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    "Facing Disputes & Conflicts" - KINDRED SPIRITS LIVE with Michelle Broadnax

    in Spirituality


    Host:  Michelle Broadnax - The Community Restoration Specialist

    Topic: Facing Disputes And Conflicts

    CALL (347) 237-5342 to listen - (Press "1" to speak LIVE on the air!

    Music Selection:

    Tonex: MAKE ME OVER

    Produced by Phillip Simmons

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    How to Resolve Disputes in Today’s World

    in Business

    Disputes have existed as long as there have been people. Ways to resolve disputes have also existed just as long. But now, technology has made some of the oldest ways to resolve disputes new again and better than ever! Now you can settle differences with other people or businesses without ever leaving your home, office or business.

    Mark Norych manages the operations of Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc., and oversees the experienced litigators, judges, and magistrates who make up the panel of arbitrators. He is also responsible for managing the company’s Arb-IT™ arbitration system.

    For more than 30 years, Norych has been involved in the collection, litigation, and arbitration of claims on behalf of insurance, car rental, and other major industries. He has also coordinated and supervised litigation on a national and global level.

    Norych is a frequent lecturer and sought-after professional speaker. He has provided seminars and workshops at several Fortune 500 companies on topics ranging from best practices for corporate operations to specific topics related to federal and state regulations and laws and their effect on company models and procedures.


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    The User-Friendly Divorce: Using Online Tools To Resolve Your Disputes

    in Relationships

    All over the world, people think about divorce and do not know what to expect from the process, what they will have to arrange and how long it will take. This anxiety comes on top of the stress of the divorce itself, worries about the costs or accessibility. And the possible contentious relationship. Today, the rapid changes in technology makes accessing the justice system amenable to all regardless of where you live in the world. Our guest, Jin Ho Verdonschot from the Netherlands will discuss how one can get their reasonable and fair divorce using online technology throughout the entire dispute resolution process. He will discuss the pros and cons of a virtual mediation experience based on an online divorce project developed in the Netherlands. Dr. Verdonschot will also share how this technology can be used for other types of disputes involving your neighbor, landlord-tenant and employer-employee disputes.

    Dr Verdonschot is Head of Justice Technology and Justice Technology Architect at HiiL Innovating Justice in The Hague in The Netherlands. He designed dispute systems in the context of both the developed and the developing world, including countries like The Netherlands, Azerbaijan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Mali, Canada, England and the US. He now designs and creates user-friendly platforms and interfaces for the justice system and developed the Rechtwijzer platform.

    Zena Zumeta, internationally known as both a mediator and trainer of mediators.  She is president of the  Mediation Training & Consultation Institute, Zena Zumeta Mediation Services, and The Collaborative Workplace in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Zena is a lawyer and a former president of the Academy of Family Mediators. 

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    How to Avoid and Defend Supply Chain Disputes with Sarah Rathke

    in Business

    Legal Blacksmith: How to Avoid and Defend Supply Chain Disputes with Sarah Rathke is our guest on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet.The book will be the only book on the market that focuses on strengthening supply chain issues from both a legal and a practical perspective. She also says, " My co-author and I wrote this book because in my job, I deal with a lot of disputes that could easily have been avoided, and there was no book out that addressed these issues.  What I generally do is litigation in the supply chain context.  While I don’t want to put myself out of business, I sympathize deeply with companies that are forced to incur major legal or business expenses to address supplier and customer relationship issues that have become “big problems” where intervention at an earlier stage would have saved a lot of the heartache."

    Sarah Rathke is a trial lawyer specializing in manufacturing litigation, particularly complex supply chain disputes. She has argued and tried cases on behalf of manufacturers in forums throughout the US. Her clients include foreign, domestic, and multi-national manufacturing entities. Her skills include a deep understanding of the process of bringing highly engineered products to market and conveying that understanding to judges and juries. Sarah has litigated supply chain disputes involving automotive, aerospace, medical, construction and office products. She has also litigated trade secret disputes involving manufactured products and cases involving the purchase and sale of manufacturing entities.#applecapital #applecapitalgroup #thecorebusinessshow #timjacquet #sarahrathke

    For more information, go to http://www.squiresanders.com/sarah_rathke/



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    Tree Laws and Neighbor Disputes

    in Real Estate

    The Property Beat. Where real estate is part of your life. Join hosts Cliff Perotti and LisaP as they talk with industry influencers and cover topical issues in real estate. In this episode, their special guest is the "Tree Attorney", Barri Kaplan Bonapart and she brings out all sorts of issues about neighbors, trees and when they both collide!
    Barri Kaplan Bonapart is the owner of Bonapart & Associates, a law and mediation firm specializing in complex commercial litigation, and tree and neighbor law. Her clientele includes local businesses, tree care companies, professionals, and property owners. Her litigation experience includes fraud, business tort, property damage, breach of contract and multi-state products liability claims. She has secured multiple dismissals and summary judgments in the defense of her clients and obtained favorable outcomes prosecuting claims on their behalf. She has represented some of the most famous and wealth people in the world in their disputes over trees. Don't miss the show!
    The Property Beat is sponsored by Lion & Foster International, Inc., an international luxury lifestyle real estate agency serving clients from around the world.

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    DX Land disputes, Paltalk Abuse

    in Comedy

    Paltalk abuse and DX Land disputes are on the rise.  Mother Nature is the True Boss of the airways be it cyber or wire and she packs more punch than a red dot!  The Hammer Hits Hard! 
    For those of you that have been bounced, dotted, put on ignore or simply keyed on in DX Land, you now have a place to be heard.  We will hear your side and render you a verdict to your liking.  If not you will hear it again in the stand with the bleacher creatures.  So stay tune and be on the look out for the first Palverdict DX Land heardict!
    Don't forget to get your tickets in the novels that will give you the chance to win surprises.  Novels can be purchased from Lady Pimp (Mother Nature's Daughter)!
    I think the first episode will be with the authors that will be writing about the disputes and abuse.  It has long come to my attention that there are some hat wearers that are abusing their cyberprivys.  Oh and they thought they could do it with nothing said or done.  Well it is long over due now and it is time to let the Hammer Hit Hard! Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!  We will have a special appearance from SirTipsy, BlackBoy, BlueGrassJack, GhettoKid, MobBoss, BlackIce, Magoo, 4Aces, PocketChange, JiveToughTurkey, and others.
    Stay tuned as the show gets on the road. Your worldwide world's most wanted most aggravated station owned operated by me! Your hipshaking earthquaking groove making mindtaking station shaking my groove thang every which way but loose.  Often imitated never duplicated! Unique one of a duck shucking kind! Fasten your seatbelt and strapped down! Put your hands up cause I feel like frisking somebody!
    No Excuses On The Bowl. Superbowl Butt Kissers! Bleacher Creatures! PalPolice! Palitized!

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    O YE DRYBONES : The Real Thanksgiving with special guest DR.DAVID IMHOTEP

    in Current Events

    Starting with the Pilgrims not only leaves out the Indians, but also the Spanish. In the summer of 1526 five hundred Spaniards and one hundred black slaves founded a town near the mouth of the Pedee River in what is now South Carolina. Disease and disputes with nearby Indians caused many deaths. Finally, in November the slaves rebelled, killed some of their masters, and escaped to the Indians. By now only 150 Spaniards survived, and they evacuated back to Haiti. The ex-slaves remained behind. So the first non-Native settlers in "the country we now know as the United States" were Africans.The Spanish continued their settling in 1565, when they massacred a settlement of French Protestants at St. Augustine, Florida, and replaced it with their own fort. Some Spanish were pilgrims, seeking regions new to them to secure religious liberty: these were Spanish Jews

    Beginning with 1620 also omits the Dutch, who were living in what is now Albany by 1614. Indeed, 1620 is not even the date of the first permanent British settlement, for in 1607, the London Company sent settlers to Jamestown, Virginia. No matter. The mythic origin of "the country we now know as the United States"

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    Citizens Demanding Justice Radio Show

    in Current Events

    Hosted by Walter Davis and Jill Jones-Soderman   

    A Discussion and review of recent shows dealing with














    MEDICAL DISORDERS                                     

    Call in, express your opinion,  tell your story, find out about The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Court. Learn how you can be a citizen journalist and be a part of Citizens Demaning Justice.

    Jill Jones-Soderman



    275 Madison Ave.

    6th Floor

    New York, NY 10016



    Walter Davis




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    in Self Help

    Life is filled with of recipes. There are LIFE recipes for success, a happy marriage and good health, just to name a few, and each recipe has certain vital ingredients to achieve the desired outcome. Have you ever prepared a dish only to realize too late that you left some vital ingredient out? It was not satisfactory was it?

    That is why a lot of us are not satified with what is going on in our lives, its because we left out the most vital ingredient for the recipe, which is UNIVERSAL ONENESS!

    Do you sometimes feel there's hardly any genuine love in this world?  Everyday, we are bombarded by stories of somebody taking lives of others, abusing others, bullying others for one's own benefits, taking possession of things that do not belong to us.

    Nowadays, success is mostly defined by money and power. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being materially successful, so long as we are not off balance. 

    The problem is when our desires take over our life, every time we achieve some degree of material success, we want more. Over time, we would even begin to get rid of anyone or any situation that comes in our way. We will give all kinds of excuses to justify our desires to be materially successful.

    Whether it'S from the point of view of a country, of a region or an individual, whatever we have is never enough. We have to take away what belongs to others, including their homes, their lives, their resources, etc. Wars start because of this. Disputes start because of this. There is no sense of "universal Oneness. And that’s why I call it the Missing Ingredient.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Host of THE SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW, as we delve into this not talked about  MUCH subject, Universal Oneness, and how it can bring genuine happiness into our lives, 

    POWERFUL ME TIME HOUR! Catch you then..One Love ~

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    AskTheTrucker ‘Live” Addressing Crucial Trucking Topics for Professional Drivers

    in Current Events

    Sat11-14-15 6PM ET 347-826-9170
    2 crucial topics-professional drivers need to be aware

    Mikes Law-  A gun law which would allow professional drivers to have a Federal Gun Permit, which would override state reciprocity laws, thus allowing legal gun carry in all 48 states.
    The Denham Amendment, which was slipped in to the House of Representatives  Transportation Bill and could have detrimental repercussions on the wages of Professional Drivers.  

    Our 1st guest will be James Lamb of the Small business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) who introduced Mikes Law in July of 2014, after the tragic death of professional driver Michael Boeglin was shot and killed while waiting to load. 

    Mike’s Law bill for Americans working in interstate commerce, protects and promotes the Second and Fourteenth Amendment Rights of Americans working in interstate commerce, allowing them to be able to carry firearms for self protection nationwide.

    Our 2nd guest will be Aashish Desai of the Desai Law Firm.  An attorney and advocate, Mr Desai represents thousands of truck drivers in wage disputes and will explain the repercussions of the Denham Amendment which crept into the U.S. House Transportation bill, passed Nov 4th.
    The Denham Amendment, introduced by Representative Jeff Denham (R-CA), introduced legislation which could substantially reduce the amount truckers are compensated for all time & eliminate their right to take breaks under the laws of their state.

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    Nightmare or Healthcare: Understanding your Plan

    in Motivation

    Join us for an eye-opeing conversation about Healthcare Plans.  How would you rate your knowledge about your current healthcare plan?  Do you really know the difference between a PPO and an HMO?  Our guest this evening will enlighten us an broaden our understanding about current trends in healthcare plans.  She will also share her knowledge, and insights by answering your questions regarding navigation of claims, disputes, referrals or complaints to achieve a successful  "resolution" to your problem.  

    Remember to grab your cup, call your friends, turn up the volume and get ready to enjoy the CONVO... call in at (347)855-8966.  DON'T FORGET TO "LIKE" US ON fb