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    "Mystics: You Are Not Abandoned!!"

    in Spirituality

    GLOBAL ALERT - 06/07/2k15


    After receiving this "download from the Cosmic Fields", I was guided to post it to my tiny Facebook alliance and then to do a short broadcast.

    Why?  Because this is ... "a Prime Source Creator based message" ... to the heart of every AUTHENTIC Mystic, Shaman, Oracle, Diviner, Priestess, Change Agent on Planet Earth who (like myself) FEELS as though every effort to move forward has been fruitless over the past (2+) years or so.

    Because I am a Public Figure ... in addition to speaking the message I've been guided to share some of my personal challenges so that others can begin wrapping their mind around the fact that WE (authentic) Cosmic Agents ... have not been abandoned.

    If you require "spiritual nourishment", some purified Light to dance in and contemplate, feel free to visit my larger site. I have to re-link the Soul Path Clarity.Biz domain name but for now you can use: http://soulpathclarity2.vpweb.com/. It's just a place to reconnect with your immortal truths and hopefully lift your spirit through these very challenging.

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    See lower landing page for my PayPal Donate Button:


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    Maximizing Health & Wealth Connections

    in Health

    You voted and we listened! Dial 347-850-8486 at 8p ET on Wednesday April 22nd to learn how to make the most of the health and wealth connection in your life during Root Cause Radio's Listerners' Choice podcast!

    As the health of the average American has improved over the past decade, some populations have continued to suffer an overwhelming burden of disease and average lower income as well.

    On the other side of the coin, we have several cultures that often promote sacrificing one's health to obtain specific financial milestones under the assumption that we will at least be able to afford whatever healthcare we need to get well once we are rich. We are covering all the health & wealth myths tonight PLUS giving you tools you can use no matter where you are in the process.


    Dr. Maxwell Nartey - Founder Of Symptometry

    Dr. Charlie Abbott - Director At American School Of Symptometry


    Doc Vaj  - Planetarian Lifestyle Facilitator™

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    (#32) Prophetess Of Destiny Returns

    in Spirituality

    Turn off your toys, open your mind, tune in and listen with your heart.

    Regarding Doc's return to Charm City, reality has surfaced; those she loves have chosen to remain in darkness, her acceptance of and gratitude for this clarity have tearfully been embraced and Doc's called forth the Universe's alternative timeline potentials for her Energetic Signature. This segment makes it official.

    So because Soul Path Clarity is the supreme knowledge that (can) optimally empower you to get out of what you don't want and/or into what you do want, read the quote below and determine how it might benefit you.


    (1) We reap only what has been sown, (2) We reap the same in kind, as we sow. (3) We reap in a different season than we sow. (4) We reap more than we sow. (5) We reap in proportion to what we sow. (6) We reap the full harvest of good only if we persevere. (7) We can do something about this year’s harvest not last year’s. "As long as the earth exists, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. There will be a time to sow and a time to reap and there will be no reaping if there is no sowing. If you believe for a harvest where there has been no seed planted, you have been deceived.”

    Visit her brand new light portal: Http://TheCartomanc-Seer.Biz and dare to imagine that something you desire or require to take your next best step on your journey is now within reach. 

    Read Doc's Vision Quest: http://www.thecartomanc-seer.biz/dreams-visions-wishes

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    Life is so Beautiful Radio Show with Vanda Guzman

    in Spirituality

    Today I'm sitting in for "VANDA GUZMAN" on her (Life Is So Beautiful) channel.

    TOPIC SPECTRUM: The Multi-Level Power Of Non-Judgmental Reflection.

    Lots of spiritual seeds to plant and enhance the Soul's Journey through the Human experience.

    Please join us.

    Visit www.LifeisSoBeautiful.net to leave prayer requests.

    Sign my Guestbook, Buy my Music.

    All Donations are appreciated!

    Follow me on www.Facebook.com/VandaGuzmanMusic.

    Guests can email me at VandaGuzman@yahoo.com .

    Segment is downloadable on the show page.

    DocVaj's Main Site: http://SoulPathClarity.Biz

    DocVaj's Channel:  http://BlogTalkRadio.Com/SoulPathClarity

    Thanks and blessings to you and yours.

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    Life is so beautiful Radio show Hosted by Vanda Guzman

    in Lifestyle

    Hi Everyone and welcome to Happy Hour www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful Tuesday  Nov.4 th, 2014.3p.m. – 4 p.m. eastern. Call in number is 347-205 9957. Chat room is open.

    My guest Docvaj,

      my guest is  “a true force of  nature” … and    is indicated that beyond her sheer brilliance … for channeling Spirit and detailing the astrological and numerological based data streams that Spirit shares through her … Doc♠Vaj delivers  info with a potent vibration … that take an client  to a whole new level of remembering   who she/he  is as a powerful Soul. 

    Her name is Vajrayana (which means thunderbolt and diamond ... but most people call her Doc♠Vaj.  ? She’s known as The World’s Cartomanc-Seer® and The Soul’s Path Clarifier® … and as she will explain … her Energetic Signature counter-balances (seventy million people) … living their lives on lower frequencies. ? And her love for humanity is so strong that … often when she links lights with others … it sounds like she’s pushing the power of a tidal wave through a straw!!

    Please join us as she will be answering your questions . Thanks Love Vanda


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    Prime Source Creator Says - Awaken Arise Attune

    in Culture

    "PSC" is short for Prime Source Creator - The Father Of Light!!
    The official launch of DocVaj’s new channel, mandated by Prime Source Creator, known to radically cognizant Cosmic Citizens inhabiting the Earth's (12) Realms by such titles as- Cosmic Intelligence, The Source and-or The Supreme Being, and I'm sure there are other appropriate titles for The Oneness.
    NOTE:  If you are a believer in a God Force, however you’ve named it, I respectfully encourage you to NOT ASSUME THAT … I speak of The Force you currently know and/or believe in, for few walking upon Planet Earth are privy to apex frequency knowledge, insights and wisdom of this nature.
    However since as “Earthlings”, our Sacred Contracts with Prime Source Creator have officially changed since 12/21/2k12, all with ears to hear and the gift of true discernment are invited to “dance within the energies of The Oneness” that this channel represents.
    Please help spread the news by sharing this link.
    Thank you very much.

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    (#25) Mystic To Mystic Revelations

    in Spirituality


    Because my expression on the first broadcast literally felt like (a tidal wave being pressed through a straw), for real, I've completed a BRAND NEW version of my segment featuring Vanda Guzman’s Soul Sojourn.

    I was guided to present it as a gift to Vanda so she can gain insight into her upward spiraling Soul Path and all listeners would get to experience what it might be like when serious people desire to be optimally aligned with what they came to this planet to do by coming into clear knowledge of the energies they agreed to work in, to work with and to work through this lifetime.

    So with the required permission to peer beyond the veil of her flesh in my hand, I share light on her path. And to enable you to connect the dots before listening go to my older website: http://TheCartomanc-Seer.Biz, scroll down the landing page beneath the film strip … and you’ll see a list of PDFs that include:

    DocVaj’s Cartomanc-Seer® (Hidden Truth) Article
    Card Consult Forewarning To Skeptics And Believers, and
    DocVaj’s Cartomanc-Seer® Soul Sojourn Map.

    It is wise to read the article and forewarning and then open up the PDF of the map so you can see exactly what I’m speaking about as I reveal the messages within the symbols.

    Please share generously with those in your warm circles.

    If you find value in what's received through this channel please ...

    DONATE:  http://TinyURL.Com/SupportDocVaj

    Thank you.

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    (#27) Symptometry® Books Excerpts

    in Health

    On this segment I'm reading from (7) of Dr. Nartey's (23) books:

    1. The Cradle Of Truth, only currently available via Symptometry® Headquarters and you can save $10-Bucks when you call and mention my name, DocVaj.

    2. Optimal Women's Health: How To PREVENT & OVERCOME Every Issue In Female Health.

    3. What To Consume: Mankinds (45) Safest Consumables.

    4. An In-Depth Study Of The Most Complete Person.

    5. The Twelve Steps To Health Longevity: A Perfect Guide That Transcends Culture And Tradition. (Only 39 Pages.)

    6. The Downside Of Nutrition: The Untold Truths About The Foods We Love

    7. Delicious Cooking Symptometry Style (by Rosalita Nartey) Mouth watering receipes and simple yet scientific cooking methods to ensure PROPER cell nourishment and disease prevention.

    For full spectrum details on everything visit:


    For an archive overflowing with health and health related topics visit:


    Short link to the broadcast (#26) Symptometry = E.B.V.S (Evidence Based Verifiable Science) where Dr. Nartey  & I have a live no holds barred chat is:


    Because there are (7+) billion people on this planet that require this high end option for health please support my work with a donation that’s comfy. Thank you.


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    (#31) Tools For Cosmic Level Surrender

    in Spirituality

    Cosmic level surrender regards the multi-level multi-layered aspects of your whole self

    This segment explains ...

    Letting Go Of Moving On

    Ambiguous Loss: The Experience Of Loss Without Closure

    Feng Shui Your Mind

    The Soul Path Clarity Option

    Tonight I share some treasures that can be utilized to assist one's own self to recognize that without clarity on the divisions of the self ...

    Immortal Essence - Is A Unique (Spiritual) Offspring Of Prime Source Creator

    Soul - Is A Possession Of Immortal Essence That Regards Human/Earthly Life

    Mortal Form - Is A Unique (Physical/Body) Product Of (2) Bloodline Histories ...

    women, men, children inhabiting this toxic planet are doomed to stumble around in the darkness and forego access to their spiritual inheritance, deep knowledge of their one of a kind gifts, talents, skills, savvy, mastery, etc that await their REDISCOVERY for the purpose of transforming whatever is that holds no appeal into whatever is desired that reflects their sovereignty.

    Tune in, with pen and pad, listen with your heart and share this link generously so that those who still feel disconnected from Spirit Within may find their way back to memory of self as Immortal.

    If you resonate with Prime Source Creator's offerings through me, nothing speaks louder than donating what's comfy which starts a cycle of abundance for you, believe it or not.  You can use this link to express your appreciation:


    Thank you very much.

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    (#29) Confession Is Good For The Soul

    in Spirituality

    EDITED: Personal Soul Chats with your own Self are more potent and powerful than you can imagine. Why? Because in the privacy of your own home, heart, mind, you get to hear all the voices that speak when you touch upon certain aspects of your life. 

    This process has proven to benefit skeptics, believers and many standing in the middle of that mix ... when it comes to the ideas about what the Soul is, what the Spirit is, what the Human is.

    Since my services on the planet are based on connecting with the symbols that clearly define the nature of the Sacred Contracts you have made to work with certain other energies that show up as beliefs, feelings, memories, people circumstances, conditions, opportunities, after (42+) years, I dare say that knowledge of the power of Soul Confessions to the self ... is something worthy of seizing and taking seriously.

    It's about connecting with (non-physical) aspects of your Being, which are not so obvious until you set out to prove the reality of them to yourself. This act alone serves to lift the veil of unbelief that there's more to you than flesh and blood and more to life than hear and now. And based solely upon … the intensity of your desire, your refusal to be defeated, and your commitment to do what’s necessary to achieve your fulfillment, Soul Confession to the self can be quite magical.

    I'll be sharing my Soul's Confession and that of a very dedicated Minister who also aims to  live her dreams on this particular Earth Plane journey. So tune in and determine if a Soul Confession to your self might be your key out of the madness.




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    (#28) Guilt~Blame~Regret~Shame

    in Spirituality

    EDITED: Human Forgiveness is a spiritual/mental/emotional process designed to free the human mind/body/soul of negative energies being held toward/against a person, group, organization, based on actual/perceived violations of one’s person/property/agreements, etc.

    MY PURPOSE: Trigger desire to prove my statement above to yourself because you must recognize and eliminate whatever’s out of harmony with your Immortal Essence (if) joy, peace, health and wealth are the desires of your heart.

    MY FOCUS: Minimizing your ability to sustain DENIAL that rises when we face DARK truths about ourselves.

    THE FACTS: Because everything about the human body is about the processing and interpretation of alchemical substances, we literally are ... chemical processing laboratories.

    And since our thoughts, the air we breathe, the foods & drinks we consume, our feelings, etc are all transmuted into chemicals and processed via the brain ... realize that whatever’s in our energy systems are living breathing pockets of energy. And even when we don’t comprehend the complexity of our Human nature and body those energies within us affect everything about us.

    So, whether you’re aware of it yet or not the fact remains that unresolved guilt, blame, regret, shame, are poisonous negative energies that contaminates your Energetic Signature cripples you emotionally +/or paralyzes your ability to deeply love and trust people and life itself.

    So listen up and you be the judge.

    DONATIONS: Http://TinyURL.Com/SupportDocVaj

    SPECIAL OFFER: Http://TinyURL.Com/DocVajSoulPathPaver

    TELE-CHAT: Http://SoulPathClarity.Biz