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    A Talk with Bob Dix

    in Books

    This episode of our show, we talk with second-generation Hollywood actor (he's the son of matinee idol of both the silent and early sound film eras, Richard Dix) and all-around terrific guy, Bob Dix. We will discuss Bob's latest book, To Be a Star, and his reasons for writing it. We will also discuss his writing style, how he interprets scripts,his advice for new writers and as many anecedotes of old and recent Hollywood as we can get him to share.

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    Bob Dix on the Impact of a Broken Federal Acquisition Process

    in Technology

    Juniper's Bob Dix joins the program for a third time to discuss the way the federal overnment and its agencies acquire IT infrastructure equipment, and how this broken acquisition process can compromise security and lead to the purchase and implementation of counterfeit IT equipment.

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    2 Special Guests - Don Dix and Paul Hannosh

    in Politics

    Two - count ‘em - 2 special guests for tonight’s Fair Tax Time Radio show. Our first guest will be Donald A. Dix, founder of Unite Inland Empire Coalition. Don will be talking about an upcoming event on May 17 in Riverside, California, where 2 of the keynote speakers will be Dinesh D’Souza and Ann Coulter. It is expected to be a huge event where Fair Tax Information will be distributed.

    Also on tonight’s show will be Paul Hannosh (rhymes with Spanish), candidate for US House in California’s 8th District. Paul has become a ferocious Fair Tax fighter, while garnering endorsements from both sides of the political aisle. He has worked with Ron Paul’s organiztion and will run as a Republican while bucking the trends of mainstream elitist party politics. Paul is one of our favorite repeat guests.

    Fair Tax Time is brought to you commercial free each Wednesday evening, 6PM Pacific time, 9PM Eastern, by the host John Wesley Nobles. You may listen on your computer or on your phone. Dial (619) 393-6478 or, if you’re charged for long disance, use our toll-free line: (888) 436-1206. Just follow instructions when the nice British lady answers.

    Show info: Fair Tax Time Radio, Fair Tax Nation, HR25 Fair Tax Review

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    Cheesehead Radio: Don't Say Ha-Ha to Clinton-Dix

    in Football

    After the Green Bay Packers loss to the Seahawks, Aaron Rodgers and Co. look to rebound against the New York Jets. Jayme, CD, and guest host Jason Perone all sort out the crises and thoughts, chime in on the Ray Rice situation, and take wagers on whether or not HaHa Clinton-Dix actually succeeds in silencing Rex Ryan.


    Cheesehead Radio is brought to you by some of the top writers in the Packers Blogosphere: Jayme Snowden of CheeseheadTV, Jersey Al Bracco of All Green Bay Packers, CD Angeli of CheeseheadTV, and John Rehor of PackersTalk.


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    BWD Radio - Artist Wil Dix - Exclusive Interview

    in Radio

    BWD Radio – Indie Artist Music Independent Music Radio Station Neo soul singer songwriter from Fort Lauderdale WiL Dix releases his premier LP album, “WiL.” The record, largely comprised of slow jams for the new era that break almost every convention of the genre, contains twelve tracks in 45 minutes of play, making it an excellent value for the fan of rhythm n’ blues or modern soul alike. 
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    Linda Dix

    in Entertainment

    An evening of free mini readinds with Linda Dix. What does your future hold? 818-495-6931

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    Linda Dix 2013 predictions

    in Entertainment

    Last January, Linda Dix was our guest on the show and shared her 2012 predictions. Go take a listen here, they came true!
    This year Linda will make share her 2013 predictions and perhaps even channel a few of our favorite celebrities.
    Tune in and welcome psychic/medium Linda Dix to The Candi and Randy show.
    P.S. We are not taking calls for this one..xo

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    Linda Dix Psychic Medium

    in Entertainment

    Linda Dix has been a psychic/medium for more than 28 years. Linda has been able to communicate with the spirit world since the age of three. It took her a few more years to realize not everyone had that gift. She learned to hide her gifts not wanting to be different than everyone else.
    It took a near death experience for Linda to that her abilities were a true gift and she started using the gift to help others.  Linda has been doing professional readings for 20 years and has the ability to comminute with spirits as well as deceased loved ones. She is also part of a ghost hunting team and helps people cleanse their homes of negative energies of all sorts.
    Call in 818/495-6931 for free MINI reading for the first 30 min of the show ONLY

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    This Is Iyanna Jones w/Carl Dix

    in Entertainment

    This week we are joined by Carl Dix is a revolutionary communist, a national leader in the movement to stop mass incarceration, who co-issued with Cornel West a call for a campaign of civil disobedience to STOP “Stop-and-Frisk." This campaign changed the discourse in NYC around the racist stop-and-frisk policy. He is a frequent contributor to Revolution newspaper. A veteran revolutionary fighter from the '60s, Carl refused to go to Vietnam in 1970 (he is one of the Fort Lewis 6).

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    Juniper's Bob Dix on Counterfeit IT Infrastructure Equipment

    in Technology

    I this podcast, Juniper's Bob Dix joins us to examine supply chain security and the problems agencies encounter when they purchase and employ counterfeit equipment and software. Specifically, how do these fake products introduce risk into U.S. Government IT operations and how can Federal agencies identify, isolate, and prevent future use of this kind of unauthorized hardware and software.

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    Juniper's Bob Dix Discusses the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    in Technology

    Juniper's Bob Dix joins us to look at the reasons for Presidential Executive Order 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, issued in February of 2013, which led to the creation of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, released in February of 2014.

    Bob will answer questions such as:

    What critical infrastructure is covered by the Executive Order?   

    How has the threat landscape evolved in recent years and how have adversaries changed their strategies and attack vectors to focus on critical infrastructure systems and assets?

    What is the purpose of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and who will use it?  Is its application mandatory or voluntary for Federal agencies? 


    How does the Framework support NIST objectives and what else can be done to fortify our national cyber defense? 

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