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    Computer America - Acronis ; The GizWiz!

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    Computer America

    Hour one: Acronis.  Alan Wallace, Director of Product and Technology Public Relations.

    The rise of virtualization, the explosion of data creation and the opportunities Cloud services offer are bringing new challenges to maintaining effective backup and disaster recovery programs for critical data. Acronis can help you securely migrate, protect and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments. Acronis’ patented disk imaging and disk management technology has won broad industry acclaim and numerous awards for excellence in data protection, backup and recovery, system deployment, and server migration for both physical and virtual machine servers. Its flagship product, Acronis True Image, is a leading commercial disk-imaging and migration tool.


    Hour two: The GizWiz is Dick DeBartolo!

    Dick is Mad Magazine's Maddest writer and he joins us on every last Wednesday of the month with exciting and different gadgets and gizmos!
    Tonight's topics include: a visit to the Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida where the GizWiz found the latest wearable tech for pets, a microchip cat door, a lock for your dog (why not? You lock your bike, don't you?), moving objects with your brain waves, and so much more!  Join us!

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    Big Dog Radio Welcomes Lady of the Ring, Amy Hayes

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    Tune in Tuesday at 2 PM CST as Big Dog Radio welcomes Lady of the Ring, Amy Hayes.

    Born in Michigan, Amy’s father was a broadcaster for a local radio station, so her fondness for announcing started at an early age. As an all-star athlete tomboy, she always played hard. Tomboy or not, her appealing looks landed her, her first gig as a ring card girl, and from there, her love for the, “sweet science” blossomed. Amy was a radio disk jockey, in Detroit, and in 2001 she not only embarked on a career as a ring announcer for the late Dan Goosen, she started making history. Hayes started announcing for Fox Sports News, and thus far is believed to be the first lady to hold that title as ring announcer.

    She has appeared on Fox Sports Net, ESPN 2’s Friday Night Fights, USA, and Showtime. She is credited as announcing the first episode of Showtime’s ShoBox: The New Generation. Her announcing has taken her around the world, and as any good ring announcer, she created her very own catch phrase, “It’s time to separate the men from the boys!”

    Aside from broadcasting and announcing, Amy is a model, and has been featured in various publications such as Playboy and Maxim. She has also appeared in numerous ads.

    Amy has proven that the fight world is just not for the boys, they must make room for the girls. Amy is the first, “Lady of the Ring.”

    Tune in as the host, the Big Dog Benny Henderson Jr. gets the thoughts of Amy on her career and more.


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    The Natural Mentoring Experience

    in Motivation

    Petey Greene: Pioneering Shock Jock, D.C. Icon and the resulting movie: Talk to Me, Chiwetel Ejiofor portrays, Hughes and Don Cheadle takes on the role of Greene, directed by Kasi Lemmons.

    Ralph Waldo Greene, Jr. (January 23, 1931 – January 10, 1984) was an African-Americantelevision and radio talk-show host. A two-time Emmy Award-winner, Greene overcame drug addiction, and prison to become a most prominent radio personality inWashington, DC. On his shows, Greene often discussed issues such as racism, poverty, drug usage.

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    Repairing Faucets That Drip

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    Join Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina as he talks about how to fix a faucet that drips.  Dripping faucets are annoying and wasteful.   The drip causes an increased water bill and is annoying.  If you have the necessary tools and can identify the problem you can fix it yourself.  In this podcast the home inspector will tell you how to fix ceramic and compression water faucets, ball faucets, cartridge faucets and ceramic disk faucets.  If you would like to save money on your water bill and save yourself a headache listent to this podcast.  

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    Songs in the Vortex

    in Spirituality

    Riding the Vibrations of Music to The Highest Flying Disk In the VORTEX, So Breathe, Relax, and enjoy the ride!!

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    A Kind Voice On Music featuring Jenson Mentor Cox

    in Indie Music

    Today we welcome spoken word artist, Jenson Mentor Cox. Jenson's story is one of trouble and triumph. After high school, he turned to a life of crime and drug abuse that landed him in and out of several treatment programs before being found by his mentor, Wil Da Real One Bell at age 26 and discovering his gift of spoken word. Since then, Jenson has released 4 videos and 2 albums as well as numerous performances and features. Jenson is now celebrating the release of his 3rd album, a double disk set called "Red Blue Pill".

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    Fatima Prophecies--Angels or Aliens? Renowned author Ann Druffel discusses

    in Spirituality

    Renowned author and UFO and Earth Mysteries Invesstigator Ann Druffel returned to discuss the 1917 Fatima, Portugal where three children were given prophecies by a Marian apparition that appeared in orbs and created amazing special effects, including the one on October 13, 1917, the day the sun appeared to fall from the sky. Thousands of people present in Fatima that day described the sun as a silver disk with a sharp edge. Could this have been a giant UFO? Many theorize that angelic beings might have been the Nordic extraterrestrials, but Ann remains convinced of the angelic origin. You will hear Ann's views from her Catholic background and my views on extraterrestrial intervention.

    Ann's interest in UFOs began as a child and has continued since. She was one of the first investigators for NICAP. Later, Ann joined MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Druffel's other books include: THE TUJUNGA CANYON CONTACTS, PAST LIVES, HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST ALIEN ABDUCTION & STANDING IN GOD'S LIGHT: IN END TIMES & FIRESTORM. Ann is a certified hypnotist who has regressed many abductees, but she's also involved in psychic archaeology projects, remote viewing, and intuitive criminology probes.

    Be sure to visit Ann's website for articles on various paranormal subjects: www.anndruffel.com .


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    The Flava featuring Colors

    in Art

    The Flava is back with host Queen of Love~Tigress & Three 

    We will be interviewing new and upcoming artist and playing a variety of music. 

    Here is the bio of the artist for this show

    Born Zakariyya Syed Ramadan, Colors started life in Manhattan, Kansas in 1979, where soon after he became a native to South Carolina where he reps and roams to this day. Deciding between basketball and music, Colors always knew music was his destined path. Starting out with the group "Fatal Instinct" where he was known as Sassy G and Sleazy Z. Still pursing basketball, he wore a very colorful shirt one day, and was called colors and it just stuck. From there he started on his own self project called "Shining Through". By June of 96, he had an album and a half written. The summer of 97 was the birth of Dangerous Alliance. Which expanded and decreased in members over the years leading to Colors working on his own recorded solo project "Time Waits For No Man". Today the rapper, promoter, and networker stays very busy. With everything from shows & features on other artists’ tracks, to promoting his double disk mixtape entitled "Where's The Love" that.

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    "Jock Tax" could provide extra funds to build new Milwaukee Bucks Arena

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    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will discuss the Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers.  The Bucks started the night 22-22, good enough for the sixth best record, in the NBA Eastern Conference.  NBA commissioner; Adam Silver, prounounced that the Bradley Center was unsuitable, for an NBA Franchise. Therefore, the Bucks franchise has two choices.  They could move to another city, or build a new arena.   Wisconsin Governer Scott Walker annonced that a "Jock Tax" could provide the extra funds needed, to build a new arena.  http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/walker-jock-tax-will-cover-220-million-for-new-bucks-arena-b99433734z1-289935421.html Do you think that the Bucks should stay, in Milwaukee, or move to another city?

    Super Bowl XLIX will be played, on Sunday, February 1st.  This means 30 teams are already preparing, for Super Bowl XLX. The Green Bay Packers have many decisions to make this offseason.  There is a long list of free agents, and some holes that need to be filled.  What do you think the Packers need to focus on, before the 2015 NFL Draft?  Listen in and call the show.

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    January 28th Home Court Sports Show

    in Sports


    The hosts for TONIGHT's Home Court Sports Talk Show are: Lamont, Eugene & Mr. C


    What are your thoughts about the Jock Tax proposal?

    Should Brandon Knight be selected as an all-star?

    Can the Seattle Seahawks repeat in Super Bowl 49?

    If the New England Patriots are guilty in Deflate Gate, what should be their penalty?

    No team has played a Super Bowl game on their home field. True or False?

    Listen live every Wednesday at www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports from 7-9pm CST.

    If you are not around a computer or don't have internet access, you can listen by dialing (347)945-7002. To listen, press nothing. To join us live on air, press 1 and we'll bring you on at our next opportunity!

  • The Heaven Hollywood Digital Experience w/Veronica Rodriguez

    in Entertainment

    Team V-Rod is n the building.  The world's biggest star is in the building tonight

    Veronica Rodriguez will be live with the Shock Jock   showing everybody  how she can be thebiggest star yet and still  remain a boss and control your own career


    We also talk about the Whitney Houston Biopic

    The xbiz awards and preview  thr Avn's

    we play Marry, fuck  Kill  with Veronica and see which  Actor she would marry  who she would sex and who she would kill

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