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    Reviewpalooza: NWI ComiCon Coverage and an Impromptu Review of DnD Next

    in Video Games

    Northwest Indiana's Second Annual ComiCon takes place on Saturday, Feb. 21. Check out GCR's review of this event on Tuesday, Feb. 24, where we'll discuss the good, the bad, and the bizarre of this awesome, local Con. Additionally, Scott will have one of his patent-pending Impromptu Game Reviews of DnD Next!

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    Remembrance Day special with Pat Stogran on Veterans' past, present & future

    in Politics

    Lest We Forget.

    Over a century after it was written during the second battle of Ypres, Belgium, Lt. Col. John McCrae's "In Flanders Fields" is universally known and representative of the Canadian respect and deference to our veterans. However, the governments responsible for sending forces into harm's way have taken a different opinion than the Canadian population in recent times. The opportunity now exists for a new direction. The shortcomings and shoddy respect shown for veterans by the Harper regime has ended. Where it goes now under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of National Defense Harjit Sajjan and Minister of Veterans Affairs Kent Hehr is of fundamental importance.

    Much has been written lately exposing the results of the recent past policies. They are not acceptable to veterans, their families or Canadians in general. Renata D'Aliesio writing in The Globe and Mail since the election has done fine journalism and I give credit to her for much discussed on this episode. Great improvements are needed and time is of the essence. But where to start? Will veterans organizations be invited to speak to committee? Will surviving families be recognized and allowed to contribute?

    Former Veteran's Ombudsman, former Commander of Canadian Forces in Afghanistan, retired Colonel Pat Stogran returns to The View Up Here on this special Remebrance Day episode to discuss these issues. We are honoured to welcome back The Rebel Gorilla for his expert perspective on our subject.

    Tune in, listen, join the chat room or call in to give your thoughts.

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    Mythica & Shadow Mountain Episode

    in Hobbies

    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is excited to welcome back to the show Kynan Griffin and Jason Fuller of Arrowstorm entertainment to talk about their Kickstarter for Mythica Darkspore which is the sequel to Mythica A Quest For Heroes.   Then we will have Lisa Mangum of Shadow Mountain Publishing wrapping up the show talking about Shadow Mountain Publishing, Publishing, and so much more.

    Tune in to the show on Thursday March 26th for this  spectacular show!

    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is an exciting and unique Live geek radioshow that focuses on gaming, comics, fantasy & Sci-fi Books, and many more aspects of the world of Geek.


    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is produced by Dungeon Media and sponsored by Gamers Inn.

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    The View Up Here talks with soldier, commander, advocate, rebel Pat Stogran

    in Politics

    Colonel Pat Stogran (Ret) has had a long journey. From Quebec where he grew to love the outdoors, developing a fascination with martial arts that inspired him to a third-degree black belt, to Royal Roads Military College after high school. A young man that thought the exchange of service for an engineering degree was a fair deal. The degree was attained, but the military was his true calling.

    "I loved everything about the military," he remembers. "Being outdoors, testing yourself physically and mentally, the camaraderie you find in an army company or platoon. There was nothing about being a soldier I didn't love." He steadily rose through the ranks, his martial arts skills and natural leadership abilities turning heads at the DND. Named Commander of 3rd Battalion - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (3PPCLI) for Canada's foray into Afghanistan. He talked the talk and walked the walk. But he also found flaws with the mission in his view.

    Back in Canada, promoted to Colonel, he commanded a Joint Operations Group at CFB Kingston. The position was enjoyable, but the newly created position of Veterans Ombudsman intrigued him. On October 15, 2007, Prime Minister Harper announced that the first holder of this position would be Pat Stogran. Blind compliance was not an option for him. The New Veterans Charter was the flashpoint. He realized the Government had no intention of improving the legislation, and became vocal about the deception over it. A three-year appointment was all the Government would stand.

    He believes common sense, decency and good governance are under attack in Canada. Power corrupts and it has corrupted this current Government - and he isn't afraid to say it. The goal is revolutionize the democratic affairs to eliminate the bureaucrats' power base and stop them from victimizing Canadians.


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    Roll Initiative!: Table-Top Games

    in Video Games

    You enter the dark and dingy dungeon. You are armed with naught but your shining sword and your cunning wit. In the distance, you see the damsel in distress calling out to you from where she has been imprisoned. All that stands between you and victory is the towering ogre staring you down, drooling and looking at you as his next meal. What do you do? Roll Initiative!

    Join the GCR crew this week as we focus in on Table-Top Role-Playing Games. We'll talk about some of our old favorites as well as talk about some of the new game systems that are coming out. We'll also welcome back Job Rock to our show from his hiatus. Of course, no episode would be complete without an Impromptu Game Review from Scott. Buckle up and prime your dice, this is one show you'll not want to miss!

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    FTW presents: Drunk and Defiant Radio with Conk and Minifee

    in Entertainment

    Join Conk and Minifee saturday night midnight Est time.


    Title shots, Live matchs, contests, rants and a lot more!


    Dont miss it!

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    28 - Mike Phillips Schools Biff on the Star Wars RPG - Pt 2!

    in Entertainment

    This Sunday - Star Wars is back! Gamemaster Mike Phillips makes his guest-host comeback as we return to the mis-adventures of clone trooper TC-1492 (AKA Raylin Corr, AKA "Biff") and the Wookiee Jedi Padawan Shorrova (aka "Grover") as they attempt to bring down the shield generator that separates their Republic allies from Bridge 242! The epic schooling of Biff in the ways of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game continue. 

    Unfortunately, the Danimator will be too busy soaking up rays in HAWAII this weekend to participate, so his lovely wife Edwina will be in charge of his character for this session. We think the Wookiee will be in good hands.

    You can check out the first part of this session here:


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    Re-intro & Welcoming back to Radio

    in Entertainment

    It's been a minute but we are back!!!  We are back on the airwaves & going to discuss a little of everything to a little of nothing. Join us in the fun! Feel free to call in & let us know if you've missed DND radio!

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    We are prepping for shows starting 2014 we're working hard!

    in Video Games

    We are a lot more than just Geeks, Nerds and Blerds; We are you.
    LORT After Dark will source great organizations and communities to share their content to promote within our community and beyond.  Food, Reto Gaming, Indies, Music, Comics, Movies, Table Top, MMO's and those who drive the evolution of all that we sacred. 

    Be sure to catch our Ladies Of The Round Table live show Friday nights 9:30 est. Details can be found on our website.


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    Our Top Ten Picks of 2013: A Year in Review

    in Video Games

    We here at Game Centric Radio wanted to take some time out from our busy holiday schedules to give you this: Our Top Picks of the 2013! Tune in as we discuss our Top Ten Picks for 2013, which encompass all of our favorite gaming mediums, including: digital, paper and pencil, card, cardboard, and plastic.

    Unfortunately, Dawson was not able to record his Top Picks with us, so his list appears here:

    10. Cards Against Humanity
    9. Magic: The Gathering 14
    8. New Super Mario Bros 2
    7. Bioshock
    6. Castlevania Lord of Shadows Mirror of Fate
    5. Outlast
    4. Neverwinter
    3. Pokemon Y
    2. Star Wars Old Republic
    1. StarCraft II

    Since we prerecorded this show (though the broadcast will be attended in the chatroom by Donnie and e-mail/social media by Jade), we have a couple of notes/some errata:
    * Dead Mike's #6 game is Minesweeper
    * Donnie's #3 game is (his) DnD 3.5 game (which is discussed in far more detail as one of Jade's entries)
    * We'll be returning to our "standard" (LIVE) format on January 7th at 8 p.m. (CST)!


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    INDIE LUV: Zoe of DnD Entertainement

    in Radio

    A showcase of the most remarkable independent phenoms of Today & Tomorrow. This phenomenal showcase includes music and interviews. The Featured Artist of the Nite will be Zoe of Determined n Driven Entertainment.