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    I don't have time for this!

    in Christianity

    Welcome to anothe show here at, "Your-Place" ! There are a lot of things going on around the world at this time. From this we have two shows that we are putting together.  We decided to take a sermon that was preached at a live service to prod you into thinking with your spiritual man before we go into the analytical part of man that seems to be confused by what is happening around them.  This sermon by Jerry Jones will hopefully build faith in our listeners before we open up the can of worms in a more specific manner where opinions vary to everything but being spiritual.  As you know the courts have now decided to make a law regarding the way marriage is defined in this country. The courts have made previous statements of this type before that go against the moral and spiritual fiber of our country.  We are not supposed to have God in our schools.  Courts have decided to define the definition of life and when it begins!  This led to laws, that give women the right to choose to have a baby aborted ... just for the reason of choice.  Check your brain at the door for this show and listen with your heart to this message tonight.  As always we look forward to your thoughts at the end of this show.  Just push one on your phone and we will identify you by the last four digits of your phone number.    

  • Do you have questions ? Michael will be helping you find answers

    in Spirituality

    Phone lines will be open and I will be doing Angel card readings

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    Why Do I have to Forgive

    in Spirituality

    Is Forgiveness a conscious choice or an emotional state?

    How do we forgive when we don't feel like it?

    How do we translate the decision to forgive into a change of heart?

    How do we know if we have truly forgiven?

    What if the person we need to forgive is not a believer?

    Is it okay to feel anger and want justice for the person we need to forgive?


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    What Do Edward Snowden and I Have in Common?

    in Self Help

    Find out what do Edward Snowden and Letitia Peters have in common. Visit www.ManifestTheTruth.com for additional information. Read the documents that were sent to the U.S. Nation's leaders, which there was NO RESPONSE since late 2013. NSA's PRISM should be terminated or suspended as per U.S. and International Laws. You can opt-out at any time with prejudice. Her request to opt-out has never been addressed. The USA Freedom Act should not be ratified. Read her opt-out form to read the other loopholes that need to be closed. It is more than metadata.


  • How Many Spirit Guides Do I Have?

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    Join Ms.Blue and The Remix Family for :  How Many Spirit Guides Do I Have ?


    Contact MsBlue: question4blue@gmail.com 

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    Get Magic !  http://msblueblast.com/digital-rituals-courses/

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    Spiritual Wow, Humor, Brilliant Consciousness with Fran Shaw of LORD HAVE MURPHY

    in Self Help

    Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace

    By Fran Shaw, Ph.D.

    New Amazon #1 Bestseller Offers a Charming and Humorous Entrée To the Next Level of Conscious Awareness—Let Murphy Be Your Guide!

    While there may be a plethora of books on consciousness, none is quite like the new Amazon #1 bestseller, Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace. It’s a funny, sardonic commentary that’s also a brilliant entrée to a new level of consciousness unknown even to many people who have dabbled in meditation, mindfulness and even yoga.

    The book’s author Fran Shaw, Ph.D., is a longtime practitioner in a spiritual discipline and an award-winning university writing instructor. Out of her fertile mind has popped Murphy, the star narrator of this journey into this new level of awareness. And Murphy has a wry comment on EVERYTHING!

    Murphy demurs from being a teacher—no guru is he—yet his exploration of the nature of this deep new level of conscious awareness is a fun-filled, quip-induced, deeply funny, pathway to the higher self.

    As Fran notes, “We hear a lot these days about mindfulness. ‘Weapons of mass instruction are proliferating.’ How to clear the air? To trust what’s in us and that we’re finding our way to it.”

    With unrelenting humor, this book tells the tale of Murphy giving it a try, only to discover in himself an extraordinary truth: that contact with the finer energy animating us awakens us to a completely different level of being alive.

    Host: Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Coach in Los Angeles Beach Cities of Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan, Palos Verdes, Torrance at drcarolfrancis.com

  • Do You Have the "P-Factor?!"

    in Motivation

    Dr. Pam is known as "The Hope Doctor"! She's a woman of many hats from being a wife, Pastor, an author, motivational speaker, TV & Talk Radio host, entreprenuerer, and so much more. Her greatest triumph is overcoming after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She's here to share why she continues to do what she does!

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    Animals Have Their Own Back, Do You?

    in Pets

    Animals NEVER hide the value they have for themselves and yet... they are also KNOWN to be very kind and caring.  Is it possible to be BOTH?

    Have you noticed that animals KNOW what they want, are willing to do what it takes to have it and they NEVER twist other people's No into a NO to themselves.  And yet... do we judge them as being selfish, uncaring or unkind?  

    Join Charlie and Suzy as they explore if there is a difference between "Having Your Back" and being selfish, uncaring and unkind.  I wonder ... Are animals inviting us to acknowledge that the choice to "Have Your Own Back" is a vital component to actualizing the kindness and caring you be?

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    "The Myth of Spiritual Covering!"

    in Spirituality

    The concept of "SPIRITUAL COVERING" as both popularized and theorized by prosperity preachers and other hirelings is an absolute "MYTH!"

    No petition or promotion of this teaching exists anywhere within the pages of the Word of God.  It is purely a cheap magic trick employed by the modern day workers of iniquity to control and manipulate the sheep.

    Tonight on "UNCUT" we are going to pull the"wool off of the wolf in sheep's clothing" and expose the lie that has kept Christians bound and gagged for far too long!

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    Lord Have Murphy

    in Health

    Welcome to the Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show.  I am your host, Dr. Erica Goodstone, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Spiritual Relationship Healer and Somatic Body Psychotherapist, Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships Through Love, author of the book: Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me and the romantic novel, Love in the Blizzard of Life, and creator of Healing Through Love Seminars, Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Relationship System and the very popular 30 Day Love Challenge.

    This show is all about living your dreams, fulfilling your life purpose and creating and sustaining love and health and total well-being for the rest of your life, no matter what age you are right now. 

    Today I am speaking with Dr. Fran Shaw, a longtime practitioner in a spiritual discipline, a  professor teaching writing at the University of Connecticut and an award-winning author whose books include Notes on The Next Attention, Writing My Yoga: Poems for Presence, 50 Ways to Help You Write, and Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace. Murphy’s story teaches exactly  how to overcome challenges to live by choice – not by chance!  Not for the weak-kneed, with his thought-provoking musings, Murphy will put you through some serious paces while you’re belly-laughing.  Visit www.FranShawBooks.com.

  • Why Do We Have Dreams?

    in Motivation

    Why Do We Dream at Night? What is it that happens in our minds and how do we release what we take in from our waking hours? What is the purpose of our dreams and how do our Dreams play a role in our daily lives? Tune in and Join in on the Conversation Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST!