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    What's Your Work Personality & Why Does It Matter

    in Self Help

    Considered by many to be one of the leading thinkers in human development, Dr. Bob Wright (www.drbobwright.com) is an internationally recognized visionary, educator, program developer, author, speaker, relationships expert, entrepreneur, consultant, and executive coach.

    Dr. Bob founded the Graduate Institute for the Realization of Human Potential and the Foundation for Transformational Leadership. Dr. Bob Wright’s degrees include a BA in Sociology, MA in Communications, MSW in Clinical Social Work, and a Doctorate in Education, Leadership, and Change.

    Join Wright for the “Bring Out Your Best” show on Dating and Relationships Wednesdays at 12:00PM CST and Careers Thursdays at 12:00PM CST. 

    To learn more about Wright, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or to get involved in our programs visit us at wrightliving.com.

    Call in and listen. 347-677-1879

    Email your questions to hello@wrightliving.com

  • #TRUTALK: Does your vote even matter?

    in Politics


    Annnnnnnd we're Back again!! Tonight the cast of #TRUTALK will be asking the important question does your vote even matter? There are various reasons behind this question but at the end of the day we will handle it like we do every damn single other topic! Join hosts #BLKGOP and MSSHELL as we dive deep! Also, you can catch other hosts and contributors of this network as they all chime in! 


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    Does size matter?

    in Relationships

    THIS IS A TEST RUN!!!!... In relationships, we are always worrying about different things. does he like my new hair? is my bum getting too big? is my lover cheating on me? but no one really talks about one of the most important things. Does the size of the penis matter?

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    Does It Matter If She Makes More Money

    in Relationships

    There are many women who earn the same if not more money than their spouse.  Does this change the dynamics of the relationship?  

    Join Butterfly Evolution Monday April 11th at 8 PM CST to share your thoughts. Listen by phone at 818-691-7406 or on line at www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflyevolution  

    Could you play this role?    

    Dying To Live - What's Holding You Back?


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    Happiness Matters! Does Happiness Matter?

    in Relationships

    Why does happiness matter?  Sometimes I think that happiness does not matter, many people react to this question in surprisingly different ways.  Does happiness matter to you? We have to remember that trying to live a happy life is not about denying negative emotions or pretending that we are happy all the time.  Life happens, sometimes bad things happens to good people, but what is really important is what do we do about what happens.  We can always choose what we do.

    Thank you for choosing to listen to Happiness Index on Blog Talk Radio, join in by calling (347)539-5818 and share your wisdom.  

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    Dark Matter Melanin: getting Black on Track

    in Entertainment

    Greetings listener and welcome to Dark Matter Melenin: Getting Black on Track.  The show that raises conversation on black issues centered around Black race car drivers in various circuits. This week, join DKJ, V12 Racer the voices of black autoracing and Robert Wilson as they talk prepping for the greatest day in Motorsports, the drama of women in racing,  what exactly is a domed skid, and more. With such a diverse cast of hosts we offer insight into the questions that do not get asked. Real solutions to uplift the community not just speculation.  Also what is really being allowed and what rules are being bent by the racing Association.  Both DKJ and V12 Racer have extensive knowledge in motorsports which gives them a keen sense on the growth for Scott, Wiggins and Ribbs Association of Auto Racing. 

    The phone lines will be open to callers with question on the show's subject matter.  Feel free to call in at (347) 884-9299 on Friday at 8PM.  Dark Matter Melanin: Getting black on track is brought to you by the Tru Radio Network, turn on, Tune In and TURN UP!

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    one thought golf

    in Golf

    golf strategy for your game

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    Trump Or Hillary? Does It Really Matter For Us? Legacy of a Nation

    in Lifestyle

    There is a lot of fear about what the next president will bring to the table when they are elected. many believe that Donald Trump will be terrible for race relations if elected. Hillary Clinton has a long storied history of pandering to the Black community during campaigns. Can she be trusted by us?

    Bearing in mind thatno president has ever directly developed policies that have directly benefitted us, what should we expect from either of these candidates?

    Will we finally be forced to fend for ourselves?

  • Black Lives Matter Round Table Discussion

    in Self Help

    According to Wikipedia, The Black Lives Matter Movement is defined as follows: 

    The Black Lives Matter is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American community that campaign against violence toward black people. BLM regularly organizes protests around the deaths of black people in killings by law enforcement officers, and broader issues of racial profiling, police profiling, police brutality and racial inequality in the US criminal justice system.  

    There are many of all races but also within the Black Community who feel that the BLM Movement should focus more on addressing Black on Black crime and promoting UNITY within the Black Community.  

    Does BLM-What are your thoughts?

    Should the BLM Movement focus more on addressing the crime rate within the Black Community- What are your thoughts? 

    Is there hypocrisy surrounding the BLM Movement-What are your thoughts?

    Sociologist Tony Edghill joins Butterfly Evolution for the powerful discussion.  

    Tune in Monday April 25th at 8 PM CST to listen and or voice your opinion.  Listen/comment at 818-691-7406 or on line at www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflyevolution 

    Dying To Live-What's Holding You Back?

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    A Women's Circle: Does Color Matter...(1)on Drop of Blood

    in Current Events

    Press the button below or call in at (347) 855-8228 (press 1 to comment) on Firday at 7:30 EST as A Women's Circle will put forth a provocative exploration of how Western standards of beauty are influencing cultures across the globe and impacting personal, professional, romantic and familial relationships. Processes like skin lightening in Africa, hair smoothing in Black America, eyelid reconstruction in China, and plastic surgery worldwide continue to rise in popularity for men and women. Through a historical and sociological lens, we will discuss whether colorism has gotten better or worse over time. Join the discussion!