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    What are the limits on disciplining children?

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    Today, It has been reported that Minnesota Vikings Running Back, Adrian Peterson has been indicted on abuse to his child. When is it disipline and when is it abuse? Show will start at 10:30pm EST. Other questions that will be asked!

    What other ways can you discipline your child?

    Is verbal abuse to a child from a parent the same?

    This is the second installment of #MoeTalkRadio.. Call in at 10:30pm EST to either listen or join the discussion!

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    Monday Madness with your host Queen Mzchoclit

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    ITS MONDAY MADNESS with your host Queen Mzchoclit. Tonight's Topic: "PARENTING" Do you disipline your children? Do you feel anyone should be able to tell you how to disipline your childen? Is Co-Parenting effective or destructive? I wanna know what your thoughts are on this matter. Call in to share you view, opinions, and experience. The 2nd hour of the show will be open. We can discuss whatever you like. We can get crunk, stay chilled, or be HOT! LOL


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    "Momma Don't Play That!!!" The Generational Gap Between Pre & Post Baby Boomers.

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    Why do I feel Like Rodney Dangerfield?!!!!!

    "I Can't Get NO Respect!"

    Do you find that the curve that defined your 'upbringing' radically opposes the system of today and Generation X? Tonight we will veture into the realm of conversation of the disparages of LIFE today, as opposed to when "we" grew up.

    We will share some of the view points of the younger set, while reminising about those "Old School Days" gone by. How were YOU raised?!!!


    What didn't our parents allow... That the younger generation "expects" today?

    We'll discuss disipline, reward systems and ask the question... "Why does this generation expect, demand and require so much?


    Why has respect of self and the senior generation fell off the radar and no longer exists on the map?

    Some if not most of the answers can be found in parenting...

    Let's talk about it!

    And get LIVE!!!! AFTER DARK!!!!

    Your Hosts - Betty Lewis & Diamond Ryan


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    Children That Are Abused Become Abusive Adults

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    Tonight we will be talking about child abuse and the things that it can cause ouce that child grows up to be an adult. We also will be talking about what is abuse and what is disipline. Tune in from 7pm to 9pm central time and join the conversation see you there 

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    Thursday On Point Yall Know

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    Got in passed out fo real didn't even get time to properly sceduale my show man sorry I be gettin it in late but I be workin dat crazy hard mmn. Anyway we bout to kick dis thing off got a few topics to cover like how do you disipline ur kids call up let da kid know almost friday yall heard one

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    Vegas Vince: How To Beat The Las Vegas Casinos Pt. 1

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    When it comes to professional gambling there are NO systems or magic formulas. Las Vegas is designed with one purpose in mind: to seperate you from your money while providing the illusion that you're "having a good time" as u get "sucked in to the bright lights, free drinks, hookers, and all the rest of the ether designed to make you a LOSER. Stop being a sucker.

    Can the casinos actually be beaten? Yes. Will most of you ever have the disipline required to make it happen? Truthfully? NO. You'd rather "play"...then WIN. For those few who actually want to win, tune in to a short but blistering episode exposing what it takes to consistently walk away a winner like I have. For the rest of you who are interested in the free buffets and other sucker traps.....don't waste your time. This show aint for LOOOOOSERS!

    Another Vegas Vince Joint. In association with "Stay Legendary" tm Productions. Produced, Arranged, Composed, and Written by Vegas Vince. Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved

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    Top of the Mornin-The Best of Mornin Manna 2013

    in Christianity

    Today we present the top downloaded episode of Mornin Manna with Dr. Hyacinth Stewart. We have been blessed to have Dr. Stewart share with us on the topic of "Diligence". If you have been following our broadcast, this will be a great refresher, and if you ar new to the broadcast, this is a great introduction. So grab your Bible, pen and paper to take notes and perhaps a hot cup of coffee or tea and join us for Mornin Manna! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    Spanking are bad or Good

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    I beleive in the good old fashion spanking but more and more the government is tell us that we can not even disipline out own children. That brings us to a question does the government know how to raise our children better than us the parents??/ We are going to talk about it tune in from 7pm to 9pm tonight hopefully we will see you there tonight

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    9:30 Rant. Should spanking be brought back to school?

    in Current Events

    Join us as we discuss spanking in school.  The rules, the advantages and the dis-advantages.

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    Juggling Butterfly Golden Energy Standing In Your Mastery

    in Spirituality

    Standing in your Mastery it is time.  Focas and Disipline your Self.

    Nikota777 Come and enjoy the ride!

    347 - 308-8246 ring in

    Nikota is back

    Nikota is a Wayshower/ Lightworker she is an intuitive on her own journey that assist others when it is needed.

    MIni readings will be available, She is Lemurian works with the crystals angel cards and much more. So many are awakening and feeling confused, the signs are there and she will explain so much to you on an earthly aspect.

    She is just a vessel working with the divine so how about taking  step forward and let the fear go and start to release and listen within and allow love and joy within your heart and soul. Aho!

    It is time to discipline your self, work with your energies.

    It is time for you to really feel your energy, to expand your energy to play with your energy.




    A meditation to assist you copy and paste in to your browser the link below!

    go with the flow Aho! xxx




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    Faithful Church Vs. Lukewarm Church

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    Warren Landis, our SONSHINE USA Bible teacher concludes our study of Revelation chapter 3 on this broadcast. Warren will contrast the Faithful Church of Philadelphia with the Lukewarm Church of Laodacia. 

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