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    GET A JOB! with Kathleen Brady

    in Self Help

    A key aspect to a successful job search is market research.  It enables you to understand and ultimately articulate the value you have to employers. Join us as we welcome our guest, Joan Divor, Business Service Librarian with the Burlington County Library System (www.bcls.lib.nj.us) for an informative conversation about exactly HOW to find the information you need to be successful in your search.  Joan has over 20 years of corporate experience as a library manager, and in market research, competitive analysis and business intelligence.  This is a show you don't want to miss.

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    January is the  INTERNATIONAL CHILD CENTERED DIVORCE  MONTH (ICCD).Let us help you avoid mistakes many parents make before, during and after divorce or long term relationship break-up. Join us as we bring awareness and solution to this very delicate period of many people's lives.
    EXPERTS ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE -These  Experts are Trained,Talented, Compassionate and have much of value to share about divorce and parenting issues.
    Dr. Dee Adio-Moses - Host, Ordained Minister, Life Strategist and Divorce Recovery  Expert. www.healingcenterofchristinternational.org
    Rosalind Sedacca. CCT- Founder, International Child-Centered Divorce Month www.divorcedparentsupport.com/ebook 
    Dr. Deborah Hecker-Divorce Counsellor -www.drdeborahhecker.com
    Lorraine Segal-Conflict Management Coach and Mediator  http://ConflictRemedy.com ShaRon Rea-Parents Coach and Mentor. www.thewholefamilycoaching.com
    Leilani Schimdt-  Educator and Founder/ Senior Producer of USC Productions.

  • Joan Divor - Entrepreneurial & Small Business Research Tools

    in Entrepreneur

    Joan has over 25 years of corporate experience as a library manager, and in market research, competitive analysis and business intelligence. 

    As Business Services Librarian, Joan creates services and develops resources & programs to help local businesses and non-profits leverage library and community resources to grow and succeed.  Joan markets the library to business and community groups through speaking engagements and has the designation of Competent Toastmaster from Toastmasters International.  She collaborates with organizations such as SCORE, SBDC, and Burlington County Economic Development.

    As Coordinator of Community Partnerships, Joan develops partnerships with key community groups and finds creative ways to bring library services to them. She offers specialized services to distinct groups such as schools, in addition to businesses and nonprofits.

    Joan Divor can be reached at 609-267-9660
    ext 3018 email jdivor@bcls.lib.nj.us and www.bcls.lib.nj.us/business-gateway

    Join Ronald and guest Joan Divor on April 21, 2015 at 7:00 PM to learn the research tools that will support your business needs.

  • Have An Easier Time Getting Through Your Case With Child Custody Tips From Divor

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    If you happen to be willing to keep on with Kansas City family law there are actually all kinds of items you can use and also try. Of course you want to do the things you are sure that will be the most efficient but don’t forget that certainly not everyone is going to feel the identical way relating to this. The best point to do will probably depend a lot upon what’s likely to work good for you. Generally people do just fine having a gentle push in the right way (even though there are a few who necessitate expert assistance). We’ve supplied you many helpful pointers already nonetheless if you want to look at some other resources or acquire referrals for other tools you can use, Kansas City divorce attorney is usually fantastic.

  • Have An Easier Time Getting Through Your Case With Child Custody Tips From Divor

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    Reaching your desired goals is definitely possible when you have a background in divorce attorney which will provide you with a good foundation. Endeavoring to do more than can reasonably occur is what will, in essence, hold you back from your target. Then again, you won’t want to delay doing things either. You will for sure have a good end result if you go one step at a time. To get more clarification on this subject matter, you can head to divorce attorney Kansas City MO which is a valuable resource that has helped a lot of people.

  • Have An Easier Time Getting Through Your Case With Child Custody Tips From Divor

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    There are many different methods you can choose from when you need to deal with Kansas City family law attorney. Making sure you are clear about which is which is crucial, so ensure you know the principles. divorce lawyers in Kansas City has problems of its own, but it is possible to overcome them if you keep the proper mindset. Pay attention to the results of the work you are doing, if something is off, it’s time to make a change. With much information available, it is hard to figure out where to start, but family lawyer Kansas City is a fantastic resource.

  • Have An Easier Time Getting Through Your Case With Child Custody Tips From Divor

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    You could have an array of distinct selections when it comes to divorce attorney Kansas City KS. Without a doubt you are going to want to pick out the most efficient approach doable nonetheless aim to keep in mind that just one procedure will not function identically in every case. The tendencies you exhibit now together with your personal circumstances are going to have a significant impact on the strategy that will work the very best for you. divorce lawyer Kansas City is a great spot to visit once you’ve toiled through the strategies and techniques we have by now shared with you here.

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    in Military

    PILLOW TALK RADIO FOR THE SOUL: missionaries,field injuries and St. mattress

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    Heart-to-Heart Relationship Talk: Make Your Dash Count

    in Religion

    Make Your Dash Count: In this 12-minute, thought-provoking segment, Cheryl encourages you to make your dash count.

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    The Luvologist LIVE!!! - Prenups or Half...?

    in Romance

    Prenuptial agreements are very popular with celebrities. In light of Alex Rodriguez's recent marriage troubles and Christie Brinkley's husband challenging their prenup, when is a wife or husband deserving of half of what a person is worth?

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