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    Message: "How Great is our God--Omniscience" (Psalm 139)

    in Christianity

    When we talk about a person's knowledge, we must readily admit the limitations of the person. Even doctoral graduates are only certified in one specific area. However, when we speak of God, there is no limitation of his knowledge

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    You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! Success Habits with Sunita Punjabi

    in Business

    This week's guest is Sunita Punjabi, a doctoral candidate at the University of Texas in San Antonio/

    Sunita specializes in the study of neuroplasticity,how our brain changes when we learn new things. We can learn new skills. The science behind learning is amazing!

    You will learn:

    The science behind learning

    How the brain works to help you create new habits

    The power of purpose

    How meditation is essential to getting more sales

    and more!

    Some people take themselves out of the game with the misconception that you are either a born salesperson or not. If you are struggling in sales, or you want to excel in this profession, join us for this insightful discussion.

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    Catherine Kominos joins the show

    in Spirituality

    Catherine Kominos is the founder of Life As Yoga, LLC. She is a yoga instructor, life coach, and wellness consultant in Norfolk, VA. Prior to her retirement from Government in 2015, Catherine was a Pentagon Science Director, a U.S. NATO Representative, a Defense Legislative Aide to Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), and a Director at a Pentagon funded academic research center developing Star Trek’s “Holodeck”.  Catherine earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from George Washington University in Engineering and will shortly earn a doctoral degree from University of Southern California. The memoir of her spiritual awakening Swimming in the Ocean of the Divine: An Odyssey through Love, Loss and Rebirth was published in 2014, and is available on Amazon. She is currently working on a new book that encapsulates her yoga healing practice, which will be published in 2017.


    Catherine's website is:  www.lifeasyoga.org. She may be contacted at cathy@lifeasyoga.org. 

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    The Refractive Thinker® Radio Show: Crisis in Leadership

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome to the Refractive Thinker® Radio Show hosted by the award winning and international bestselling author Dr. Cheryl Lentz, The Academic Entrepreneur.

    Meet the scholars of the award winning doctoral anthology series: The Refractive Thinker®, where we focus on getting doctoral research off the coffee table and into the hands of business owners who can benefit from the results. Academic Research Solutions for Business Results.

    Join us each week for 30 minutes of thought provoking radio, every Tuesday Morning at 9 am MST, designed to discuss emerging topics in higher education and business.  We will meet today’s industry thought leaders and college professors leading the way

    The topic for discussion this week: Crisis in Leadership.

    For additional information regarding the 14 award winning series, The Refractive Thinker®, to learn about doctoral scholars in our community, as well as to purchase books in the series, visit www.RefractiveThinker.com; Books may be purchased in paperback and eBooks, as well as eChapters available on Kindle via Amazon.com

    New Series: www.TheyAnsweredtheCall.com.  Share your inspirational military story today!  It's free!

    Music by Jim Bennett; voice by Rebecca Bennett/Red Door Multimedia


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    Marital Peace, Dr. Laura Louis, Ph.D

    in Family

    Dr. Louis shares the foundation of her doctoral research, which formed the basis for her book: Marital Peace. She discusses John Gottman's Model for predicting marital success known as the Four Horsemen. . Contact Dr. Louis and learn more information @ http://www.giftedcounseling.com/


    Serenity Radio Network (SRN) is sponsored by The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program, Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.ED.CEO|Author @ Serenity. More information: https://www.serenityradiochallenge.eventbrite.com?




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    Helping Children Overcome Fears and Unwanted Behaviors: Courage Critters

    in Parents

    Host Dr. Marla Deibler - Premiere of Mind Matters

    Renae M. Reinardy, Psy.D. received her doctorate at Argosy University, Washington, D.C. She is the Director of the Lakeside Center for Behavioral Change. Dr. Reinardy specializes in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, trichotillomania, hoarding disorder, and related conditions. She has been an adjunct professor at the doctoral level and has presented numerous times at national conferences and at local meetings and trainings. She is also the Program Developer of Courage Critters, on on-line and plush animal system.  Dr. Reinardy has been interviewed on Good Morning America, North Dakota Today and the Joy Behar Show. She has also had her treatment techniques featured on Dateline NBC and A&E’s Hoarders.

      The Courage Critters program is a tool that parents, caregivers, teachers, doctors and children can use as a guide to decrease common childhood fears and body focused repetitive behaviors. If every child knew these skills it would be of great benefit to our children's mental and physical health. The Courage Critter provides the child with comfort while the website offers a fun, and informative program. The Critter is a high quality plush toy that arrives with a password allowing the child membership into the Courage Club. This will give children access to all pages on the website.

    There are many stuffed animals available on the market, but none serve the same function as Courage Critters. Children often hold a beloved stuffed animal close to them in difficult situations, but only the Courage Critter has the training to stand up to fear bullies and body focused behaviors! This is a unique system for issues that impact most children and their families. 


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    The Charmaine Show: Purge it with Patti

    in Self Help

    Patti’s approach to health is holistic, meaning concerned with the complete person and the body as a whole, rather than the individual parts. Holding national certifications as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Zumba Instructor and as a 3rd-year doctoral student studying urban health and environment, she combines her expertise with her passion to create healthy communities and developed the Purge it ™ Plan. Join the conversation as well by calling (347) 989-8500.

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    Thessalonika Arzu-Embry in conversation!

    in Motivation

    She graduated from high school at age 11, earned a B.A. in psychology at 14 and an MBA in organizational leadership at 16. Currently she’s working on her doctorate, building a business and earning her pilot’s license, and recently she passed required testing to become a hedge fund manager.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1275

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Angela Wright-Lacey, a California based Doctoral Student at Argosy University who's doing a research study on "Forgiveness: Pastoral Counseling, Women, Christian, and Jewish faith Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse." The study examines the correlation between pastoral counseling and forgiveness among Christian and Jewish faith women survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) who are not undergoing any counseling or abuse at the time of the study. The surveys are be designed to measure volunteers responses to open-ended questions and level of forgiveness. An aspiring counselor, life coach and motivational speaker, Angela Wright provides inspiration to both men and women everywhere she goes, giving life strategies that can help individuals reach their goals and objectives. She says, "Gowing up in a faith-based home where believing in God (faith) and using the word of God as a direction in our lives has helped structure my belief and value system. I love and have a passion for hurting individuals especially people that were touched as a child." Angela wasn't sexually abused herself, but has family and friends that were. "I noticed that even in the church children were sexually abused. My experience in the church has been as a young people's leader and teacher. It is during those times I noticed young people struggling needing help." Angela became a mentor for at-risk teens, and later started a women's group where, she learned, many individuals had been abused. She's currently completing a graduate degree in Pastoral Community Counseling. "My dissertation topic addresses the issue of child sexual abuse. I am taking a closer look at my purpose which is to empower and help individuals transcend their pain into fulfilling their purpose."

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    Memories Mentor YOU: Use them to Ignite your 2016 Brand!

    in Jobs

    On episode 101 of the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene asks: How will your memories influence your behavior and brand in 2016? Memories are powerful mentors, if we learn from them. Becoming aware of the significance of our memories on making both professional and personal decisions is essential to determining the Right Fit decisions. 

    From birth onward we build memories. What are the lessons learned from these memories? Thriving, successful, and happy people know how to significantly benefit from streaming their memories. They recognize their value, either positive or negative. How do you process your memories? What do you savor? What do you forget? Get ready to explore your memories and learn from them. You can change your life right now!

    After listening to the show, call Dr. Arlene 310-443-4277 to share the memories that my radio show triggered in you.

    To Follow Dr. Arlene Click On The Follow Button:




    About Dr. Arlene & barro global search, inc:

    After holding high-level healthcare executive positions and making significant innovative contributions with global impact, Dr. Arlene entered the world of executive search, setting the stage to become an entrepreneur.

    In 2003, Dr. Arlene, creator of the Right Fit Method and Right Fit Branding Strategies, founded barro global search, inc. a retained executive search firm, to design innovative search solutions for corporate clients. After WIN Without Competing! was published, Dr. Arlene expanded the firm.

    Dr. Arlene, a behavioral educational psychologist, is a UCLA-trained PhD with distinction for her doctoral dissertation on creativity. Innovation, Contribution, and Impact characterize her career.

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    Positive Deviants in Parkinson’s Disease: What do Non-Progressors have in Common

    in Health

    My guest today is Dr. Laurie Mischley ND who will be discussing her exciting  research program and discoveries as they pertain to Parkinson's disease. The focus of her work is on describing conditionally essential nutrients in Parkinson’s disease (PD), attempting to describe the nutritional status and requirements unique to individuals with neurodegenerative diseases. She has published on coenzyme Q10 deficiency in PD, completed her master’s thesis on lithium deficiency in PD, and is currently completing her doctoral dissertation on glutathione in PD.  In 2013, she and her team completed a “Phase I Safety & Tolerability Study of Intranasal Glutathione in PD.” 

    Dr. Mischley is a clinical research assistant professor at Bastyr University, where she is principal investigator of other PD studies including, “CAM Care in PD” and “Cannabis in PD Tremor.”

    Her current CAM study is designed to identify common traits among those who maintain their health despite the disease.To join the CAM study (which can be completed online) visit; www.CAMCarePD.bastyr.edu

    Know your score! Print out a copy for your records : www.PROPD.org 

    Dr. Mischley is the author of an amazing book: Natural Therapies for Parkinsons Disease