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    7 Things You Should Know about Identity Theft

    in Finance

    With online shopping and high levels of credit card use during the holiday season, you need to be prepared to deal with identity theft.  Join host Barbie O'Connor for this week's MoneySmarts4U show about the 7 things you should know about identity theft.  Learn about protecting your identity, how to create strong passwords using the NULS system, and what to do when it happens to you.  

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    10/07/15 - Laying out a new narrative on Immigration

    in Politics Conservative

    Some are for Mass Deportation, others are for documentation program.  What's the best for the country?  Which plan makes sense and is actually a possibility to achieve?  This issue has been dominated by only a few voices.  Tonight, we place some new dialogue on the table.  Whatever position you have, one thing we all agree on is the system has many deficiencies.  Where to we begin?  Is this something that gets handled in one big bill, or do we take one issue at a time and fix it piece by piece?  You don't want to miss this program. 

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    Role and Responsibility of the Black youth in a World of Injustice

    in National

    Goal #1 is to increase revenue in black-owned businesses, industries, and corporations; Goal #2 to inform the masses on why this revolutionary step is vital. Expose capitalistic industries, businesses, and corporations that sell their products and services to our communities but have never given back.The National Blackout Movement Committees has conducted research and obtained data on which major industries, business and corporations have contributed to black communities and those who have not. Documentation of where donations have been made to non-Black organizations, businesses, corporations, industry and communities proves biases. According to history, the student body has led, fueled and/or formed momentous movements. The National Blackout Movement is calling on all students with African descent on November 30, 2015, who has identified with the victims of police brutality, harassment, and first-degree murder to conduct a national walkout. Students are to walk out with the sole purpose to boycott a specific industry, business, or corporation. Our people need us to stand up for them, they are in despair, screaming out for someone to understand their pain and be willing to prevent it. 

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    Premature Documentation

    in Comedy

    Damien, Vlad, and later on, Ali, get in the conversation on a number of topics including the questionable logic of going raw instead of using protection despite how good it feels, details of the new Apple products, a grandma getting bit by a pitbull during her Ice Bucket Challenge video, Kobe Bryant's new documentary and the concept of making documentaries prematurely, and when the last time Nas put out a must-listen-to verse. All that and a whole lot more. Check it out.

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    Forging Freedom with Amrita Chakarabarti Myers, Ph.D.

    in History

    Forging Freedom: Black Women and the Pursuit of Liberty in Antebellum Charleston

    For black women in antebellum Charleston, freedom was not a static legal category but a fragile and contingent experience. A deeply researched social history, Forging Freedom reveals the ways in which black women in Charleston acquired, defined, and defended their own vision of freedom.

    Drawing on legislative and judicial materials, probate data, tax lists, church records, family papers, and more, Myers creates detailed portraits of individual women while exploring how black female Charlestonians sought to create a fuller freedom by improving their financial, social, and legal standing. Examining both those who were officially manumitted and those who lived as free persons but lacked official documentation, Myers reveals that free black women filed lawsuits and petitions, acquired property (including slaves), entered into contracts, paid taxes, earned wages, attended schools, and formed familial alliances with wealthy and powerful men, black and white--all in an effort to solidify and expand their freedom. Never fully free, black women had to depend on their skills of negotiation in a society dedicated to upholding both slavery and patriarchy. Forging Freedom thus examines the many ways in which Charleston's black women crafted a freedom of their own design instead of accepting the limited existence imagined for them by white Southerners.

    Amrita Chakrabarti Myers earned her doctorate in American History from Rutgers University. A historian of the black female experience, she is interested in race, gender, sexuality, rights, freedom, and citizenship and the ways in which these constructs intersect with one another in the lives of black women in the Old South. She is currently Associate Professor of History and Gender Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

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    Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

    in Current Events

    Tonight's radio show will be co-hosted by R.T. & Terry Fitch, Founders (and Pres. & Treasurer) and Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

    Update on the Wyoming wild horse checkerbcourt case and the captured wild horses

    Our guest is Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and a plaintiff on the recent lawsuit attempting to stop the BLM from removing over 800 wild horses from Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, and Great Divide Basin in Wyoming.  Carol was an observer at the roundups, and will give you an update on the court case, and on the wild horses that are now in captivity.

    Carol's website is http://www.wildhoofbeats.com/ and you can see her photography of wild horses at http://www.livingimagescjw.com/

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    Setting the Facts Straight About Bacon (and other processed meats)

    in Health

    The World Health Organization just released the findings of a culmination of studies and told us that bacon and processed meats are can cause cancer. You may have also read that bacon is just as bad for you as smoking? If you haven't read articles with actual quotes from WHO scientists you may be missing something here. Both sides of the arguement are using things out of context to confuse you. Let me give it to you straight using factual quotes and documentation so you can find out if/how bad bacon and processed meats are for us.

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    Home School Horrors with my guest: Brent Swallers

    in Politics

    Do You Homeschool Your Children? . . . If So, Tune In Tonight To Hear What Can Happen If Cps Finds Out And Decides They Want Your Child

    Join The Captain Tonight With His Very Special Guest:  Brent Swallers

    Here How Cps Made False Allegations Against Him,  Lied To The Court And Stripped His Parental Rights Away Without Any Due Process Or Legal Documentation

    Brent Has No Idea Where His Daughter Is And Simply Wants To Get Her Back.  However The Feds Have Now Stepped In And Are Intimidating Him From Him Exercising His Right To Have His Day In Court

    This Can Happen To Anyone At Any Time.  Stay Informed!  Stand Strong And Fight Back!

    That’s Tonight:  8pm Eastern  7/C  With My Guest:  Brent Swallers



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    in Current Events

    PUBLIC Corruption--Judicial Political Animals, Kevin Vincent Ryan Judicial Corruption--willful misconduct San Francisco Court Scandal-- Part One

    ***Fleet Week Navy --Marines put on trial as "homophobic" by Judge Ryan

    Judge Kevin Ryan given birth day present on his birthday Oct 28

    ***Conviction by kangaroo court jury--Steven Nary US Navy sailor victim of male rape by male sexual predator connected to San Francisco Prosecutor Terrance Hallilnan

    ***John Farrell assistant prosecutor injects his male prostitution bath house into Judge Ryan's judiical proceedings  Kangaroo Court

    ***Wikipedia delection of Documentation of Ryan's judicial corruption

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    The Captain's Very Special Guest: Susan Carrington and Barbara Schwartz

    in Politics

    Susan Carrington along with her attorney, Barbara Schwartz  will be on board with us tonight to discuss new developments in her custody case.

    Abused Mentally And Physically By Her Ex-Husband - Susan - Because Of Her Ex's Family Prominence - Was The One Actually Accused Of The Abuse

    Hear How Family Court Rulings Are Determined By The Highest-Bidder . . . And Not The Facts

    Susan Has Not Seen Her Children In Over 4 Years Despite There Has Been No Evidence Of Abuse Or Neglect

    Susan Just Wants Her Children Back Where They Belong And Away From Her Abusive Ex-Husband

    Susan and her attorney are now being sanctioned by the court for speaking out.  We all have the right to freedom of speech . . . unless it makes someone in the courts look bad.

    She has no actual judical documentation saying her parental; rights have been terminated, yet in reality, they have been.


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    Against The Grain- The Week Round Up

    in Current Events

    Hello humans!!! Well well well.....it has been a VERY VERY interesting last month on all fronts. Thanks to BTR we have not been very consistant and for that I apologize. We take seriously our jobs and appreciate all of your support and patience :) With that being said join us tonight a special Week round up show were we will tackle and unveil some hidden truths, documentation and some very interesting prospectives on a variety of subjects! We do our best to give your REAL independent media! Everything from the Bengahzi Hearing (number 9), the recent pope visit, UN meetings, Isreal conflict, wars in the middle east and much more! So join us Honey Bee, Switch Blade, and possibly the ~O~ 'Lander tonight at 7PM Central (USA Time Zone)  10/23/15 right here on the ANT Network hosted by Blog Talk Radio!