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    No Disrespect

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    Nothing Scheduled to talk about currently, I will be in the Bahamas...but we will be going live!!!

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    A republican Senate!!! So what happens Now huh? You tell me!

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    Tonights show we will jump right into it.  Politics baby...What happens now that basically its a Republican ran whitehouse...I predict that the seperation and the bullying of our president will get worse...nothing still will get done...Politicians are all the same...Plus the Nascar riot...and why dont you hear about people getting in trouble and losing theyre entire careers over this?? Is this racist??? And what about the comedian that said that he would make the lady off of first take his slave?? All these things and more on tonights No Disrespect show!! 

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    Happy Holloween Muthafunkaz!!!! Fun Show tonight

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    Tonight we will once again be talking about the social issues of America and how certain things effect our community. Mike Tyson says that Don Lemon who i cant stand is full of shit! TP9, is he the best point guard in the league and why???? We finally get Gary's rant on how the Washington Redskins beat the Cowboys...and whats in store next for Washington now that there is No more Colt!!! WTF!!! LeBron and the Homecoming spoiled by the HOOD Knicks!! All these things and more!!! on tonights No Disrespect Show!!!http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nodisrespect/2014/11/01/happy-holloween-muthafunkaz-fun-show-tonight

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    The Black Mans Mind & Our Number 1 Problem

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    Tonights show will be all the way dope!  Im excited, we have alot to talk about...We will be began by speaking about the black man's mindset and why we need to change...also Man accused of infecting his 2 year old niece with aids? The little girl that was kidnapped out of the homeless shelter still has never been found; Relisha Rudd was supposed to turn 9 today.  We will also discuss some Monday Night football and The Kick off to the new N.B.A season! What this means for the city of San Antonio.  All these thangs plus a whole heep load of trash talking on tonights "No Disrespect" show! Call in and join the show or just listen in at the link below...Make sure to have your T.V's and Radio's turned down if you have something to say! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nodisrespect/2014/10/30/the-black-mans-mind-our-number-1-problem


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    Kicking the Damn Door Down! Fa real this time!! HA!

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    Okay first off i know that we said that we would start on Friday but screw that...I mean what show starts on a damn Friday anyway right...Hey tonights the night...We began at 9pm Central 10 pm Eastern time...set your alarms and make sure you call in.  We will be discussing whether or not its right to take your own life even if your suffering thru diseases which call lots of pain.  Also will Floyd Mayweather ever fight Manny Pacquio or is he too afraid? Isis, Ebola, Cops killing blacks, Zombie Apocalypse and more!!! All on tonights NO DISRESPECT SHOW... REMEMBER THIS IS SEASON 2...BE READY!!!

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    All Sports Mondays!!! Where the whole crew is on P.E.D'z

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    All Sports Mondays is exactly what it sounds like...Me and my bold ass co host cover nothing but sports on tis day.  We will speak about Sundays football games and how that went...A loss for the COwboys and a loss for the Redskins should make for an interesting show! We also will be discussing week 1 of the N.B.A and some surprises that transpired! Last but not least Boxing!!! And Bernard Hopkins vs Serge Kovalev...Or whatever his name is...Can B Hop do it one more time? All these things and more on tonights No DIsrespect show!!! 10 pm Eastern and 9pm Central. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nodisrespect/2014/11/04/all-sports-mondays-where-the-whole-crew-is-on-pedz

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    Back in Business

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    Everybody knows that last year we had a show that had everybody who is somebody on it.  We spoke about everything under the sun. Some things hurt some peoples feelings and other things helped people get through to the next day.  Well next Friday officially the No Disrespect show is coming back.  This season I will be integrating new artist and new music that will be played during the breaks and these songs will get honest critiques.  Besides that this particular show is just a test.  I will also have an active blog that my viewers can view at www.Bennietate.com that will have a forum for discussing real life situations and taking on topics that are currently affecting the world and society as a whole.  ISIS, Mike Brown, Cop Killers and Killer Cops!! We Back Baby!

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    All Sports Mondays!!

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    Yall No what this means....Today is one of the most anticipated day in the history of the No Disrespect show....Why??? Because its All Sports Mondays...which means...The trill will be on the show!!! Talking all kinds of Mess and we cover it all from Monday night Football to Basketball  to any other sport that has something going on in it!!! Yall just make sure to listen live to the show tonight...or better yet call in. 10 pm Eastern 9 Pm Central!!!...We in this thang!!!

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    What you fear about death!!!

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    Tonight I wanna touch on what it is that most people fear about death?  I would like to get some of your thoughts.  Also we will touch a little bit more on the Ebola Crisis...Black vs White in America...and is there really such a thing. We also will bring up sports...Religion and whatever the hell else I feel like speaking on!!! All tonight on the No Disrespect show!!! Show starts at 10 pm Eastern and 9 pm Central!! 

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    Dose your Vote Count ?

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    We will be talking about an wide spectum of topics including dose you vote count and how can you tell who to vote for.I sure it will be funny and to the point with NO Disrespect 

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    Okay...Ummm Back to Work...We Will Call this Episode..."Gay Gate"!!!

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    Theres so many things I want to discuss on tonights show...I recently graduated from media school, I want to debate the state of the black man in America also after reaading a couple of passages written by black people that make you really think.   The Cop Killer thats on the loose...and why havent they caught this guy??? This past Monday we had some technical issues with the show...so last but not least we will discuss the Oh So popular...."Gay Gate"!!!! Whats offensive to you??? And if you are offended by such things, can you truly call yourself TRILL?  All these things will be answered on tonights "No Disrespect" show!!!! Be ready yall!!! Showtime is 9pm to 11pm Central time and 10pm to 12 AM Eastern... you can call in and join the discussion or just listen in from your computer or telephone!!! This one is guaranteed to be funny as hell. 

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