT? Despite the fact that he has served prison time, remained an upstanding "reformed" individual, steered clear of controversy--even at the expense of rivalry with his own brother...he is still being used as the third-party example to any scandal that emerges about other African-American athletes, he is not being allowed to move on as a rehabilitated human being. Yet, much graver offenses by their Caucasian counterparts go explained, excused, forgotten or dsimissed with less peanlty on their human liberties. The value of Afircan-Americans in the eyes of America is a diminshed one., and in light of this, awareness and action on behalf of and from the African-American communities must result in a brutal wake-up call.

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    Dogfighting - Investigation and Prosecution After Vick Case

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    Attorney Fred Kray and his co-host Jo Staats will discuss what happens behind the scenes in the investigation and prosecution of dogfighting cases with their guests, Dave Hunt, who has over ten years experience with the Franklin County Sheriff's department investigating dog fighting, and Geoff Fleck, former Alachua County Prosecutor, who has prosecuted such cases.  Difficulties in locating the fights, proving the facts in court and problems in sentencing will all be explored from both the investigation and legal prespectives. Regular PBLNR segments will include:
    Recap of last week's show; Pit Bull News Inane Comment of the Week "The Rant"

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    Special Guest: Gordon Shell

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    Join us for a special late week episode of The Pit Bull Advocate as we talk with Gordon Shell about his soon to be released movie, The Dog Fighter. "An aging fighter with a failing heart steps out of retirement one last time to fight to raise money to support the Michigan Humane Society and their efforts to stop illegal dog fightiing in Detroit city. "

    Call in with your questions and comments. 347-838-8615

    Phone lines open at the top of the show.

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    Interview: Faith Maloney, Best Friends Animal Society

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    If you're involved in animal rescue, you've likely heard about Best Friends Animal Society, and with good reason: they're not only a leader in the No-Kill movement, they also own and manage the largest companion animal sanctuary in the country. Homeless animals -- mostly dogs and cats, but also including horses, rabbits, pigs, birds, and others -- awaiting adoption are cared for in an expansive facility that includes full veterinary care, experienced trainers, and an army of dedicated volunteers. 
    Best Friends Animal Society received significan press coverage in 2007 after they took in 22 of the 48 dogs seized by authorities from the Michael Vick dogfighting operation at a property the football star owned in Virginia. Ten of those 22 have been adopted. 
    Faith Maloney is one of the original co-founders of Best Friends, which was established in its present form in 1984. 

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    Interview: Nancy Cu-Unjieng, CARA Welfare Philippines

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    Join us tonight as we interview Ms. Nancy Cu-Unjieng, president of CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) Welfare in the Philippines, one of the few national animal rescue organizations in that country. 
    Founded in 2000, CARA rescues dogs and cats from the streets and situations of abuse and/or neglect, and brings them into their foster program. They received global attention in 2012 when they took in nearly 230 pit bulls from what is believed to be the largest dogfighting raid in the world to date. Known as the Laguna Pit Bulls, only about 175 of them survived in the subsequent months, with many dying from their wounds and illnesses. The remaining are now being cared for by CARA's dedicated volunteers in shelter and rehabilitation facilities while they await adoption. 
    CARA Welfare receives all of its funding from donors and supporters from around the world, and they have an active Facebook page where they regularly post updates on the dogs and cats in their care and the often-dramatic rescues that their volunteers perform. 
    Hope you can join us!

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    Michael Vick says he is 'Determined to Leave his Life in God's Hands' (Gospel Light Minute #74)

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    He is an NFL quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. After playing college football at Virginia Tech, he was drafted first overall by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2001 NFL Draft. 

    While growing up in a Virginia public housing project that was consumed with constant violence, poverty, and low finances, he often dreamed of playing sports. He excelled in football in high school, college, and in the NFL. In 2007, he was charged with funding and participating in an illegal dog fighting operation and was sentenced to 23 months in prison and three years probation. He was released from prison in 2009.

    He became a Christian in high school in Virginia and began reading his Bible, but the more success he achieved on the football field, the less he thought he needed God. He said, "I was so self-centered, I forgot about the Lord." However, after going to jail for dogfighting, he realized how much he needed the Lord back in his life. He said of that time, ""I got back to my roots. The only thing I could do in prison was fall back on God. I wanted to do things right, that I didn't do the first time." In the final months of his prison term, Tony Dungy stepped into his life and helped him put his life back together and restore his walk with God. He says, "I thought the transition [from prison to the NFL] would be easy, but it was hard for me. I did things I never thought I would do, like studying and working by myself. I stayed close to my faith, constant in prayer and close to Tony's calls and texts." He goes further to say, "I am determined to leave my life in God's hands and leave the results up to Him. The main thing is I don't want to disappoint God...God has blessed with a second chance and that is something I will value forever. I don't want to let Him down." His name is Michael Vick.

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    The Injustice of being Black in America

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    The Middle Men will be disuccesing the injustice of being black in America. Over our past history and in recent news, we have seen several incidents where either african americans were sentenced to prison, murdered, or beaten. Racism continues to be an issue in our justice but authority figures continue to state that it does not.  We have witnessed the Rodney King beating, the murder of Emmett Till, murder of Oscar Grant, and countless others.  We have seen Michael Vick sentenced to 26 months in prison for dogfighting but have seen George Zimmerman still free to live in his home after the murder of Travon Martin.  Is our justice system flawed? Of course!!  Punishments do not fit the crimes, and punishments of crimes are swfit enough for the victims.    
    With being black in America, has society shaped us with the injustice of being black ?  Compared to the days of the Jim Crow laws, has any thing changed within our society being black in America? Should we as black people starting joining organizations such as the Black Panther Party? Should we hold our gangs more responsible for their neighborhoods and convince them to turn their image around to go back to their original purpose?  Why is it that we view white on black crime as unacceptable, but view black on black crime as entertainment via sites like worldstar hiphop?  We also discuss the murders of Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, and James Craig Anderson.

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    Micheal Vick and the dogfighting conspiracy

    in Politics

    Will America be able to forgive Mick Vick? Why is he being received so differently in communities across the country? What's the truth about dog-fighting and law enforcement anyway. You don't want to miss as we weigh with our take on this polarizing topic!!

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    Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review Broadcast!

    in Politics Conservative

    Hump day has finally arrived so let's keep it simple, shall we?  Join Captain Kirk and Dburt, this Wednesday at 7pm eastern as they discuss the follwoing topics:  it appears that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain may have to be taken more seriously than what ws once believed based on recent polling; an L-Word actress gets kicked off a flight for publicly kissing her same sex partner; the tragic rise and fall of Funk legend, Sly Stone; Does Google have a chance against Facebook in the social networking wars: famed actor, Morgan Freeman has some interesting thoughts about President Obama and the tea party and lastly, have app makers gone too far with certain controversial themes (i.e. Jew or Not A Jew," virtual dogfighting, sexual orientation ID apps, etc).

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    Is Michael Vick a Target?

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    Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michale Vick is the most electrifying player in the NFL. Last year, Vick won the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year award. So far the 2011 season has been a rough one for Vick, getting knocked out of two games.
    Vick has been taken shots by defenders and has been hit more than any QB in the league. Experts from ESPN analyst Merrill Hodge to New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees blame Vick's running for getting hit so much. But Vick has been hurt sitting in the pocket when he's been injured.
    Is Vick being unfairly targeted by opposing teams, and why are people like Hodge and Brees hating on him? Where are the flags when he gets hit late? Does any of this have to do with his dogfighting days? Is racism playing a part in all of this? We'll debate this issue.

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