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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Keshawn Dodds and Frankie Y. Bailey

    in Books

    The Speculative Fiction Cantina: your weekly hypodermic injection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and things weird and wonderful in the world of books and writers. We ask authors the hard questions. You'll hear from writers who bend the rules and drive the narrative.  Join S. Evan Townsend on this journey over the rainbow and through the looking glass. And remember to take the red pill.

    Today's Guests are Keshawn Dodds and Frankie Y. Bailey

    Keshawn Dodds

    Menzuo: The Calling of the Sun Prince


    Frankie Y. Bailey

    What the Fly Saw


    More information on these authors and links to their novels is at blog.sevantownsend.com

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    High Energy Country Band: Jake Dodds & Stagecoach Revolver

    in Country Music

    Jake Dodds & Stagecoach Revolver are a high energy country band. Playing their brand of country music throughout a growing number of cities. Reigning from Southern Indiana the band is the 2013 HANK FM Radio battle of the band winners in Indianapolis and in 2013 opened for some of country music's biggest names! Including Lee Brice, Tyler Farr, Dustin Lynch, Chris Cagle, Chase Rice, Josh Thompson and a stop on Luke Bryan's Dirt Road Diaries Tour. 

    With a debut EP on the horizon of 2014 the band shows no signs of slowing down. The band builds a solid dedicated following week by week. The "Party Nation" is only beginning. Make sure to check out a show when the guys are near your hometown to find out what its all about. 

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    Linda Dodds Takes on the Law of Attraction

    in Spirituality

    Linda Goodspeed Dodds  takes on the whole Law of Attraction Industry!  This internationally-known seminar leader and energy-sensitive has been a student of Metaphysics for over 30 years and is the author of the soon-to-be-released Namaste & Other Bullsh*t and City Shamans. She will discuss these books and other subjects with Dr. Michael Craig on Logical Soul Talk.

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    Show #118: Visual Storytelling of Your Strategic Narrative

    in Business

    Special Guest: Tracy Keates, Director of Strategic Communication, Limehouse.tv

    Creating a visual representation of a company strategy based on an engaging metaphor can help your leaders communicate clearly and consistently, can trigger storytelling throughout your organisation and can help every colleague understand how they can contribute to the bigger picture.

    Tracy Keates, Director of Strategic Communication at communication agency Limehouse will chat through the process of developing a ‘learning map’ which has produced some fantastic results for their client.

    Host: Jo Dodds

  • 00:37

    Pet Vaccinations w/ Dr. Jean Dodds on "Holistic Pet Care w/ Dr. O" part 2 of 2

    in Pets

    Considered one of the foremost experts in pet healthcare, Dr. Dodds focuses on vaccinations protocol in this second of two segments.

    Dr. Jean Dodds started Hemopet's non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program in 1986. Today, Hemopet offers the most advanced canine thyroid testing in the world.

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    Dr. Jean Dodds on "Holistic Petcare w/ Dr. O" (part 1 of 2)

    in Pets

    Considered one of the foremost experts in pet healthcare, Dr. Dodds focuses on thyroid issues and nutrition in this first of two segments.

    Dr. Jean Dodds started Hemopet's non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program in 1986. Today, Hemopet offers the most advanced canine thyroid testing in the world.

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    Show #114: Mapping Informal Employee Networks to Build Better Organisations

    in Business

    Special Guest: András Vicsek, Co-Founder and Head of Research at Maven7 and Designer and developer of social network analysis solutions based on the technologies of the future.

    Organisations are becoming more and more complex, more connected, and therefore more difficult to manage. There are multiple hierarchy levels, functions, projects, job roles, processes, products, etc, and thus a stronger role of informal networks, which affects organisational performance. The problems of organisations are increasingly complex as well. Many of them are trying to shift from silos and product or project-based teams to cross-functional collaborations.

    This is an era marked with rapid change (more frequent organisational restructuring, new IT system implementations, introduction of new strategies, more mergers and acquisitions, etc), which demands more from leaders and managers.

    Join us as we, through real life case studies, show how mapping informal employee networks will help:

    better manage and accelerate change initiatives
    identify previously hidden key employees (experts, high-potentials, change agents) and their positions in the organisational network
    build stronger, more cohesive teams
    boost overall organisational performance to benefit the bottom line

    András is a work and organisational psychologist, and is responsible for research and product development within Maven7. He is a management consultant and a trainer specialised in social and organisational network analysis.

    Host: Jo Dodds

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    Show #113: Sparking Change in Organisations

    in Business

    Special Guest: Helen Walton, Founder of Gamevy and Spark the Change

    Helen Walton is a creative and marketing manager who has worked on an eclectic range of products – from writing a make-up column in the Daily Mail to a series of books on Agile. She is the co-founder of Gamevy – a tech start-up bringing TV gameshows online – a company that is employee owned with no bosses and a radical approach to self-management.

    Spark the Change was born out of a desire to create a community of fellow practitioners – other people who were experimenting, who were ambitious, who were a little bit crazy – and who wanted to challenge the lazy idea of ‘that’ll never work’.

    Spark brings people from across the business – people who know that company culture can’t be sidelined into ‘HR’s responsibility’ and who appreciate that it’s not something warm and fuzzy but a direct competitive advantage that powers your innovation and responsiveness. Although it is fun and inspiring – it’s main goal is action, not inspiration. 

    Host: Jo Dodds

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    Dr. Jean Dodds - Blood Banking and NutriScan on "Holistic Petcare w/ Dr. O"

    in Pets

    Dr. Jean Dodds started Hemopet's non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program in 1986. Today, Hemopet offers the most advanced canine thyroid testing in the world.

    Nutriscan saliva screening is a new diagnostic tool that allows pet owners and vets to test for food allergies and intolerance.

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    Jo Dodds - Social Media and HR Consultant with Engage for Success

    in Business

    Jo Dodds is Social Media and HR Consultant with Engage for Success and which includes co-hosting with Jo Moffatt their radio show Engage for Success. Disclaimer: I was guest on their show. We had an excellent conversation about our shared passion: engaged employees. 

    Engage4Success, I’m quoting their site, is a voluntary movement committed to the belief that employee engagement is a better way to work. Over 1000 individuals from hundreds of organisations have contributed over £1million in time, expertise and resources, helping to bring the aims of our movement to life.

    While their efforts are focused on the UK, with social media and their devotion we can share and learn and maybe give back a bit. That’s what I hope to be doing here, sharing their expertise with this audience.

    Their site is chock-full of well-written, well-researched, articles and papers and profiles of their initiatives and case-studies on companies and their successes, or not, with raising employee engagement. We’ll talk with Jo about how she curates all this goodness and then shares it in a way that reflects their movement principles. And we’ll talk with her about some of the best initiatives from Engage for Success, what’s different, better or worse, with the two markets, UK and US, with regards to employee engagement and what trends she sees developing now.

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    Show #109: Engagement on the Agenda at Motivate Europe Live

    in Business

    Wendy Carter, Director, Inventive & Motivation

    Engagement, incentive and reward activities will be top of the agenda when the Motivate Europe Live conference and exhibition opens its doors on 22-23 April. Engage for Success Co-Chair David MacLeod will be opening the event with the latest update on the Employee Engagement Task Force.

    Join us as we talk with Wendy about what is happening at Motivate Europe Live and why engagement is so important to the agenda this year.

    Registration for Motivate Europe Live is completely free. Visit www.motivateeuropelive.com for details.

    Host: Jo Dodds